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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Website Hosting' Category

WP TurboHost: webhosting just for WordPress; lifetime plan #ad

Brett Ingram has been building a new hosting platform, WP TurboHost, that opens to the public today. With this new hosting platform, you can host unlimited WordPress websites and domains on blazing fast Ultraport™ servers for life. Just like every other business owner, you need ultra-fast-loading websites to convert website visitors to lifetime happy customers. But finding suitable hosting technology that gives ultra-fast performance without costing a fortune isn’t easy. If you are searching for fast, but affordable, hosting, WP TurboHost offers new technology that hosts unlimited WordPress... [...]

WP Host: Save $ hosting unlimited WordPress websites #ad

WP Host is WordPress hosting designed for the marketer who needs reliable hosting for a one-time investment. Here are the premium features included in the new hosting platform: ➤ Host & Market Unlimited WordPress Websites & Domains on the Most Reliable Ultraport Servers on the Planet ➤ Get Unlimited Bandwidth to Get Blazing Fast Load Times & Manage High Traffic Volume at No Extra or Monthly Cost ➤ Get 100s of WP Themes & Plugins Without Paying Anything Extra ➤ Free End-To-End SSL Encryption to Ensure 99.99% Website & Data Safety ➤ Migrate Any Existing Website to WP... [...]

HostLegends MAX Launch Underway: Better Hosting, Lower Cost #ad

Launch pricing for HostLegends MAX is still available for a few days longer. Why care? Imagine having the power to host unlimited websites and domains on super fast and fully secured servers; without typical high fees or hidden charges whatsoever. Watch HostLegends MAX in action here to see how it’s possible: HostLegends MAX. This is the first-to-market, “SafeShell” Technology-backed website hosting platform to smoothly host unlimited websites & domains on ultra-fast, secured servers wth a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee. Still wondering why ultra-fast website hosting is a must?... [...]

HostLegends MAX: Host Unlimited Websites at Low Price [Clarification] #ad

The HostLegends MAX Launch Webinar is at 10 AM EST and is an opportunity to get a first look at the new HostLegends MAX hosting service. This advertisement has been revised due to the seller clarifying its terms and conditions. This will be a thorough Webinar to do a full demo and walkthrough of this advanced hosting software. In this webinar, they will showcase all premium features and they’ll be offering a very special Early Bird Mega discount. Register for the Live Webinar on Monday, 19th Feb 2024 at 10 AM EST: HostLegends MAX Launch Webinar. Here’s What You’ll Learn On This Webinar... [...]

TurboHost VPS:”SafeShell” hosting for unlimited sites; no monthly fees #ad

TurboHost VPS (just released at 11 A NY Time) promises ultra-fast secured servers for 99.99% uptime guarantee without any monthly fees ever. It is an all-in-one hosting solution to host your unlimited websites (WordPress, eCommerce – actually all types of websites) on super-fast servers for lifetime at unbeatable one time fee without any monthly fee ever. Simply go to this page and sign up to: ✓ Get your own copy of this unlimited hosting solution ✓ Grab the early bird discount ✓ Learn how to tap into billion dollar virtual reality industry. Watch the demo video to see it in action:... [...]

Hosting Payouts: Earn passively in the hosting market #ad

Thanks to Hosting Payouts the opportunity to earn passive income in the hosting market has arrived. Now you can build self-updating affiliate websites offering website hosting from the major hosting companies. Your sites come complete with reviews and comparisons of top-rated hosting companies, and you can build a site in about 60 seconds. There are a lot of affiliate opportunities on the web, but hosting company commissions are among the best. From global brands to local “Mom and Pop” stores, all businesses need hosting. This is a very big marketplace. With : Hosting Payouts, you... [...]

YoDrive hosts unlimited videos, graphics, other media #ad

YoDrive was just launched. It is a specialized hosting solution for media. Its main advantage over hosting your media on your own site is that its servers are super-fast so that your media don’t slow down the page load speed of your site, which is good for ranking in the SERPs and which pleases your site visitors. And it has one more important advantage: cost. If you are still paying recurring charges to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon SES, etc, YoDrive can eliminate the periodic payments. You invest once to use it for life. Dr. Amit Pareek, the creator of this new platform, says... [...]

Best Web Hosting Providers – Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout has published an article highlighting the best web hosting providers. Lars Lofgren says, “Read in-depth reviews of these below — plus, tips for saving money, the best types of hosting for different situations, and my method for picking the right web host. The Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers #1. Hostinger – Most Affordable Hosting Plans Overall Hostinger is the best choice if you’re looking to save money. In fact, their lowest plan is $1.39/month. That’s rock bottom. And if you dig into what each plan offers, I think you’ll find that virtually everything a new site... [...]

AIWA22: Build beautiful websites and apps in record time #ad

AIWA22 Site Builder was just released, the 2022 upgraded version of the original AIWA. It’s software that builds your websites for your own use or to sell – commercial license is included – without any technical skills needed. Face it; you need a good website. In our modern, COVID-driven age, every solopreneur and every business needs a website and mobile app. Having a website with a related iOS app and Android app is essential for online business success. That’s true for you. It’s also true for millions of businesses you can offer online services to. For Website... [...]

The1Bundle: Storage, Hosting, Graphics, Even Funnel Page Design #ad

Mosh Bari has just released The1Bundle. This is an “all in one” tool that simplifies your marketing life immediately, while reducing your cost, too. Now you can cancel Your Dropbox, hosting, and ClickFunnels monthly payments, and you can fire your graphic designers now. The1Bundle does it all and during its launch, you pay once, not monthly. That’s right. No more monthly recurring fees to autoresponder, cloud drive, graphics, webinars, funnel builder who hold you and your data Hostage for monthly fees that never end. Now you can have all the marketing infrastructure you need: ➤... [...]

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