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Friday, June 21, 2024

Archive for the 'Outbound Marketing' Category

2 Million Followers in 2 Years [Podcast]

HubSpot has published the latest episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast ‘2 Million Followers in 2 Years: The Power of Video to Explode your Brand’ featuring Shadè Zahrai. Amy Porterfield says, “In this episode, Shadè shares the steps she took to get there, including: Tangible, actionable strategies to grow your business through video How you can use the “5 C’s” to leverage social media and video Tips for making your videos pop and gain traction 3 mind pits you should be aware of and tangible ways to overcome them.” 2 Million Followers in 2 Years:... [...]

Your Guide to Inbound Marketing Vs. Outbound Marketing

Chris Leach, Forbes Councils Member has published ‘The 2020 Guide To Inbound Marketing Versus Outbound Marketing’. In his article, Chris has highlighted the Advantages of Inbound Marketing Versus Outbound Marketing. He says, “Inbound marketing strategies work smarter to align with how customers want to be treated. They conform to the different stages of the buyer’s journey so that you can better understand how to engage with each lead and build stronger, lasting relationships with them. This is only one of the advantages that inbound marketing offers that outbound strategies... [...]

Inbound Vs. Outbound. Which is right for you?

Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers has published an article comparing the inbound and outbound leads. This article can help those who are not able to decide which is right for them. DeMers says, “Let’s see how inbound and outbound marketing stack up in these dimensions. Cost According to one report from Hubspot, organizations that use inbound marketing tactics see a per-lead cost that’s 61 percent less than their outbound-centric counterparts. Why is that? Generally, outbound tactics require more moving parts, and rely on outside vendors for at least some of their execution. For example,... [...]

‘Why Outbound Marketing Deserves Place Next to Content Marketing’ by Jay Baer

Jay Baer‘s latest ‘Convince & Convert’ blog post is titled “Why Outbound Marketing Deserves Place Next to Content Marketing″. Baer says, “Inbound/content marketing has devolved into a red ocean of me-too, link-bait, info-tainment content supported by self-serving “science”. [Pause] It felt good to say that in public, even though it is an obviously hyperbolic and admittedly ironic statement. But inbound is peaking and our old friend outbound is rising from the ashes. (tweet this) Don’t get me”. Why Outbound Marketing Deserves Place Next to Content Marketing Jay Baer’s... [...]

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