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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Twitter News' Category

Can Twitter Become Creator Central? [Video]

Exposure Ninja has published a new podcast episode ‘Can Twitter Become Creator Central?’ discussing whether Twitter can replace YouTube. Tim Cameron says, “Tune in to hear us chat about what’s going on in the marketing world as well as any companies we think are leaving an impact on the marketing industry…for better or for worse. Of course, we’re doing our weekly live website audits tomorrow too. Join Andrea and Freddy as they dive into your websites and advise ways you can increase your traffic, rankings, and conversions.” Exposure... [...]

Voice Tweets & This Week’s Digital Marketing News [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal’s Christine Zirnheld has published a new podcast titled ‘Voice Tweets & This Week’s Digital Marketing News’. Zirnheld says, “This week on Marketing O’Clock, we cover Twitter’s voice tweet feature, Google Ads’ new targeting restrictions, Spotify’s self-serve video ads, and more. Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld are here with a fresh new episode of Marketing O’Clock. We talk about all the digital marketing news of the week and try to come up with a catchier name for Twitter’s new audio Tweets. Talk... [...]

Twitter follower counts: four questions answered

Twitter has started monitoring its user accounts to make the follower counts  meaningful and accurate. Twitter’s Vijaya Gadde has announced that the company has locked accounts when we detected sudden changes in account behavior. To help its users about it, Gadde has answered four important questions. Gadde says, “Most people will see a change of four followers or fewer; others with larger follower counts will experience a more significant drop. We understand this may be hard for some, but we believe accuracy and transparency make Twitter a more trusted service for public conversation. Though... [...]

Twitter testing encrypted direct messaging on Android app [reports]

Mashable has reported that Twitter is testing an encrypted direct messaging feature on the Android app. Mashable’s Johnny Lieu says, “The company is seemingly testing end-to-end encrypted direct messaging in the Android version of its app, as spotted by computer science student Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter. The feature, dubbed “Secret conversation,” will apparently be available in the conversation info section of the app, when direct messaging. Users can also view encryption keys of themselves and a recipient. End-to-end encryption ensures that messages can only be... [...]

Twitter’s Q1 revenue reaches $665 million

Twitter’s 2018 Q1 revenue has reached $665 million with a 21% increase year over year. The company’s ad revenues have reached $575 million in the quarter. The company’s ad revenues also increased by 21%. It made $288 million in advertising from the US. Twitter made $287 million in ad revenue from international markets which have increased by 52% year over year. Twitter Q1 2018 Earnings Report Twitter  [...]

Four marketing advantages of Twitter’s new 280 character format

Social media site Twitter has expanded its character limit to 280 characters format for helping users easily express themselves. This change will invite mixed expressions from Twitter’s user base. But marketers too are going to get an advantage from this change. Econsultancy columnist Tom Dibble has shared four ways marketers will benefit from this change. Dibble says, “Yes, you’re seeing double. Twitter now affords users 280 characters for their tweets, twice the previous 140-character count maximum. The company claims this newfound freedom will make it easier for people and brands... [...]

Twitter avails $99 a month Promote Mode

Twitter has made available its $99 a month Promote Mode in public beta. According to Twitter, Promote Mode works best for people who are promoting their brand or product and want an automated, always-on advertising solution. Twitter’s Promote Mode automates promotion of your Tweets and your account for a monthly fee. This gives advertisers freedom from managing individual Twitter Ads campaigns themselves. Talking about the Promote Mode, TechChrunch columnist Sarah Perez says, “The new program also includes analytics, so subscribers can track the impact of their promoted tweets. Through... [...]

Twitter enables 280-character limit

BBC and Marketing Land have reported the news of Twitter’s action to offer 280-character limit to its users. On why Twitter has expanded the user limit, Marketing Land columnist Tim Peterson says, “The reason Twitter has quickly decided to officially adopt the 280-character maximum is that it didn’t make much of a difference, or at least not a negative one. A worry people had about the extended length was that it would make checking Twitter feel like paging through a Tolstoy novel. But that hasn’t happened. People in Twitter’s test group who were allowed to tweet longer than... [...]

Twitter’s Growth in Asia-Pacific, Ray of Hope for The Company

Econsultancy’s Jeff Rajeck has posted an article focusing on the growth of Twitter in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the stats, Twitter is doing well in terms of advertising and user growth in this region. Overall bad news from the company is its Q1 2017 revenue has fallen by 8% and in past two year’s Twitter’s monthly active users have increased by only 10%. This is an overall scenario. But when it comes to Asia-Pacific, Twitter ads are performing better as it beats Facebook for app retention. And in this region, Twitter’s monthly and daily active users have grown... [...]

Twitter’s Updated Privacy Policy Focuses on Transparency and Personalization

Twitter has updated its privacy policy. It will be in effect from June 18, 2017. The updated policy focuses on transparency and control, web data, data sharing, personalization across devices and more. To better improve transparency, Twitter has introduced new Personalization and Data settings and expanded Your Twitter Data to give users more transparent access to their information. On improvement in personalization, the Twitter team says, “We’ve explained how we use data to personalize across your devices, and given you additional control in your Personalization and Data settings for... [...]

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