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Friday, April 12, 2024

Archive for the 'e-mail marketing' Category

HubSpot Shares 20 Tips to Write Catchy Email Subject Lines

Effective email subject lines increase the chances of your emails getting opened and responded. HubSpot contributor Olivia Allen has published an article featuring 20 useful tips to write catchy email subject lines. She says, “Let’s dive into email subject line best practices. Email Subject Line Best Practices 1. Learn from successful email subject line examples. We often look to examples for inspiration whenever we’re scratching our heads, wondering what to make our subject line. Seeing clever use of wordplay or emojis on one of our favorite newsletters can help us think of new ways... [...]

HubSpot Shares 20 Statistics about Sales Email Subject Lines

A catchy and meaningful email subject line can help you to win the subscriber’s attention and achieve desired goals. HubSpot contributor Doug Bonderud has published an article featuring 20 statistics about sales email subject lines for 2023. He says, “Sales emails are a great way to capture customer attention and drive revenue. Of course, this comes with a caveat, since recipients have to actually open these emails for campaigns to work. Here, the old adage holds true — you only get one chance to make a first impression. Ready to go from email trash bins to open sesame? Let’s... [...]

ProfitEngage: Lifetime autoresponder, built-in leads #ad

With the new autoresponder ProfitEngage, you can simply start generating traffic and (potentially) commissions from email marketing even before you build a list and without writing your own emails. SMTP comes built-in (budget autoresponders rarely have SMTP, but it’s crucial, and you usually have to buy it separately), and you pay only once; there are zero monthly fees. ProfitEngage is the perfect autoresponder, according to its creators, especially since: ➤ It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, ➤ It comes with no restrictions and ➤ There is zero downtime. It has what other one-time... [...]

Should Email Subject Lines Be Capitalized [Answered]

CAPITALIZATION is a thing of concern for many. Especially when it comes to email marketing, we have to be alert to the use of capitalization in our email subjects and content. AWeber contributor Liz Willits has published an article answering this important question on using capitals in email subject lines. She says, “To find out how top marketers use capitalization in their email subject lines, we examined the subject lines from our 100 experts to see if they relied on a particular capitalization formula. We found 3 common formulas: 1 – Sentence-case capitalization (the first letter of... [...]

8 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  Some of these 8 common email marketing mistakes can cost you dearly so learning how to avoid them could be crucial to your success. With so many types of marketing available to you in 2022, why should you focus on email campaigns? The answer is: because it still works. Or rather, it works when you do it right. But, as Shakespeare would say, “Aye, there’s the rub.” The first step toward doing it right is avoiding common email marketing mistakes. You’d be surprised by how many email campaigns fail because people don’t bother to learn what not to do. Don’t... [...]

Using Emojis in Your Subject Line

Emojis have been a common element in our communication today. But when it comes to email marketing, it is a question whether we should use them in the email content or subject lines. To helps us, AWeber contributor Sean Tinney has published an in-depth article on using emojis in your email subject lines. Sean says, “Emojis are such a common part of our digital lives, that it’s hard to believe there was a day when I used to have to say I’m happy, sad, or angry — with words 😳. Today, it’s commonplace in text and social media to simply give a thumbs up 👍 and people understand what... [...]

Avoid These Spam Trigger Words in Your Email Subject

In email marketing, your words matter the most. From the subject line to the email content, you need to be alert in your communication. Mequoda contributor Kim Mateus has published an article highlighting subject line spam trigger words. She says, “Email subject lines are just one part of the email delivery equation. Emails are delivered to inboxes based on subject lines, spam trigger words, content, and reputation. In many cases, engagement is also applied to this filter. And subject lines don’t only consist of letters and characters anymore, now we have emojis. A couple of years ago,... [...]

How to Write Strong Email Subject Lines

An effective subject line plays a crucial role in getting your emails opened. By using action verbs and persuasive vocabulary, you can ignite the subscribers to open your emails and take the desired action. AWeber contributor Sean Tinney has published an article highlighting some useful tips to help you wite great email subject lines. Tinney says, “Writing your email subject line is a lot like choosing a book title: You have to get it right, or people may never open it — no matter how fantastic the content is inside. In fact, 47% of email recipients admit to opening email based on the... [...]

Improving Sales with Great Email Subject Lines

Your email subject line plays an important role in achieving greater email open rates. By using precise and communicative subject lines, you can improve your email marketing performance. Copyblogger’s Tim Stoddart has published an article highlighting useful strategies to write killer email subject lines for sales. He says, “While there is no right or wrong way to write a subject line, there are some tips you can use to boost your current open rates. Here’s what you need to know. Make them descriptive A study by Backlinko showed that the optimal email subject line is between 36... [...]

Breakout Code: James went from $0 to $150,000 US in 4 months #ad

If you are looking for a way to make money online, take a look at The Breakout Code. In it, well-known marketer Mark Barrett (Google him) is working with his partner James Fawcett, a new marketer you have probably never heard of. Fawcett, like all of us, needed money to live on and decided to turn to the internet to try his hand. He tried various things but soon settled on building an affiliate marketing business. He found ways to build a substantial business, primarily using specific email techniques. In four short months, he was on his way to a life-style he had only dreamed of. He shows his... [...]

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