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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Training' Category

25K In 3 Days: How Kevin Fahey succeeds in affiliate marketing #ad

Kevin Fahey has just released 25K In 3 Days, tellig the story hof how he earned $25,000 in one affiliate promotion in three days of sales. Maybe he knows something we ought to find out about if we want to improve our on affiliate success. Fahey is one of the top affiliates (and training developers) in our industry. In this new training, everything has been documented and recorded and is ready for you to copy and paste in your own online business. his approach will work for any offer, low ticket, mid ticket or high ticket. The size of the success he documents in 25K In 3 Days is remarkable; it... [...]

The Traffic Syndicate: Jesse Doubek shares Facebook traffic success 10AM EST #ad

The Traffic Syndicate is being launched by Jesse Doubek, Mike Filsaime and other marketing experts today, with an introductory webinar at 10 EST. They are giving gifts to all registrants because they want you to attend snd discover the power of Doubek’s unconventional ways of marketing on Facebook. Marketers have been abandoning Facebook for newer platforms, saying the it no longer draws clicks and sales as it did in the past. Well, maybe they just need to adapt their marketing techniques to the current-day Facebook realities, as Doubek did. If you want to take advantage of the huge user... [...]

The Traffic Syndicate Preview: Jesse Doubek reveals traffic secrets #ad

The Traffic Syndicate is being launched by Mike Filsaime and other marketing experts with an introductory webinar tomorrow. In the fast-paced world of online marketing, standing still is moving backward. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the complexities of Facebook advertising, you’re not alone. But here’s the good news: you have another shot at turning it all around. Facing Digital Dilemmas Head-On It’s a common scenario: spending sizeable amounts on ads with little to return (we’ve been there more than once; maybe you, too), struggling to reach a wider audience, and the constant... [...]

Early bird special: Create Your Essential Marketing Collateral (PLR) #ad

Content Sparks has just released a new PLR Course that you can teach: Create Your Essential Marketing Collateral. Using this content to build training of your own for your clients (either in person or online), you can create your own course, branded with your name, that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs build a set of vital print and digital marketing assets. You’ll be helping your clients save time and money, maintain a consistent and professional brand, and be ready to seize any marketing opportunity – all while adding a new stream of revenue to your business at the same time.   You’ll... [...]

Sell Easy AI Trendy Wall Prints online #ad

Easy AI Trendy Wall Prints is a new training program Amy Harrop. It’s surprising (to us, anyway) how much frame-ready art is bought online. Amy Harrop noticed that,though, and researched how free AI tools could be used to create attractive wall art to be sold on Etsy, Amazon, and elsewhere. This appears to be a niche that is wide open to new sellers, and with the training in Easy AI Trendy Wall Prints, it’s a niche anyone has a good chance to succeed in. And it doesn’t take much to get started. You don’t even need to print the art you create (although you could if you chose).... [...]

Membership Profits held over one more day (a surprise to us) #ad

Membership Profits – 20 Pro Checklists for success, today’s MyNams December Deal, is still available until midnight. Just to remind you, it is a complete set of 20 membership site checklists for picking the right niche, setting up your membership site, launching it, retaining members, and optimizing profits. David Perdew, the author, says: I’ve labeled them “checklists,” but I actually use them myself as sort of mini-blueprints for my own membership sites! The checklists (AKA “mini-blueprints”) are more than just a set of steps arranged chronologically into a bulleted list.... [...]

Membership Profits – 20 Pro Checklists for Success #ad

Membership Profits – 20 Pro Checklists for Success is today’s MyNams December Deal, available until midnight. Membership sites are a good way to bring in an ongoing income stream. Your site offers them good information that will help the audience you target with some aspect of their life or work. People pay monthly, quarterly, or annually to be members of your site. Maintaining a membership site doesn’t have to be drudgery or boring. But it can be if you do it wrong. That’s why you need Membership Profits – 20 Pro Checklists for Success. It guides you, from start to... [...]

Fast Business Startup Virtual Workshop (MyNams December sale) #ad

Fast Business Startup Virtual Workshop is today’s MyNams December Deal, available until midnight. David Perdew, founder of MyNams, says: Anyone not doing business online today is jeopardizing their financial security. Here’s the good news though: Anyone can do it. In fact, everyone MUST do it… ❌ Business experience is not required ❌ Complex infrastructure is not required ❌ Learning advanced business techniques is not required ❌ Finding the “best tools” is not required ❌ A big bank account is not required Two things are necessary. 1. Willingness to do while learning 2.... [...]

Monetize Your Life with Storytelling (MyNAMS Deal of the Day) #ad

Monetize Your Life with Storytelling training is today’s NAMS December Sales item, available until midnight, at a greatly reduced price. It is a recorded workshop that shows you how to take events from your daily life and turn those stories into profitable pieces of content using the 7-step template. (Keep reading to see how I do this later in this ad.) Perdew learned the value of storytelling for business from his grandfather, who ran a country store and swapped stories with his customers. These stories kept them interested and coming back to his store over and over again. Discovering how... [...]

Conversion Secrets: get more followers, subscribers, and customers #ad

Conversion Secrets training is today’s NAMS December Sales item, until midnight tonight, and then it, like all its predecessors, will be gone. In the marketing world, conversion refers to getting first-time visitors and readers to take an action to increase their relationship with your business. It may be to sign up to your mailing list, to respond to a poll, to buy a product, or to click on a link to another website. It is actions like these that enable your business to survive and to grow. As David Perdew says, “If you’re getting traffic, but nobody’s buying, you’ve... [...]

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