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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Products' Category

Today: Alessandro Zamboni’s Christmas Deals Last Day #ad

Don’t let Christmas Deals 2021 slip away. This collection of online marketing training and tools is available for a tiny price, and it can build your business through many tools and techniques you are getting. Today is the last day of Zamboni’s bundle of his 2021 products, all for the price of just one. This special offer closes at midnight. If you miss it, you will need to wait till Christmas 2022, when he may offer a similar bargain. So if you didn’t get your copy, it’s time you rush to grab your own copy: Christmas Deals 2021. 2021 has been a horrible year for everyone on earth,... [...]

Snappy: So easy anyone can use it to build a business online #ad

Venkata Ramana just released his new SaaS product, Snappy. It runs in the cloud so it doesn’t take up space on your hard drive. This is just the latest in a long series of marketing tools Ramana has released. His tools are clever and inexpensive. Ramana reports: We’re getting paid $10 or MORE dozens of times every time we use this little-known, 30-second copy and paste hack. And although $10 isn’t much, it only takes a mere 30 seconds of effort to earn it. So… if we put in 5 minutes of work, we get paid $100’s of dollars. Do you have an extra 30 seconds? Then you’re in luck… Because... [...]

Low Cost Marketing Strategies for you and your followers #ad

Today, Content Sparks, the training development company operated by Sharyn Sheldon, releases its newest PLR training package, Low Cost Marketing Strategies. In these days when nearly all companies are needing to cut expenses due to a pandemic-related drop in sales, they need a menu of low-cost marketing techniques that will bring in sales without spending money they don’t have. That’s true of our company. Maybe, it’s true for you, too. This new training will supply you with a kit of low-cost marketing ideas that cn see you through these hard time, and continue offering you value... [...]

Birthdays come once per year. This one has a Birthday Firesale #ad

Paul Counts and his partner, Shreya Banerjee are offering their $1997 training course on successful online marketing (plus a collection of bonuses) for an amazingly low investment, to celebrate Banerjee’s birthday. Yes, they have successfully sold this course at $1997. But today and tomorrow only, they are offering it for less than 2% of that. This Birthday Firesale gives you one of Counts’s most in-depth courses for anyone wanting to be a serious online entrepreneur They call the course Impact Income, and it teaches you all about generating real income online by generating revenue... [...]

How Kevin Harrington is Helping People Succeed on the Internet #ad

You are running out of time to get original Shark Kevin Harrington‘s strategy to generate daily dommissions online. If you have been reading our announcements for the last few days, you know that Harrington has been sharing case studies on how he has developed his persuasion skills to the point where he can make The Perfect Pitch. I hope you’ve enjoyed Kevin’s training thus far. If you haven’t already seen these free training videos, we need to warn you that time is running out. He is removing them tomorrow. So, register now to get instant access to all 6 case studies free,... [...]

Marketers Help Penang Flood Victims

Patric Chan, a long-time internet marketer lives in Penang state in Malaysia. His country was hit with major flooding. Patric and his family are safe, but majny of his neighbors are not. Here is how he describes the situation: We have a shelter above our head, we have electricity, we are driving our cars… our lives are as normal as it is. But at the same time, there are many others who are not as fortunate as us because of a recent flood… They have lost so much. Some are now having shelters in schools, mosques, temples, churches, public halls and so on. The number of flood victims... [...]

MailZingo Autoresponder fits your budget, Increases ROI #ad

Dr. Amit Pareek (a familiar name to our readers) was able to increase the ROI on his promotional emails by changing the autoresponder he uses. Dr. Pareek is making approximately $300,000 per year from email marketing and has been using email marketing for many years. After having account trouble at two well-known commercial autoresponder companies, he decided to create a brand new autoresponder so he would no longer have to depend on a third party where things could go wrong. He and his team of software developers defined their best set of requirements for a good autoresponder for small businesses... [...]

Build your own websites with free tools #ad

For a few more days, Precious Ngwu is offering a “lite” version of his upcoming product, Origin Builder. It comes with 5 professional high-performance themes with over 26 niche variations with populated contents ready for you to just edit and publish immediately. You can see how easy it is to create your own professional website, and it’s all “on the house.” In a day of practice (or less), you can see how powerful and how easy this new tool is. Then, if you want more of the power, when Ngwu releases the full-function Origin Builder, you may choose to upgrade. Get... [...]

Black Friday Sales for Internet marketers #ad

There are several Black Friday Sales for Internet marketers underway today (and some will continue through Cyber Monday.) Peter Beattie is putting his most popular products on sale today. Beattie is well-known for his collection of video-related marketing tools, and all his best tools are on sale here: Peter Beattie’s 2015 Black Friday Sale – All Products . Drew Laughlin is holding a Black Friday Special for Offline Consultants, a large collection of sales aids for marketers working with local businesses. Ken Sar is running a Black Friday sale on his advanced wpPopWizard plugin. It... [...]

Warrior+Plus Ready Set Go: Get started selling IM products #ad

In the internet marketing training arena, the Warrior Forum is a major source of information, some of it free and some for sale. People wanting to build an online business, including IM NewsWatch readers, often go there seeking training. This is a ready market for all kinds of products helping people to build their online business. So, it’s an opportunity to profit, ready for you and your product. But if you have never done it before, you may not know how to use this marketplace. Experienced marketer, Lance Groom, has created Warrior+Plus Ready Set Go to show you how to get a new product... [...]

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