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Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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Five ways to polish your copywriting skills

An effective copy helps you to persuade prospects and convert them into customers. You need a lot of practice and creativity to achieve your marketing goals. Copyblogger contributor Sonia Simone has shared five ways to help marketers improve their copywriting skills. Simone says, “There’s nothing magical or tricky to getting someone... [Read more]

Three steps to enrich your blog posts

Your blog works as a link between you and your customers. By the act of informing and educating them you can continue to generate more leads and improve your sales via your blog. Copyblogger contributor Stefanie Flaxman has shared three steps to enhance the power of your blog posts. Flaxman says, “Linking to your own content is an opportunity... [Read more]

Four ways to optimize your marketing campaigns

Delivering a great and satisfying customer experience is on the priority list of most brands today. In this process you also need to build a smooth buying experience for making customer’s buying journey seamless. You also have to focus on the right strategies to optimize your marketing campaigns. MarketingProfs contributor Tom Treanor... [Read more]

Better Facebook ads with AdvertSuite #ad

AdvertSuite is the first software of its kind. Its mission is to ensure that the Facebook ads that you run earn you money right out the gate. This new software help you leverage the power of Facebook, the world’s largest social network. For years, Facebook has has connected marketers with customers in virtually any niche. Facebook ads have the... [Read more]

Instagram Stories 101: what your brand needs to know [infographic]

With more than 500 million daily active users, Instagram Stories is a huge pool of people who can be targeted with right marketing strategies. Animoto contributor Jessica Rozario-Ospino has published an infographic titled ‘Instagram Stories 101’ that reveals several useful findings on how this platform can revolutionize your marketing.... [Read more]

Using influencer marketing on LinkedIn for world domination [podcast]

LinkedIn is a great platform which can give a strong boost to your branding efforts. It helps you build your professional network via the power of social media and enables you to increase exposure with a LinkedIn company pages. It also increases your brand’s credibility and attract new customers. MarketingProfs contributor Kerry O’Shea... [Read more]

Ultimate guide to video for sales [free guide]

Video plays a pivotal role in establishing your brand and achieving more sales. With the availability of multiple publishing platforms you can also reach out more people with the help of video content. To help you improve your marketing with video, Impact team has published a new guide called ‘Ultimate guide to video for sales’. This... [Read more]

5 Ways to increase the leads and sales your website generates [video]

While working on our website improvement, we aim at generating more leads and making more sales. But not everyone gets desired results. Tim Cameron-Kitchen has published a new video on YouTube. It is titled ‘5 Ways to increase the leads and sales your website generates’. In this video Tim talks about some useful strategies you can... [Read more]

Goodbye, generic SEO audit – say hello to customization & prioritization [video]

When it comes to online marketing, you need to constantly evaluate your strategies and performance by regular audits. SEO audit has been one of the compulsory things brands have been following. But how is it changing with time? MOZ team has published new Whiteboard Firday video featuring Kameron Jenkins. The video is titled ‘Goodbye, generic... [Read more]

How to get more comments on your Instagram posts

When you are publishing on the social media you want your content to be popular among your followers. And the popularity reflects in the forms of likes and comments. The HubSpot contributor Sophia Bernazzani has shared 13 tips to help you get more comments on Instagram this month. Bernazzani says, “In this post, we’ll give you a... [Read more]

Everything you need to know about paid media

For promotion of our brand and service we have several tactics other than direct online marketing in the form of content marketing and ads. There are several paid media channels assure good returns on your investment. The HubSpot contributor Kelsey Meyer has shared an article on paid media. Meyer says, “Combining earned, owned, and paid... [Read more]

3x Contacts and grow traffic by 138% [podcast]

By creating content in different varieties and making it reach to the desired minds you can elevate your marketing efforts. You should make sure that your content views are improving significantly so that your sales graph keeps going up. Impact contributor Kathleen Booth has published 104th episode of Inbound Success podcast featuring Shaina Weisinger... [Read more]