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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Latest News

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‘Data-driven Marketing Strategies in the New Decade’ Webinar July 27 [Webinar]

Data and analytics are the key drivers of today’s marketing activities. With the right use of data, you can gain a competitive advantage.Click Insights is hosting a webinar ‘Data-driven Marketing Strategies in the New Decade’ on Thursday, July 27, 2020. The webinar will feature Jeff Rajeck and Anindya Datta.The Click Insight team says, “The... [Read more]

Unbounce Shares 8 High-Converting Lead Generation Landing Page Examples

A well-designed landing page helps you to present the information your visitors are looking for. It supports your business goals, improves conversions and boosts your business’ credibility.According to Marketing Land contributor Khalid Saleh, companies having 10 – 15 landing pages have gained 55% growth in the total number of leads.To help you... [Read more]

‘The Big Shift: How to Thrive in a New Era of Business’ Webinar July 16 [Webinar]

Due to changing business environment most businesses need to thing new strategies to grow their sales. They need help to survive and thrive in today’s changing landscape.Inc. is hosting a webinar ‘The Big Shift: How to Thrive in a New Era of Business’ on Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 2.00 pm ET.The Inc. team says, “This insightful, forward-looking... [Read more]

Monetizing Push Notifications with CPA Commissions #ad

The latest version of Mobile Profitrace has just been released.This training shows you how to take advantage of push notifications to promote CPA offers. The author of this training, Liming Wu, has found that these two technologies work together well to add an income stream to your business.The important point about push notifications is that everyone... [Read more]

‘Customer Experience: New Goals for Brands amid the Pandemic’ Webinar July 16 [Webinar]

The coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges for businesses around the world as in-person experiences have been put on hold and are transformed into digital ones.eMarketer is hosting a webinar ‘Customer Experience: New Goals for Brands amid the Pandemic’ on Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 2.00 pm ET.The eMarketer team says, “In this Meet... [Read more]

Five Steps to Promoting Your Products with Instagram Stories

With Instagram Stories, you can catch your audience’s attention and present the offers they can’s resist. You can boost product promotion by appealing the customer psychology.Social Media Examiner’s Alex Beadon has shared five ways to help you promote your products with Instagram Stories.Beadon says, “To learn how to use Instagram... [Read more]

How to Set Up Instagram Gift Cards Stickers [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How to Set Up Instagram Gift Cards Stickers’ featuring Jenn Herman.Watch this video to learn how you can allow your customers to buy gift cards or order food from your Instagram account.The SME team says, “Looking for ways to generate more revenue from Instagram? Wondering how to let... [Read more]

A Cyclone for busy online marketers #ad

The Cyclone tool has become popular among internet marketers. The developers of the tool have apparently struck a nerve. People who know they need to improve the success of their marketing, but don’t know how, seem to be attracted to it since it promises that even a beginner can do well.Cyclone works in 3 steps:Step 1. Pick a “Revenue... [Read more]

‘From The Apprentice to Affiliate Marketing: A Success Story’ Webinar July 15 [Webinar]

When it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is seen as one of the most lucrative options. By joining different affiliate programs, you can earn online without having your own products.Affiliate Summit is hosting a webinar ‘From The Apprentice to Affiliate Marketing: A Success Story’ on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.The Affiliate Summit... [Read more]

‘How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building’ Webinar July 15 [Webinar]

Link building is an essential process to improve your search engine rankings. But incoming links from low quality website can adversely affect your SEO performance. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building’ on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at at 2 p.m. ET.The SEJ team says, “Join our... [Read more]

Google Announces New Predictive Capabilities for Google Analytics

Steve Ganem, Senior Product Manager, Google Analytics has announced the availability of new predictive capabilities in the Google Analytics platform.The new Google Analytics features will enable webmasters to analyze customer activity with predictive metrics and reach predictive audiences in Google Ads.Ganem says, “Google Analytics helps you... [Read more]

Building and Selling an 8 Figure Amazon Store [Podcast]

Jeff Bullas has published a new podcast episode ‘Building and Selling an 8 Figure Amazon Store’ featuring Coran Woodmass.Listen to this podcast and learn:What products are selling well during the pandemic.Why building a brand on Amazon is vital to eCommerce success.Why testing your online business on Amazon is a great idea.What product... [Read more]