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Monday, January 24, 2022

Marketing Glossary

Build pro-level online academy with Coursova #ad

Whether you want to build either a for-profit online academy or a not-for-profit academy, Coursova makes it easy.

It could be you, your circle of colleagues or someone you hire who creates courses. Once they are written, you need a way to offer them to your target audience. Coursova lets you place a collection of courses online and offer them for sale or at no charge.

This new software by Dr.Amit Pareek is an All-In-One Marketplace manager for offering your courses, tracking students, and more.

Coursova allows you to build pro level e-learning sites, including a Shopping Cart, a Marketplace where you offer your courses, sales pages, blog and more. The system is so integrated that you can create your site in just few minutes.

You site lets you deliver your online courses without any hassles and with no special technical skills needed.

You also are getting a Commercial License. This allows you to build online academies for clients. For example, if a trade group (e.g., the American Mentoring Association) needs to teach its owners how to operate their tools, you can build them an academy, where their members learn the skills needed for a certification.

You can see how powerful this license is. Organizations will see the value of a private, members-only, academy. It will potentially become a good stream of income for you.

In view of COVID lockdowns and general caution about being in crowds, people are shifting towards gaining knowledge on the internet. Your online school can cater to their needs.

On this page, you will see a summary of what it can do, as well as a list of 20 bonuses we have arranged for our readers. Coursova Bonuses

In case, you don’t have any courses ready to go, you can start with a catalog of 10 courses, included and done-for-you and ready to go.

Use Coupon Code “course10” for 10% Discount on Coursova Commercial.

Get your copy here: Coursova.

B2B Marketing Predictions for 2022

The future of B2B marketing lies in intelligently targeting prospects and finding the clients that fit your product.

MarketingProfs contributor Bonnie Crater has published an article highlighting three b2b marketing predictions for 2022.

She says, “B2B marketers will refine their strategies and adjust to changing circumstances, but they won’t be going back to the way things were in 2019. And that’s OK, because fundamental changes in customer expectations and behavior require new approaches, just as they always have.

Here are three trends to watch in 2022 as B2B marketers gear up for a post-pandemic marketplace.

1. B2B marketers trim their tech stacks

One of the defining drivers of marketing’s transformation over the past decade has been the explosion of marketing technology. The Chief Marketing Technologist blog has covered the sector’s growth for 10 years and pegs today’s number of available martech solutions at more than 8,000. When the blog first published its annual marketing technology landscape in 2008, there were around 150.”

Top 3 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2022


Business Blogging Pro Guide [Guide]

Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flaxman has published a ‘Business Blogging Pro Guide’ to help you grow your blog and so the business.

She says, “Writing a blog for your business helps prospects get to know, like, and trust you while you educate them on what they need to know to do business with you.

But taking on such an important task can feel like a lot of pressure, right?

You naturally want readers to get a positive impression of your products or services. Anything less would be disappointing or downright devastating. So … we lean on perfectionism.

The false belief associated with perfectionism is that if everything is “perfect,” you’ll protect yourself from someone pointing out something you did wrong or something they don’t like (which is impossible to control).”

Business Blogging Pro Guide (Get Results Without Perfectionism)


B2C Shares Five Essential Retargeting Campaign Tips

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website.

Business 2 Community contributor Erin Hynes has published an article highlighting five useful retargeting campaign tips.

She says, “Let’s look at some key tips for setting up a successful retargeting campaign:

1. Use different messaging and creatives to re-engage your audience.

Serving an ad that a user has already seen or driving them to the same part of the website they’ve already visited can be ineffective. Instead, spend time tailoring the messaging with a strong call to action and engaging creatives that drive users directly to the point of conversion will make it easier for them to take that desired action. If the point of prospecting campaigns is to drive awareness and engagement, then retargeting should be focused on getting the user to take action.

2. Exclude audiences who have already converted.

It is strongly recommended to exclude users who have already converted on your campaigns to ensure you are truly connecting with those users who have not taken the primary action desired.”

5 Essential Retargeting Campaign Tips

Business 2 Community

Building a Small Business SEO Strategy in 2022

SEO remains one of the most important elements for your business growth. With a strong SEO strategy, you can achieve your business goals.

Search Engine Journal contributor Kristi Hines has published an article highlighting six expert tips for small business SEO strategy in 2022.

She says, “From business networking to sharing customer stories, here are the top tips for small businesses that want to improve their search rankings.

1. Tap Emerging Search Trends

Jeff Riddall, Senior Product Manager at OneLocal, advises all businesses to focus on optimization around topical groups of intent-based keywords at each stage of their customer’s journey, as Google continues to refine its algorithm and ability to determine what content searchers are really after.

“Small businesses should look for keyword opportunities and content gaps where they can add value by answering specific questions that their customers have,” he says.”

6 Expert Tips For Small Business SEO Strategy In 2022

Search Engine Journal

B2C Shares 3 Secret SEO Tips for Shopify

Business 2 Community contributor Kevin Webster has shared three  Secret SEO Tips for the Shopify platform.

He says, “In this piece, we’ll look at 2 things you can do to establish trust, which is one of the elements Google considers in rankings. Plus 1 weekly task you can do to grow your site and traffic.

Omitting these three items could in fact be keeping you from a first-page ranking. So let’s dive in.

1. Publish a Phone Number for Customer Service

Many of us who own Shopify E-commerce stores are sole proprietors, and really don’t have staff to work the phones. At the same time, getting a Google Voice number and setting up a mailbox takes no time at all. Just make sure you check it every now and again or your customer reviews may suffer.

Having a number published shows there is a human being behind the business, and search engines like that. I can all but guarantee the sites out ranking you have a phone number published in their header or footer.”

3 Secret SEO Tips for Shopify

Best Web Hosting Providers – Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout has published an article highlighting the best web hosting providers.

Lars Lofgren says, “Read in-depth reviews of these below — plus, tips for saving money, the best types of hosting for different situations, and my method for picking the right web host.

The Top 10 Best Web Hosting Providers

#1. Hostinger – Most Affordable Hosting Plans Overall

Hostinger is the best choice if you’re looking to save money.

In fact, their lowest plan is $1.39/month. That’s rock bottom.

And if you dig into what each plan offers, I think you’ll find that virtually everything a new site needs is included.”

Best Web Hosting Providers

Quick Sprout

Blogging Wizard Shares 36 LinkedIn Statistics, Facts, And Trends

LinkedIn is one of the best networks to generate leads from among business professionals. LinkedIn offers very personal ways of identifying potential leads, engaging them, and turning them into customers.

Blogging Wizard contributor Nicola Bleu has shared 36 latest LinkedIn statistics, facts, and trends.

She says, “In this article, we’ll take a look at the latest LinkedIn statistics.

How many people use LinkedIn? Who uses LinkedIn? Why should you use this platform? We’re answering all these questions and more.

Ready? Let’s get started:

LinkedIn usage statistics

B2C Shares 10 Biggest PPC Stories of 2021

The year is about to end now. 2021 filled our lives with a variety of experiences. When it comes to marketing, there were several things that we experienced.

Business 2 Community contributor Susie Marino has published an article highlighting the 10 biggest PPC stories of 2021.

She says, “This is your *real* syllabus (read: survival guide) for 2022. Class is now officially in session.

1. Google ruffles our keyword matching feathers

Keywords are the backbone of PPC. So of course Google would throw us some keyword curveballs this year!

What went down in ’21

For keywords, 2021 was a rollercoaster ride. First, we saw the sunset of our beloved modified broad match in February. Google’s reasoning was that broad match is more effective now, and that modified broad and phrase match often serve the same use case.

Saying this ruffled advertisers’ feathers is putting it lightly. Many people used modified broad since it acted as a “happy medium” match type. Between the pressures of the pandemic combined with the ever-rising challenges of PPC advertising, many felt these keyword changes from Google were insensitive, unnecessary, and untimely.”

The 10 Biggest PPC Stories of ’21

Business 2 Community

Building Brand Awareness and Authority with Your Content

Your content can be a key driving force in reaching out to more and more people online. With high-quality content, you can grow your chances of conversion.

Skyword, Inc. contributor Rose de Fremery has shared some useful tips to help you use timely content to build brand awareness and authority.

She says, “Here are some best practices for crafting successful timely content—along with five types of content you can strategically leverage to produce the right content at the right time.

Best Practices for Successful Timely Content

As with every aspect of your content ecosystem, you’ll get the most out of timely content by taking a strategic approach. Target topics and opportunities that directly relate to your brand and audience. Otherwise, you run the risk of coming off as overly opportunistic—or, worse, inauthentic.

As you might expect, timing is everything. You are far more likely to see results at the moment when your content is top of mind for your audience. If you’re a bit too late or too early, you may miss your chance. With that in mind, look at relevant search trends from years past to see when audiences start searching for specific topics. You might be surprised to discover how early they begin their searches.

Organic search takes time, so you’ll need a strong distribution strategy to take advantage of the short window of opportunity.”

How to Use Timely Content to Build Brand Awareness and Authority

Skyword, Inc.