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Friday, May 24, 2024

Archive for the 'Business blogging' Category

Knowing Your Audience is the Key to a Successful Blog Why do you have a blog? If your answer is because most other businesses in your niche do, you are dead wrong. If you are looking at your blog as just something you “need” to do, then just stop. Let’s look at the right answer. You have a blog because it is a part of your content marketing strategy. It is where you educate, entertain, and inspire people – people who should ultimately become customers. You have a blog to ultimately make money. Every blogger has “been there.” He writes what he thinks is an amazing... [...]

Research: 84% blogs deliver useful results

Blogging has come a long way and is still one of the most popular forms of marketing. Most brands and marketers blog regularly to promote their products and services and have been getting good results. HubSpot has released its findings from its survey of 1000+ bloggers. According to the results, 84% bloggers claimed that blog delivered strong or some results for them. Here are some more findings. 49% bloggers invest more than 6 hours in blogging An average blog post contains 1142 words Among those who are post regularly, 67% got better results 58% of them include one or more images in their posts. Does... [...]

How can people continue coming up with new, creative ideas every day?

All of us marketers are constantly challenged to be creative, coming up with new ads, new slogans, new promotional ideas, etc. It’s a never-ending cycle of deadlines met and new deadlines bearing down on you. It’s hard to be creative on a schedule, but that’s what is required. Josh Fechter, blogger and entrepreneurial community leader, says this is an almost constant concern he has. But somehow, he seems to overcome his writer’s block/ creator’s block on a daily basis. He talks about his process in this post on  [...]

How do famous bloggers produce so much content in such a short time?

Who is famous for their blogging? Gary Vaynerchuk for one. Neil Patel is another blogger with a reputation for high volume blogging, as well as being known as a teacher of online marketers. Both are quite prolific, averaging about one post per day, despite the fact that they are executives of major companies. How do they find the time to do it? Patel writes on how he is able to produce so much online content in an article on the Quora site. He reuses his content (with minor changes) in various sites, blogs and videos to which he contributes. He also has a discipline to his work that helps him produce... [...]

‘How to Write the Perfect Business Blog Post’ – Entrepreneur

Steve Lazuka says, “Business blogging is one of the basic tenets of inbound marketing, and one of the best ways for businesses to gain greater online visibility. It drives traffic to company websites, aims to convert that traffic into leads, helps establish authority and drives long-term results. If you want to write great business blog content it requires a certain skill level to achieve those goals. There may never truly be a “perfect” blog post, but there are strategies you can use to make the ones you write stand out from the rest. Business blog content that delivers There are... [...]

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