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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Archive for the 'Facebook Messenger' Category

Clever Messenger $300 OFF coupon expiring at midnight #ad

Our earlier ad announced the release of the latest version of Clever Messenger, the chatbot building and marketing suite. Today is the last day of Launch Week. The launch sale ends at midnight EDT, which means: ➤ No more lifetime subscription available ➤ No more $300 off discount coupon SPECIAL300. ➤ When they reopen it again as a full SaaS, it will be a subscription only. So getting this now really is the most logical thing to do. Remember: they have a strong guarantee that allows you to test-drive everything they have for a full 30 days. So, in the event you’re not 100 percent delighted,... [...]

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing [Guide]

Facebook Messenger has approximately 1.3 billion active users. This big number creates a big marketing opportunity in digital marketing. You can enhance your customer base by connecting to the Messenger users. Medium contributor Larry Kim has published a free guide called ‘Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing’ to help you improve your social media marketing. Kim says, “If you want to supercharge your marketing and accelerate growth and revenue, you’ll love this guide. Let’s get started. What is Facebook Messenger Marketing? Messenger marketing is the act of marketing to your... [...]

SocIgnitor: Automated Facebook Messenger marketing #ad

SocIgnitor is an brand new ‘all in one’ tool for: ► Facebook Fan Engagement, ► Lead Generation, ► Marketing and ► Messenger management. It allows you to collect leads directly from Facebook and then send bulk messages to these leads and to all your Facebook Fan Page Members. SocIgnitor is online Software as a Service(SaaS), so you don’t have to download and configure anything. It includes many tools to automate your Facebook marketing: ■ A Facebook Messenger ‘autoresponder’ that allows you to send messages and automated responses to your leads and your fans... [...]

Mark Dulisse releases powerful robot builder for Facebook Messenger #ad

Facebook Messenger has a big advantage over email – people read the messages more faithfully, probably because people spend a lot of time on Facebook so they see the messages, these messages are still novel and Facebook puts them “in your face”, to a higher degree than email is. If you put in the effort, you can build a business using Messenger. We see several marketers in our Messenger almost daily. But there is a significant commitment of time involved in manually communicating with your contacts via Messenger. Mark Dulisse has just introduced new software that can take over... [...]

BotNinja Viral Contests: new Facebook Messenger marketing tool #ad

BotNinja is a platform for developing Facebook Messenger bots. It has a built-in Artificial Intelligence capability that it uses to develop smart robots (or “bots”) that interact with Facebook Messenger. Why should you care? Facebook’s Messenger service is too big to ignore. Over 1 billion people are using it to interact, not just with their friends but also with businesses, every month. A new BotNinja application for marketing on Facebook Messenger has just been released, BotNinja Viral Contests. Now you can completely automate your Messenger marketing to build your list on... [...]

How to get up to 100% open rate #ad

That’s right, a 100% open rate. Many marketers using Facebook Messenger are getting all of their messages opened. Neil Napier says you might well be able to, also. Napier has created Leadmodo, a new piece of software that helps you build leads in Facebook Messenger at no cost. That’s good because in recent months, Messenger has given marketers a significantly higher open and click through rate than email marketing. If done right, it has the possibility of beating email marketing 10 to 1, according to Napier. Who wouldn’t want that kind of improvement in your business? Leadmodo... [...]

Automating your Facebook Messenger Marketing #ad

Yesterday, we reported that Kevin Fahey was releasing his latest set of checklists this morning. This one is on using Facebook Messenger to automate your marketing. Fahey’s Messenger Marketing Checklists contain checklists and video training that cover everything you need to know about Messenger marketing. In total, you’ll get 22 step by step checklists and 3 training videos. To top off the training with even more value, Fahey is incliding Private Label Rights to these checklists so you can use them any way you wish, including selling them. Here are just some of what you are getting in these... [...]

Free Training Wednesday – How To Add Messenger Bot Subscribers To Your Autoresponder #ad

If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to understand Facebook Messenger and use it (and its automation capabilities) wisely. Messenger Bot Marketing is the biggest game-changer since the start of email marketing . If you don’t want to be left behind, you will want to get on board. With 1.5 billion monthly active users, it can be a goldmind for savvy marketers. Whatever your niche, your potential customers are waiting in Messenger. Kevin Fahey has studied Messenger for over a year and is now sharig what he has learned in the run-up to his new product launch. If you signup quickly... [...]

Seven techniques to use Facebook Messenger marketing

According to a Facebook IQ survey, 50% people are more likely to shop with a business they can message and 61% like personalized messages from businesses. Facebook Messenger having a user base of more than one billion people, is one of the most efficient ways for the marketers to reach out to their customers. Buffer’s Alfred Lua has shared seven tips to help marketers learn how they can enhance the use of Facebook Messenger for marketing . On using Messenger to deliver content, Lua says, “The most common approach to deliver content to your readers is to use email. But HubSpot wanted... [...]

Facebook set to expand ads in Messenger

Recently TechChrunch and Forbes reported that the Facebook Messenger user base has reached 1.2 billion users. The app currently features games, a chatbot platform, voice calling, video calling and camera with masks, frames, stickers and effects. It seems Facebook is set to monetize the huge user base now. According VentureBeat, Facebook is planning to expand Messenger home screen ads beta soon. This has come out from interaction of VentureBeat CEO Matt Marshall with Messenger head of product Stan Chudnovsky. Chudnovsky has been quoted saying: “[Advertising is] not necessarily everything, but... [...]

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