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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Archive for the 'Organic Facebook Marketing' Category

SellingLive: Facebook Live selling made easy #ad

SellingLive is an eCommerce personalization platform that lets people easily buy and sell on Facebook Live based on a person’s comment. It also helps you manage all aspects of any eCommerce operation and improve your sales by converting social media comments into sales. Beyond that, SellingLive enhances the invoicing process by automatically placing items in the shopping cart and sending invoices to your customers after their comment leads to a purchase. You can use it to implement social selling on both Facebook and Messenger. If you are stuck with poor results from your Facebook Live sessions,... [...]

StoryReel creates stories for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, more #ad

Launch week for StoryReel is underway. During this week the price will be rising, but it is still quite reasonable. Using this powerful new tool, you can create video stories: ➤ to get discovered by more people browsing the web, ➤ to get more views, ➤ to capture attention, and ➤ to get results from social media viewers from over 7 platforms including:   → Instagram,   → Facebook,   → TikTok,   → SnapChat,   → Youtube Shorts,   → WhatsApp, and   → more. including your own websites and on the StoryReel domain. You... [...]

FB Traffic Ricochet: more traffic to your site, in 13 minutes/day #ad

Naidy Phoon and his business partner Trevor Emdon have been experimenting with using Facebook in new ways to drive traffic to their websites, without spending money on Facebook ads. Now, they share their findings in FB Traffic Ricochet. The advantage of their method is that your visitors are laser-targeted, more precisely than you could imagine, and you don’t have to spend anything on ads to get this traffic. With the FB Traffic Ricochet method: • You get traffic from Facebook, the world’s biggest traffic source that will never be exhausted. • You get to piggyback on viral... [...]

Build Engagement, Traffic and Profit From Facebook for Free #ad

Coach Comeback is offering you a new take on Facebook marketing, one that he says will work better than what you have tried before, and has the advantage of being free. He calls it FB Freak. Coach says that if you build your Facebook fan page correctly, you can pull in traffic and start making sales without out spending any money on Facebook ads. And you can do it in just minutes a day. Build your fan page correctly, place the right content on them, and your readers will click “Like” and a viral effect can be started that can propel your page into the ranks of the “most liked.” When... [...]

Social Email Blueprint: Build your list with Facebook #ad

Dr. Ben Atkins has just released his latest training, showing you how to build your list (correctly) on Facebook. In Social Email Blueprint, he reports that he is now building his own lists by using a proprietary method of his own, created through experimentation that cost him thousands. He calls this his “RECV” method and says it allows him to dominate niches he otherwise knows nothing about. Besides this, he shows you how to get your Facebook content to go viral so you get other people to help you build your list (and at no cost.) He shares the “underground” autoresponder... [...]

‘First Touch: In 9 Of 10 Industries Search Tops Lead Generation, Social Shortens Marketing Cycles’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “First Touch: In 9 Of 10 Industries Search Tops Lead Generation, Social Shortens Marketing Cycles”. Ginny Marvin says, “In a new paper, Bizible analyzed data from the more than 480,000 leads that have been tracked through its Salesforce marketing analytics platform to provide insights on how marketers should be thinking about attribution modeling and why the traditional last-click model is broken. When looking at last touch only, Bizible found that search accounted for 41 percent of the leads generated. Yet, when... [...]

‘5 Ways To Ease The Facebook Page Organic Reach Blues’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “5 Ways To Ease The Facebook Page Organic Reach Blues”. Martin Beck says, “It’s hard out there for a Facebook marketer. Anyone who manages a Facebook Page feels it. It might be anecdotal, but the anecdotes are piling up and the conclusion is undeniable: Organic reach is down and fewer people who have liked your page are seeing your posts. The ominous headlines hit almost daily, including two from this week: Facebook Is Ending the Free Ride, in which Valleywag quoted a source  familiar with Facebook’s marketing... [...]

‘3 Insightful Ways To Visualize Your Keyword Data’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “3 Insightful Ways To Visualize Your Keyword Data”. Benjamin Vigneron says, “Over the past year, I have come across more and more fancy-looking graphs and charts in the online marketing space. This is most likely because strategists, analysts and executives are getting more savvy in general, but also because there are more and more easy-to-use analytics packages out on the market. Although this is great, this analysis is often times very high-level and informational. It’s sometimes hard to understand the bottom... [...]

‘Organic Facebook Marketing Tips From the Pros’ – TopRank Blog

The latest TopRank blog post is titled “Organic Facebook Marketing Tips From the Pros”. Lee Odden says, “Facebook has become quite a conundrum for many marketers. For years, companies of all sizes have invested in organic and paid efforts to grow their Facebook fans. The “like” served as an opt-in for consumers to receive brand messages sent “organically”. But over the past few years, Facebook has diminished the organic reach of brand fan page messages to a thin percent of the total opt-in whole. Now the only option to reach fans is to pay for Facebook advertising which can be hit... [...]