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Friday, December 2, 2022

Marketing Glossary

Bring Your Customer Into Clearer Focus [Webinar Replay]

Adweek’s webinar ‘Bring Your Customer Into Clearer Focus: A New Approach to Data Sharing’ is available on demand now.

The Adweek team says, “Join Ryan Engle, VP of identity products and credit-informed marketing at Neustar, a TransUnion company, and Adrian Bolosan, industry principal at Snowflake, as they discuss how you can enhance and maintain a holistic, privacy-centric perspective of your customers to power personalized customer experiences. You’ll find out: 

  • How to better protect and govern consumer data assets through identity resolution
  • Ways to enable privacy-enhanced data collaboration with brands and media partners across the marketing landscape
  • Strategies to maintain accurate and enriched information about consumers with continuous, real-time data updates.”

Bring Your Customer Into Clearer Focus: A New Approach to Data Sharing


Boost E-commerce Marketing with These Instagram Tools

Social media platforms can do magic. With the right tools and strategies, you can give an edge to our business.

Practical Ecommerce contributor Sig Ueland has published an article featuring 28 Instagram tools for e-commerce marketing.

He says, “Instagram is among the largest global social networks, with over 200 million commercial accounts and 2 billion monthly active users. It’s an opportunity for businesses to market to new and existing customers, drive engagement, and grow a brand.

Here is a list of tools for marketing on Instagram. There are tools to create and edit images and videos, schedule and auto-publish campaigns, track user activity, and generate sales. Most of these tools are free or have freemium plans.

Meta Tools

Meta Business Suite is the central platform to manage marketing and advertising activities on Instagram and Facebook. Create or schedule posts, Stories, and ads for your business. Publish to both Instagram and Facebook without switching accounts. Schedule posts and Stories, save them as drafts or upload creative assets to the media library. Manage your inbox, and create automated responses for faster replies. Build ads, track insights and trends, and access additional tools and settings.”

28 Instagram Tools for Ecommerce Marketing

Blogging Wizard Shares 17 Website Ideas for Beginners

Website designing is an art. With the right insights, you can build websites that help you to convert visitors into clients.

Blogging Wizard contributor Nicola Bleu has published an article featuring 17 best website ideas for beginners in 2022.

17 Best Website Ideas For Beginners In 2022

Building Loyal Customer Relationships Beyond the App [On Demand Webinar]

Marketing Dive has made available a webinar on ‘Building Loyal Customer Relationships Beyond the App’.

The MD team says, “Today various mobile channel strategies disrupt the disrupters through loyalty rewards programs that rethink outreach and engagement. What’s working? Why? This webinar presents industry experts and practitioners who reveal how to:

  • Achieve up to 86% SMS opt-in confirmation rate within a six-month loyalty program launch
  • See SMS open rates as high as 98% with a customer response rate of 45%, versus open rates of only 20% and 6% response rates for email
  • Implement a unified channel strategy with MMS, SMS, mobile wallet and push notifications to supercharge customer engagement, with or without a brand app.”

Building Loyal Customer Relationships Beyond the App

Marketing Dive

Black Friday Academy: Premium Training, Webinars, Challenges, More #ad

Black Friday AcademyNeil Napier has just released Black Friday Academy.

This is the best thing you can get for building your online business this Black Friday (or any other day of the week.)

For the time first ever, in this special Black Friday bundle, Napier is giving you full access to his best courses, training, and knowledge for just a fraction of the regular price.

Click here to learn more: Black Friday Academy.

Napier has spent the last decade helping over 100,000 clients to grow their businesses with online and local training and tools.

He wants to celebrate these two milestones by helping thousands more people with a special bundle of all of his best training from the last 10 years.

In this bundle, you are getting these 33 (count ’em: 33) training courses. Just reading the titles is impressive.

➤ 30-Day Cold Email Marketing Challenge
➤ My First 1000 (5-Day Course)
➤ 30-Day Membership Launch
➤ Product Creation Blueprint
➤ 21-Day Recurring Machine
➤ Crazy Little Funnels
➤ Webinar Income Machine
➤ Whitelabel Sales Mastery
➤ Overnight List Success Challenge
➤ Pitch Perfect Positioning
➤ Funnel Creation Playbook
➤ Social Community Secrets
➤ Survey Salesman
➤ Membership Creation Playbook
➤ Email Writing Playbook
➤ Course Curator
➤ Invisible Funnel
➤ Run Crypto
➤ 4 Pillars For A Successful Membership Site
➤ Email Deliverability And Writing
➤ The Validation Funnel
➤ Funnel Ramp
➤ Design Agency Blueprint
➤ Content Marketing Vault
➤ Crypto Rounders
➤ Video Marketing Vault
➤ Cold Email Academy
➤ Systemized Lifestyle
➤ Social Success Blueprint
➤ The Challenge Funnel
➤ Rapid Hashtag Traffic
➤ Customer Journey Agency
➤ Overnight Product Seller
➤ Evergreen Funnel Training
➤ Software Development Roadmap

All of these products have stood the test of time on their own. Together, they are a library that will benefit any online marketer.

They’ve been proven to help over 100,000 people grow their local and online businesses. Their value to a marketer who puts them to use cannot be calculated.

Learn more about each course here: Black Friday Academy.

This is an incredible premium package for one remarkably low price.

It covers nearly every aspect of online business:
■ affiliate marketing,
■ funnel creation,
■ course creation,
■ list building,
■ email marketing.

So picking up the Black Friday Academy today means you may never need to buy another course or other training ever again.

This library of courses will make you a better marketer and will accelerate your online growth.

Get instant access to this bundle of internet marketing training courses here: Black Friday Academy.

By the way, The Black Friday Academy will only be available for a few more days. This is the first (and probably the last) time Napier will do something like this. So get access as soon as you can take advantage of this outstanding value.

Boost Your Productivity with These Chrome Extensions

Apart from offering a great surfing experience, Google Chrome features thousands of extensions that can help you be more organized and productive.

Search Engine Journal contributor Kristopher Jones has published an article featuring nine Chrome extensions to increase your productivity.

He says, “From note-taking to time tracking to automatic writing suggestions and tab consolidation, this listicle is going to jump around to all kinds of areas.

Ideally, though, by the end, you’ll have a decent collection of new Chrome extensions that will come together to save time and make you much more productive.

1. Grammarly For Chrome

You’ve heard of Grammarly, surely, but did you know about Grammarly for Chrome?

Yes, the famous writing improvement tool is available as a Chrome extension, too, so you don’t have to paste all your text into the website version.

You’ll feel empowered with Grammarly following you around everywhere and jumping in basically anywhere on Chrome where you have a box or field to write something.”

9 Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

Search Engine Journal

Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 4 [Guide]

Exposure Ninja has published ‘Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 4’ explaining the new Google Analytics version.

This guide covers the following:

  1. What is Google Analytics 4?
  2. Should I switch to Google Analytics 4?
  3. What’s Changed – Universal Analytics Vs. Google Analytics 4
  4. How to set up Google Analytics 4
  5. Views and Data Streams
  6. Google Analytics 4 Dashboard Overview
  7. Reports Snapshot
  8. Real-Time Overview report
  9. Life Cycle reports
  10. Acquisition reports
  11. Engagement Reports
  12. Monetisation Reports
  13. Retention Report
  14. Demographic Reports
  15. Tech Reports
  16. Library
  17. Building Comparisons
  18. Event Tracking
  19. Google Tag Manager Events
  20. How to set up GTM events
  21. Custom Definitions
  22. Conversion Tracking
  23. Custom Reports
  24. Segments.

Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 4

Exposure Ninja

Balancing SEO and Content Synergy

To achieve the best content marketing results, you need to sync your SEO and content creation process. It helps you create and share content that search engines prefer.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Jim Yu has published an article featuring five ways to balance SEO and content synergy in 2023.

He says, “In 2023, marketers must balance their SEO and content best practices. Here are five ways to do that.

1. Balance keyword research with understanding consumer intent

Do not miss out on understanding intent. Keyword intent falls into the following categories:

  • Awareness: informational and navigation; non-commercial and non-transactional; What is XYZ?
  • Research and discovery: oriented on a call to action or implied conversion; XYZ v. ABC
  • Purchase: explicit intent to complete a conversion action; transactional; buy XYZ.”

5 Ways to Balance SEO and Content Synergy in 2023

Building a Sustainable Marketing Plan for 2023

Sustainable marketing is the promotion of socially responsible products, services, and practices.

Adweek contributor Tina Moffett has published an article on building a sustainable 2023 marketing plan and stick to it.

She says, “40% of U.S. Gen Z consumers believe that fears about the recession are greatly exaggerated, compared to 24% of U.S. Gen X consumers. And only 35% of U.S. Gen Z consumers are confident about how to manage finances in an economic downturn, compared to 49% of U.S. Gen X consumers.

But let’s consider the fact that companies have survived, and thrived even, during massive disruption. Marketing leaders can and must continue their growth strategies by balancing value for the brand and value for the customer. Navigate your way through uncertainty by fixating your compass on the customer.”

Build a Sustainable 2023 Marketing Plan and Stick to It


Beginner’s Guide to Google Business Profiles [Guide]

Google Business Profile is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google.

MOZ has published the ‘Beginner’s Guide to Google Business Profiles’.

Miriam Ellis says, “Your comprehensive Google Business Profile (GBP) will most typically appear when you search for a business by its brand name, often with a city name included in your search language (e.g. “Amy’s Drive Thru Corte Madera”). In some cases, GBPs will show for non-branded searches as well (e.g. “vegan burger near me”). This can happen if there is low competition for a search term, or if Google believes (rightly or wrongly) that a search phrase has the intent of finding a specific brand instead of a variety of results.

Google Business Profiles are extremely lengthy, but a truncated view looks something like this, located to the right of the organic search engine results:

Google Local Packs

Local packs are one of the chief displays Google uses to rank and present the local business information in their index.”

Beginner’s Guide to Google Business Profiles: What Are They, How To Use Them, and Why