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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Marketing with Solo Ads' Category

Traffic: You can’t do without it. Get a Traffic Monopoly #ad

If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have an online business. Face it; that’s the brutal fact of life. You need sources where you can find traffic. Facebook, Google Search, Google Adwords and Bing Search are the most famous, but there are others that are often overlooked, even though they provide lower cost, high quality traffic. Now, The Traffic Monopoly shows you another traffic source, and it is proving to be very profitable. This system is brand new and unlike any other solo ad, instant email traffic approach you may have tried. In this training, you are being introduced to an under-used... [...]

Don’t give up on solo ads. Make them pay off #ad

Solo ads, in which a mailing list owner sends your ad to the list, can be an expensive waste of money if you use them wrong. But, as Paul Nicholls points out, they can give you a major return of investment if used correctly. Nicholls has a long history of building his business by carefully buying solo ads and seeing an ROI of 50% to 200% or more in the first day. A lot of the time those customers go on to purchase more products from him and some go on to invest in training or coaching or join his membership site so his long term profit from these customers can be much more. What are the important... [...]

Solo Ad Professor: how to double or even triple your solo ad profits #

There are many people who have web sites in your niche. The smart ones have mailing lists of people interested in their site, and many times those people have already bought something from their site. To build your own mailing list, a typical technique is to make a deal with one of these site owners to send your add as a “solo” (that is, by itself, without any other content) to their subscribers. This has the potential to grow your own list significantly. But it also can be a big money-waster if you don’t do it wisely. Paul Nicholls has been experimenting with solo ads for a long... [...]

Solo Ad Professor: Closely Guarded Solo Ad Formula #ad

Paul Nicholls uses solo ads to run his business. He consistently makes a profit from his ads, earning 2-3 times what he spent on the ad, or even more. In a world where many solo ads don’t earn any profit at all, and often result in a loss, Nicholls is an exception, someone who has learned to use solo ads the right way, the profitable way. Now he is sharing his solo ad strategy with us in Solo Ad Professor. He wasn’t always this successful; his first ads reaped no sales at all, but, as he tells the story, “I stumbled across a Powerful Solo Ad Formula that Changed Everything.” Not... [...]

Solo Ad Black Book: Get the most from your advertising expense #ad

Matt Bacak buys a lot of solo ads, ($six figures per year) and has done so for years. (He has mailed up to 4.1 million emails a day for over a year.) He has carefully tracked which ad sources work and which don’t. Now he has released Solo Ad Black Book, so you can profit from his mistakes and his learning. In this new resource, Bacak has rated 141+ solo ad sources that he has tried. Using them, you can get from 50 to many thousands of visitors to any site you choose, and do it in a day or two. When you send a solo ad, you are sending your marketing message to another marketer’s mailing... [...]

Operation Solo: How you can earn a steady income from solo ads #ad

If you have a mailing list, other marketers would like to use it. In the old days, it was common to rent a list, but many marketers found their list growing irritated as the poor quality mail they received from renters, so sending a solo email for another marketer, which offers more control, is preferred. If you are careful about what ads you send to your clients, you can supplement your direct earnings from what you sell to them with additional earnings from other marketers. Operation Solo shows you how. In this training, Anthony Tilley, working with Igor Kheifets, shows you how he built a good... [...]

Solo Ads can help build your business. Done right, you can save a fortune #ad

Successful businesses often use solo ads. Beginning business can do so, too, but we smaller businesses have a disadvantage. We can be tempted by shady operators who will take out money and not deliver any actual results. And we don’t have the funds to weed out the crooks by massive testing. You need someone who has researched the marketplace for solo ads, tested the offers and found the ones worth buying an ad from. He explains his methodology so you can test other ad sellers yourself. Rob Stafford provides a tested list of 10 top solo ad companies that actually deliver sales in the “make... [...]

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