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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Archive for the 'Giveaway Events' Category

Elegant Themes drawing for free iMac

We just learned that Elegant Themes is doing a promotion in the run-up to their Black Friday sale at the end of the month. One lucky winner will receive a brand new iMac. Apple just released its newest iMac and it’s a real winner, especially if you get it in this drawing. You’ll get the big version with the beautiful 27-inch 5k retina display and the fastest base specs available. We signed up. Why not? You may also want to: Elegant Themes iMac Drawing.  [...]

Marketers’ Giveaway Event offers free training #ad

John Paul Richards has organized an event through the end of this week that is offering 16 gifts for marketers, all at no charge. The premise is that a marketer will give you a training product the he normally sells. In return, he asks you to opt in to his mailing list. From your perspective, the idea is that if you like what he is giving away, you will probably also like the information and products he puts in his future emails to you. Training includes, for example: • List-building secrets that rock • 7 Issues That Will Kill Your Email Conversions • A Mentoring webinar with video •... [...]

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