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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Semrush Lists Top 10 Search Engines Today

Today we are very much dependent on search engines for most of the things we do. When it comes to search – we think of Google. But there are other search engines too. Semrush contributor Kelly Lyons has published a list of the top 10 search engines today. She says, “In this article, you will find a complete list of all top internet search... [Read more]

CMI Shares B2B Content Marketing Insights for 2022

Content marketing is one of the most successful forms of marketing that helps you grow your business up to your expectations. Content Marketing Institute contributor Stephanie Stahl has published an article highlighting B2B content marketing insights for 2022. She says, “Companies are waking up to the power of content marketing due in part to... [Read more]

Four Tips to Write Google-Friendly Page Titles

While creating new content, one of the most important things you need to be considerate about is SEO. You should be creating Google-friendly content so that it reaches your target audience. Content Marketing Institute contributor Mike Murray has shared four useful ideas to help you create Google-friendly page titles for better SEO performance. He says,... [Read more]

Membervio: Complete membership system with no transaction fees #ad

Online Learning is the fastest growing market segment in the education industry with a surprising 900% growth since 2000. Tapping into this market gives you the opportunity to grow a substantial online business. Click here to see how the savvy marketers are doing it; Membervio. This new software helps you create your own outstanding premium membership... [Read more]

Ideas to Boost Content Creation

Quality content creation is one of the most important aspects of your marketing journey. It helps you widen your horizons and reach more people. Content Marketing Institute contributor Irina Weber has published an article highlighting 10 useful ways to spark your content creation efforts. She says, “Great ideas are based on logic, data, and emotions.... [Read more]

Creating Favorite Content: Stealable Ideas For Better Video Marketing, November 3 [Webinar]

For many marketing teams in the digital-first world, video has crossed over from nice-to-have to must-have content status. But just having video content isn’t enough. With so much information available online, it also needs to stand out and be hyper-relevant if you’re going to grab and hold your buyers’ attention…and keep them from checking... [Read more]

Webinars Worth Watching: Why Nobody Attends Your Webinars and What To Do About It, October 21 [Webinar]

You win when your audience is engaged. That’s why you run webinars. But recently your audience seems tuned out. It’s not just you. It’s the firehose of crappy webinars making your audience reluctant to take the plunge on another event. Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar ‘Webinars Worth Watching: Why Nobody Attends Your Webinars... [Read more]

PixaStudio all-in-one design app includes 15M+ royalty-free multimedia items #ad

Your marketing campaigns will not do as well and you’ll end up wasting time, money and effort if you are not using outstanding attention-grabbing multimedia creative content, such as pictures, videos, and memes, such as that in PixaStudio. A recent marketing study found that: ➤ 94% of visitors will leave a website if there are no images/ graphics... [Read more]

How Many Visitors Should Your Site Get? [Answered]

Getting more and more visitors to your website is a grave concern. By adopting right content publishing and SEO strategies, you can continue to receive quality traffic. HubSpot contributor Michelle Jones has published an in-depth article answering the question ‘How Many Visitors Should Your Site Get?’. She says, “To understand how... [Read more]

Future Trends World Summit, October 26-28, 2021

Informa Connect and Content Marketing Institute are hosting Future Trends World Summit on October 26-28, 2021. For more than 10 years, Future Trends has united thousands of forward-thinking, creative and innovative people from around the world. For 2021, the conversation continues virtually, to discuss micro and macro trends disrupting how business... [Read more]

Guide to Effective Customer Analysis

Understanding your customers is the key to success. Customer analysis can help you learn more about your customers and treat them right. Semrush contributor Margarita Loktionova has published ‘The Complete Guide to (Effective) Customer Analysis’ to help you perform efficient customer analysis. She says, “Here are a few concrete reasons... [Read more]

LinkedIn Content Strategy: Post Ideas for Growth [Video]

By publishing your content and advertising on LinkedIn, you can expand your business among specific communities. Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘LinkedIn Content Strategy: Post Ideas for Growth’ to help you craft your own LinkedIn content strategy. The SME team says, “Need a better strategy for your LinkedIn posts?... [Read more]