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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archive for the 'Google AMP' Category

A Publisher’s Guide to Understanding AMP Ads

The AMP ads appear on AMP-enabled webpages and deliver advertising experiences that are faster, lighter and more secure than standard display ads. AdAge’s Vishveshwar Jatain has published ‘A Publisher’s Guide to Understanding AMP Ads’ to help you better understand AMP ads and use them. He says, “If you are considering leveraging AMP ads, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. First, every AMPHTML ad should be validated before going live on your website. I also recommend testing AMPHTML ads on a few pages before setting them up for your entire website. When... [...]

Everything You Should Know about Google AMP

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages open-source project is designed to revolutionize mobile content consumption. It enables you to serve your contents instantly on mobile. WordStream has published a comprehensive article on Google AMP and its impact on SEO. The WordStream team says, “Before we get into the pros and cons of Google AMP, it’s important to note that while AMP can help your SEO, it is not necessarily essential for SEO in some cases, and the benefits are more applicable to some businesses than others. We will do a deeper dive into the pros and cons of AMP next,... [...]

‘5 Steps to AMP Up Your Call Conversions’ webinar October 19

Digital Marketing Depot is hosting a webinar on ‘5 Steps to AMP Up Your Call Conversions’ on Thursday, October 19  at 1.00 pm EDT. The webinar will focus on how to use Google AMP for enhancing the marketing revenue. The DMD team says, “Join our AMP experts as they explore AMP’s pros and cons, as well as how leading technology providers are helping marketers identify AMP visitor sessions and track call sources. Implementing AMP doesn’t have to mean losing call tracking and attribution capabilities. Attend this webinar and learn: AMP’s bottom-line gains (or losses). How... [...]

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