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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Archive for the 'Instagram Engagement Tips' Category

Seven Tips for Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a fascinating and ever-changing social media platform. In the last five years, it has changed from being a photo-sharing app to a visual marketing powerhouse. With 600 million active users and counting, Instagram has become a staple social media channel for marketers around the world. The visual nature of the platform allows customers to “get a feel” for products before they buy them. Check out these tips for your next Instagram marketing campaign. 1) Post at Optimal Times Instagram audiences are more engaged during certain hours of the day. According to HootSuite, engagement... [...]

Instagram Tips For Better Engagement [Video]

Sue B. Zimmerman has published a new video ‘Instagram Tips For Better Engagement’ sharing some useful tips on improving engagement on Instagram. She says, “When you post on Instagram™, are you getting any comments? I know, you put so much effort into your posts and when you finally tap “post”, you are disappointed by little to no comments on this post that took you an hour to craft! That’s why in my NEW YouTube video I’m sharing Instagram™ tips for better engagement… so your followers comment more”.  [...]

How Luke Maguire took a new Instagram account to 64K engaged followers #ad

Today, 8 AM EDT, is your last chance to participate in the EngagerMate Introductory Webinar. It would be a shame to miss it. But if you do, you can get most of the information at the EngagerMate website. At 9 AM EDT, the doors open for users of this new tool that promotes engagement of Instagram users with your Instagram content. In the webinar, Luke Maguire, the creator of EngagerMate, will show he he used it to build his own business. Indeed, he will be discussing a lot of the techniques he used ( and you can use) to take full advantage of Instagram’s growing popularity: ■ How you can... [...]

Tomorrow, EngagerMate automated Instagram engagement is released #ad

Luke Maquire has been preparing for the launch of his new product, EngagerMate. Maguire is hosting a free Webinar tomorrow at 8 AM EDT, showing you the potential of Instagram, when you use the EngagerMate engine to rev it up. Sign up for the webinar and you will also get additional free training in downloadable form. Plus there will be prizes given away during the webinar. Here is why you should take the time to participate in this webinar, even though it is early in the day (or very late at night) for a lot of you: ► Instagram has over 1 Billion Active Monthly users. ► Approximately 80% of... [...]

Engagement with your audience is the key to online sales #ad

Luke Maguire has been developing his expertise in marketing on Instagram and other social media platforms for over 5 years. In this time, he has released 11 software and training products in this critical marketing arena. On May 1, he will be releasing his latest and best product, EngagerMate. It is an industry leading tool for finding new potential clients on Instagram and inviting them to follow you. With this new SaaS software, you can have your Instagram accounts liking posts, following people & engaging with your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Even when you sleep). This isn’t... [...]

Improve Instagram engagement in eight steps

With more than 600 million Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms today. With appropriate engagement strategies marketers can make most out of the Instagram campaigns. Entrepreneur’s VIP contributor Jayson DeMers has shared eight ways to help marketers get more engagement on Instagram. DeMers says, “How do you get more engagements, including likes and comments, on Instagram? Try these strategies: 1. Use strong, solid colors. Your first job is to stand out from the crowd. All your users will likely be following dozens, if not hundreds, of other people and brands... [...]

Improve your Instagram engagement with these tips

Instagram is one of the best platforms that enhances your social media presence and enables you to reach out maximum number of people. George Beall has shared seven tips to help marketers improve Instagram engagement. Beall says, “Here are 7 tips to help you boost your engagement on Instagram following the recent changes. 1. Avoid bots. Because of powerful algorithms that can separate real users from automated bots, Instagram can tell if you are using a bot. Since using a bot is a blatant violation of their terms of use, if your account is caught using one, you will get “shadowbanned.”... [...]

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