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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archive for the 'Facebook Ad Targeting' Category

ConnectAutomate: The secret to successful FB ads #ad

Wilco de Kreij has just released ConnectAutomate. This is a new tool designed to help you get better results with your Facebook Ads. It does this by automatically turning your best posts into optimized ads, automatically. This tool can be used in many powerful ways. For example, you can use it to give your Facebook posts the exposure it deserves. A second way would be to can use it to create high-return campaigns by creating Facebook audiences that are ready to buy. Here’s the problem with Facebook marketing today: running Facebook ads is not what it used to be. Their click-through rates... [...]

How To Quickly Sell to Passionate Niche Facebook Audiences #ad

Facebook is home to niche audiences for most any niche (from abs improvement to zebra watching) you can imagine. If you could target your ads for your niche products (say, six-pack abs) at those people who are hungry for that information, your sales to really take off, for the lowest cost. Video Ads Mastery System is a process for creating large, highly targeted audiences for your niche products using video ads on Facebook. And doing it in a matter of days. II you have had a little success with Facebook advertising, but can’t seem to grow your profits as you see other people doing, Video Ads... [...]

Video Ads Mastery; Facebook ads for retargeting list #ad

Mario Brown has been using Facebook as a profitable marketing tool. The key to his success is retargeting, showing ads to people wherever they go after they have clicked on his ad in Facebook. The key to getting a large retargeting list is his video ads that cause Facebook users to make that first click. In Video Ads Mastery, he shows how you can use this same advertising + retargeting technique to build your own business. Brown says this approach can start a revolution in social media marketing by giving you Step By Step instructions in how to build passionate audiences in your niche and do it... [...]

Build Your Email List with Facebook Ad Targeting

Keeping the growth of email marketing in mind it is very important to keep adding new subscribers to your email lists. AWeber team has identified nine ways to create audiences and convert them into leads that can be nurtured through email marketing. AWeber’s Digital Marketing Manager Rebecca Pollard has shared eight Facebook ad targeting strategies that can help marketers build bigger email lists. Rebecca says, “Effective Facebook ads work because of three things: clear goals, reaching the right audiences, and delivering the right message (through ad image and copy testing). You’ve... [...]

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