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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Marketing Glossary

AI Advances in OpenAI and Google Gemini

OpenAI and Google both introduced new AI advances in their respective artificial intelligence systems recently.

OpenAI unveiled GPT-4o, an all-encompassing multi-modal application with enhanced voice and vision capabilities.

Here’s how Open AI describes its update:

GPT-4o (“o” for “omni”) is a step towards much more natural human-computer interaction—it accepts as input any combination of text, audio, image, and video and generates any combination of text, audio, and image outputs. It can respond to audio inputs in as little as 232 milliseconds, with an average of 320 milliseconds, which is similar to human response time (opens in a new window) in a conversation. It matches GPT-4 Turbo performance on text in English and code, with significant improvement on text in non-English languages, while also being much faster and 50% cheaper in the API. GPT-4o is especially better at vision and audio understanding compared to existing models.

Google also presented updates to its AI ecosystem, Gemini, with multi-modal and vision systems. This is a new improved version of Google’s Bard.

How will these advances in technology impact its use in marketing? The companies did not specifically address the impact of these advancements on business and content discovery online. The focus of the most recent changes seems to be on personal services rather than making AI a marketing technology tool for businesses.

There is a lot of online excitement about both of these developments. Here are some of the articles from around the web that review these new changes:
Google all in on AI and Gemini: How it will affect your Google searches

What You Need To Know About Recent ChatGPT and Gemini Features

OpenAI vs Google’s Gemini: All the major AI updates to know about this week

Gemini AI Is About to Make Your Google Search Look Very Different. Here’s How

A Guide to AI in Social Media [Guide]

The utilization of AI in social media has revolutionized the landscape, offering unparalleled insights and capabilities to marketers and users alike. From intelligent algorithms predicting user behavior to personalized content curation, AI enhances engagement and fosters meaningful connections.

Digital Marketing Institute has published a comprehensive article on the use of AI in social media.

Clodagh O’Brien says, “AI in social media marketing is the use of advanced technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing, to analyze user data and interactions on social platforms.

This means marketers can use AI tools for content creation, social media listening, brand awareness, ad targeting and management along with influencer research. This enables data-driven decision-making that can shape a social media strategy.

The ideal situation for any consumer of social media is that they find their feed filled with content that is relevant and useful – including ads. That’s what AI has the potential to do for digital marketing through hyper-personalization.”

AI in Social Media

Digital Marketing Institute

All about FunnelsAI at 10 AM EDT; Transformational funnel strategy #ad

FunnelsAI Funnel Buidder SoftwareFunnelsAI lets you launch funnels and websites in under 30 minutes using AI with zero coding, no multiple apps, and no team required.

You can discover all its benefits on the FunnelsAI Launch Webinar at 10:00 AM EDT, today.

The Webinar Title: How To Launch Your High Converting Funnels and Websites in Under 30 Minutes Using AI

During this power-packed webinar, Dr. Amit Pareek, the creator, will delve into the transformative journey from AI Funnels to DFY (Done for You) Funnel Prescriptions. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Funnel Prescription Evolution: Explore the seamless transition from AI to DFY Funnels, unlocking easiness and efficiency.

2. Proven & High-Converting Templates: Each one is designed with conversion in mind, catering to a wide array of online marketing needs and niches.

3. Unrivalled Security and Speed: FunnelsAI ensures your online presence is fortified with SSL security and backed by lightning-fast web hosting.

4. No Coding Required: Say goodbye to complexities and embrace a hassle-free approach to establishing and managing your online presence.

5. Q&A Session: Engage directly with the creators during a dedicated Q&A session to get insights, tips, and personalized answers to your queries.

Reserve your spot now by clicking here: FunnelsAI Launch Webinar.

This revolutionary shift in marketing technology will empower you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and ease. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or an individual passionate about a thriving online presence, this funnel software is designed with you in mind.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. Secure your spot now and be part of a community that’s shaping the future of web marketing.

When you attend, you will be presented with:
A Live Demonstration: Witness the features and capabilities of FunnelsAI in action
Special Launch Offers: Be among the first to access exclusive launch offers and bonuses
Real strategies for converting your leads into customers, with FunnelsAI, like a Pro
Real strategies for earning full-time income with FunnelsAI
Free Gifts for all attendees.

If you miss the webinar, you can get the whole story about this new SaaS tool here: FunnelsAI.

A Marketer’s Guide to STP Analysis [Guide]

STP analysis – Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning – delineates the roadmap for effective marketing by identifying distinct consumer segments, pinpointing the most lucrative targets, and crafting compelling brand positions tailored to resonate with each group, ensuring precision and resonance in marketing efforts.

Semrush has published ‘A Marketer’s Guide to STP Analysis’.

Grace Brennan says, “Here’s everything you need to know about STP analysis and how to conduct it well.

What Is The STP Marketing Model?

The STP model stands for SegmentationTargeting, and Positioning, and is a popular strategic framework. STP involves identifying different customer groups, selecting groups to prioritize, and orienting products/services to resonate with those groups.

The STP model requires detailed audience research, resource allocation, competitor analysis, and aligning your brand objectives with customer wants and needs.

Before getting started with the STP model, it’s important to understand the definitions of each component of the STP marketing model.”

A Marketer’s Guide to STP Analysis


AIViralLeads: a list building virus you’ll love to get #ad

AIViralLeads Software AIViralLeads Software[/caption]

We told you about AIViralLeads last week. It’s now live, and it gives you everything you need to get a steady stream of hot leads (people ready to buy) in any niche. (And keep reading to see the money-saving coupons.)

Whatever you want to sell:
✓ Products…
✓ Services…
✓ Affiliate offers…
✓ Anything,
this can help you find buyers.

You can use AIViralLeads to generate leads for yourself or take advantage of the included Agency License to generate leads for businesses that desperately need help. Better yet, do both. No matter how you use it, according to its creators, you’ll find it gets the kinds of leads that a business needs, buyer leads.

When you can generate leads this quickly, easily, and without spending money on ads, you can build your business a lot faster and use a lot less money doing it.

Lead generation is crucial to your success (actually, to any marketer’s success), and with this new software, getting a steady stream of hot viral leads is as easy as clicking your mouse.

In addition to getting your hands on AIViralLeads, which gives you everything you need to start generating hot leads FAST, there are also 8 premium bonuses that we have arranged for you when you get this now.

Click here now to see all the bonuses included with AIViralLeads: AI Viral Leads Bonuses.

*These bonuses complement AIViralLeads and help you generate profits quickly by generating even more leads.

To get all these bonuses at no extra cost, all you have to do is get AIViralLeads right now for a low, one-time discount price.

And here’s the best part…

The price to get your hands on the world’s first AI-powered viral lead-getting app and these eight premium bonuses is less than you would think (but the price is going up soon.)

Here’s what you’re going to love about using AIViralLeads: No technical skills or paid ads are required.

Within minutes, you’ll be able to leverage the power of its advanced AI to create a stunning premium e-book lead magnet without ever writing a word.

That means you can sit back as your lead magnet gets shared by its readers. They share it to unlock additional content, which makes it go viral with no effort or paid ads required.

Everything you need to capture leads is included inside, so you can be up and running within minutes.

Because of the built-in lead page and lead funnel creator, there are no design skills are ever required.

This works in any niche to generate a steady supply of hot, targeted leads at no advertising cost. (And that’s good because advertising costs a lot these days.)

➤ Inside, you’ll get your hands on 8 proven methods for getting paid.

➤ You also get access to step-by-step video tutorials to show you exactly how this AI-powered app is being used to get results.

➤ Plus, you get an Agency License, so you can offer lead magnet services to your clients for additional revenue.

Remember, we have arranged for you to get 8 Premium Bonuses that fit “hand in glove” with this product. Check out these bonuses: AI Viral Leads Bonuses.

Warning: The price is increasing, and the bonuses go away soon, so jump on this now. The launch sale ends this week.

Click here now to get access to everything for a low one-time payment: AIViralLeads.

One more thing: as is often the case, they have given you a relatively inexpensive basic version to start getting your viral leads. But, as is also usually the case, there are several optional upgrades that you may want to consider. The best way to understand your options is to take a look at the bundle version that includes both the basic version and all these upgrades at a discounted price. (Keep reading for the coupon that knocks another $50 off the bundle price).

Take a look here: AIViralLeads Bundle.

You can see all the upgrades without ever buying the basic version. Then you can decide whether to buy the bundle or the basic version plus only one or two upgrades you need.

But at least take a look at the basic version here: AIViralLeads.

Now, about those coupons we promised:
AVL10OFF – Saves you $10 off the AIViralLeads basic Offer.

AVL50BUNDLE – Saves you $50 on the AIViralLeads Bundle deal.

AIViralLeads: the easiest way to build a mailing list #ad

AIViralLeads Software

AIViralLeads Software

Misan Morrison releases AIViralLeads today, which he describes as “the biggest breakthrough in viral lead generation since Artificial Intelligence was born.”

What’s the one mistake you should never make if you want to grow a profitable online business? Failing to grow a list of interested people you can offer products and services to.

That’s because without a steady stream of leads, your chances of success are slim.

If you have been in an online business for any length of time, you’ve likely tried various tactics, from paid ads to social media promotions to videos, but perhaps the results have been disappointing, and your costs keep piling up.

That’s where AIViralLeads comes in. It’s a solution for anyone looking to generate an endless supply of hot, targeted leads without breaking the bank so growing their mailing list becomes almost automatic.

Imagine leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to create a premium eBook lead magnet and a highly engaging viral lead funnel in just a few clicks. That’s what this new tool aims to give you.

These are high-quality lead magnets that people really want.

The quality of these lead magnets is so good that you could sell them, but it’s so much more powerful just to give them away in exchange for the email address of the interested person. Now they are on your list and have agreed to receive mail from you.

And it’s all thanks to the advanced AI “brain” inside the AIViralLeads.

With this new tool you will no longer struggle with writing content, designing complex funnels, or learning to use complicated software to generate leads; it’s all done for you in minutes.

But wait; there’s more: This game-changing software harnesses the viral potential of social media, creating a chain reaction of sharing and lead generation.

That’s because the the premium lead magnet is designed so that the only way to fully unlock all its pages is to share it.

This unique approach encourages sharing and gives subscribers a valuable incentive to share the lead magnet with their friends on their social networks.

It’s easy and quick to do so it gets shared over and over again. That makes it go viral.

Click here to register for the LIVE Demo webinar today at 10:00 AM EDT: AIViralLeads Launch Training.

Whenever your lead magnet is shared, you can get more leads without spending a dime on advertising.

Remember that the people who share your content did so because they wanted to get the complete copy themselves; they want to know what you have to say.

They’re not just random visitors – they’re genuinely interested individuals who have self-qualified by sharing your content, making them prime candidates for your offers.

The launch lasts less than a week so you need to hurry if this sounds good to you. For the best opportunity, attend the launch training webinar.

It’s even possible that you will win a drawing being held during the webinar, giving you a free copy of AIViralLeads.

That’s right; by simply showing up and participating, you could walk away with this revolutionary software without spending a dime.

During this power-packed webinar, you’ll discover:
➤ The secret “share-to-unlock” strategy for generating endless viral leads without paid ads.
➤ How to leverage AI to create premium lead magnets and funnels in minutes, even if you’re a complete beginner.
➤ Case studies of real-life success stories and campaigns that have generated thousands of leads and massive profits.
➤ The multiple monetization methods you can use to turn your leads into a cash-printing machine

Even if you decide to grab AIViralLeads. after the webinar, you’ll automatically qualify for a bonus package that Morrison values at $5,479.

This power-packed bundle includes:
✅ Professional eBook cover and 3D logo designs
✅ In-depth training on squeezing profits from your email list and boosting traffic without creating new content
✅ White-label licenses to cutting-edge apps for lead management, AI writing, website building, and image generation.

Click here to register for the LIVE Demo WEBINAR of AIViralLeads Today at 10:00 AM EDT: AIViralLeads Launch Training.

Secure your spot at the AIViralLeads launch webinar today, and get ready to experience a game-changing shift in your lead generation and online business success.

By the way we should warn you that the price is rising. By Wednesday, when the launch ends, you will need to pay $30 extra for the basic version and $50 extra for the Bundle.

All throughout the launch, you can use these coupons to get a discount:
AVL10OFF for $10 off the basic version.
AVL50BUNDLE for $50 on the AIViralLeads Bundle deal (containing the basic version and the 4 upgrades), here: AIViralLeads Bundle.

If you miss the webinar, you can still see the recorded demo here: AIViralLeads.

Anatomy of a Search Result [Video]

Google Search Central has published a new video ‘Anatomy of a Search Result’.

The GSC team says, “With this series, SEO practitioners learned how search crawls webpages, how search serves pages, and how search indexed pages. In this final episode of How Search Works, Gary takes a closer look at the components that make up search results. Watch along as Gary breaks down the anatomy of a search result.”

Ahrefs Lists Seven Content Marketing Conferences for 2024

Content marketing conferences foster networking among industry peers, enabling knowledge exchange and collaboration. They provide insights into emerging trends and strategies, empowering professionals to stay ahead in a dynamic digital landscape.

Ahrefs contributor Ryan Law has published an article featuring seven content marketing conferences for 2024.

AI Agents Army (Bundle Edition); let AI do your marketing #ad

AI Agents Army Software

AI Agents Army Tool Bundle is for you if you ready to unlock the potential of AI and grow your business.

The creators describe it as “the ultimate solution for simplifying your marketing efforts and maximizing your profits.” And that’s not a bad description.

With AI Agents Army Tool Bundle, you can :
✓ Say goodbye to expensive monthly subscriptions
✓ Start your profitable marketing agency without prior marketing skills
✓ Easily attract high-paying clients like never before or just speed up your own marketing with these time-saving tools.

AI Agents Army Tool Bundle Edition makes your marketing more effective with its advanced workflows that streamline tasks and boost efficiency.

No more wasting time on complex tools – with Ai Agents Army, success is just a few clicks away:
1. Choose A Task – Begin by picking from over 100 included ready-made AI Agents to do your marketing tasks.
2. Give it a Prompt or Voice Command – Choose from thousands of Prompts or give the system a Siri-like (or if you are thinking, “What’s Siri?”, Alexa-like) Voice command. Create your marketing materials with its cutting-edge AI Agents- no coding or writing skills required.
3. Download and Publish or Sell – Save or publish your marketing campaigns that work for you 24/7. Plus, you can offer marketing services to eager businesses.

Offering marketing services to businesses could provide a growing income stream for you. Every local business needs marketing campaigns and invests a lot to produce them. You could be their marketing agency.

With Ai Agents Army You Can Easily:
🌎 Automatically create and sell unlimited marketing assets
🌎 Offer hundreds of marketing campaigns to clients
🌎 Offer specialized AI services to clients & local business.

🖱️ Click Here to Start Your Agency with Ai Agents Army Bundle Edition: AI Agents Army Tool Bundle.

When you grab this bundle deal, you’ll get access to:
■ Creating and selling unlimited marketing assets: Offer high-quality marketing materials to clients and generate recurring revenue.
■ Automating 100s of marketing tasks instantly…
■ Generating websites, videos, voiceovers, art, social media posts, ad copy, emails, content, blogs, business plans, marketing plans, idea generation, lead generation, marketing planning, daily to-do lists, scheduling, marketing assistance, and more—all within seconds using just a keyword.

Use coupon code AiAgents for a $50 Discount on the bundle.

The Bundle includes the Basic Version of AI Agents Army plus all 5 upgrades:
Upgrade 1: Ai Agents Army Commercial (available separately for $37)
Upgrade 2: Ai Agents Army Elite (available separately for $77)
Upgrade 3: Ai Agents Army Enterprise (available separately for $77)
Upgrade 4: Ai Agents Army Agency Unlimited Client (available separately for $97)
Upgrade 5: Ai Agents Army Reseller Unlimited Client (available separately for $97)

You aso get instant delivery of all the Premium Bonuses directly in your Email:
Premium Bonus Kit 1: 20 Reseller Desktop Applications
Premium Bonus Kit 2: 20 WordPress Reseller Plugins
Premium Bonus Kit 3: 1000+ Web Reseller Scripts

Remember to use coupon AiAgents for your $50 discount.

Click here to grab your BUNDLE of Ai AgentsArmy Which is Ai AgentsArmy booster with all three premium bonuses (with all of their upsells): AI Agents Army Tool Bundle Edition.

You don’t have to order the bundle. You can et the basic commercial version here: AI Agents Army. Then you can choose any upgrades you need a la carte.

The premium bonuses are only available with the Bundle Edition. However, whether you get the bundle edition or the basic edition, you will receive these bonuses in the members area:
Special Bonus #1 : Sales Funnel Optimization Strategy Video
Special Bonus #2 : Social Media Marketing Made Easy
Special Bonus #3 : Online Viral Marketing Secrets Video
Special Bonus #4 : Web Traffic Excellence
Special Bonus #5 : Online Selling Blueprint 2024
Special Bonus #6 :AI Profit Masterclass
Special Bonus #7 :Modern Affiliate Marketing Video Upgrade
Special Bonus #8 :SEO And Tracking
Special Bonus #9 :Social Media Marketing Boost
Special Bonus #10 :Mobile eCommerce Simplified
Special Bonus #11 :Online Selling Blueprint 2024
Special Bonus #12:Doubling Your Sales With These Tricks
Special Bonus #13 :WP In-Content Popup Pro
Special Bonus #14 :eCover Smart Templates
Special Bonus #15 :100 Video Transition Backgrounds
Special Bonus #16 :Ecover Maniac Elite
Special Bonus #17 :250 WordPress Plugins
Special Bonus #18 :100 Mobile Web Templates
Special Bonus #19 :AI 3000 Image Library
Special Bonus #20 :Mega 150 Fitness Bundle

AI Agents Army Tool Bundle Bonuses from IM NewsWatch

A special IM NewsWatch bonus offer: Our readers who invest in this new suite of tools with also receive:


Take a look at the sales page here (but don’t buy it. You’ll get it free as a bonus):
Revealing the AI-Powered ‘MailChimp’ Rival: Create Stunning Emails, Send Unlimited Emails Straight to Inbox for Floods of Clicks, Sales, and Commissions

LearnX –

Next-Gen AI App: Creates Hundreds of Impressive Courses on Any Topic and Sells Them on Your Own Set-and-Forget Udemy-Like E-Learning Site.

This new bundle of tools is available here for 4 more days: AI Agents Army Tool Bundle.

AI Agents Army finishes 100s of marketing tasks in seconds #ad

AI Agents Army Software
AI Agents Army has just been released. It is a new SaaS tool that uses next-gen AI automation to perform hundreds of marketing tasks in seconds, tasks such as creating websites, videos, voice overs, images, social posts, ads copy, emails, website content, blogs, business plans, marketing plans, idea generation, lead generation, marketing planners, daily to-do lists, schedulers, marketing assistants & more.

Use it for yourself and for your clients in seconds using just a keyword.

You might think, “This isn’t needed; I have a ChatGPT account.”

4 Main Reasons Why Ai Agents Army is Different from ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT is good, but you need to keep giving it input text to get output content. There is no automation.
  • ChatGPT Only Gives you Content But Ai Agents Army Finishes 100s of Marketing Tasks
  • No need to be good at writing prompts – 90% of people still struggle with correct Prompts
  • Multi-Level Automation using its army of AI agents – This is the next level beyond ChatGPT – It’s like Ironman’s JARVIS – your personal “AI Butler Assistant”

Here are even more reasons for AI Agents Army:
1. Saves You Money – No Freelancer or Salary Payments or High Project Costs
2. Build a Service Business with Commercial License – Create and Sell Unlimited Marketing assets to clients
3. It’s Easy to Create Anything In Seconds – No Need to Learn Tough Prompts like ChatGPT.
4. Use AI Agents Army for automating 100s of other tasks and training other 100s of Agents
5. Set this as your automation, and ask it to repeat your tasks for other keywords.

Your license for AI Agents Army lets you offer specialized AI-driven marketing services that go beyond typical chatbots. You can develop and sell custom AI solutions tailored to clients’ needs, such as AI-powered customer support or predictive analytics tools, and charge premium fees for these advanced services.

You can if you like, either offer these as virtual assistant services or give your clients “do it yourself” access to your AI Agents Army resources.

This is a “Mega-Suite” of all-in-one marketing tools in one place.

As is typical, you have the option of getting only the basic set of tools, with additional upgrades that you can pick and choose to can improve your efficiency and your results, or you can invest in a bundle of tools together, including the basic version and the upgrades so you don’t need to get them one by one.

The bundle of tools is available here: AI Agents Army Tool Bundle

AI Agents Army Bonuses

Whether you invest in the basic version or the bundle version, you will receive these bonuses inside the members area:

1. Sales Funnel Optimization Strategy Video

Whether you make your money through ad clicks using the AdSense monetization platform or you sell affiliate products or offer your own services or you run your own online drop-shipping store, you’re trying to convert people from simple clickers of links and readers of your content to cold hard cash.

2. Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Social media is designed to keep us entertained. Many of us spend hours trawling through content looking to find things that are unique and special to add to our feeds.

3. Online Viral Marketing Secrets Video

Believe it or not, people interested in whatever it is you are promoting are already congregating online. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms want you to succeed. The more popular your content becomes, the more traffic they get.

4. Boost Your Online Sales

The web makes it possible to connect with a gigantic audience of billions of people and to provide them with all kinds of products in an entirely automated manner.

5. Web Traffic Excellence
You can have the best product or the best service in the world but if you have no traffic – it’s all completely worthless. This 5-part video course will help new and experienced marketers generate huge amounts of traffic from five different sources.

6. Online Selling Blueprint 2024

With this course, you will not only unleash your potential but also gain the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-changing online landscape.

7. AI Profit Masterclass

Millions of people around the world struggle to grow their income! The reason why most people fail at this is because they don’t have the right strategy.

8. Modern Affiliate Marketing Video Upgrade

“Picking the Right Affiliate Program to Promote all Boils Down to ROI.

Make no mistake, if you want to succeed with your affiliate marketing business, you have to focus on ROI. If you have a fuzzy idea of what return on investment means, you’re playing the game wrong.”

9. SEO And Tracking

In this 6-part video course you will learn how to turn long or affiliate links into short and pretty links. Also it will teach you how to use ‘related posts’ to help visitors find related content.

10. Social Media Marketing Boost

Discover 100 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Following, Gain Authority And Increase Engagement On Social Media.

11. Mobile eCommerce Simplified

“Brand New High Quality Lead Magnet Targets Ecommerce and Online Store Owners”

This mobile eCommerce video course explains how to create user-friendly, mobile optimized web stores in less than 24 hours.”

12. Doubling Your Sales With These Tricks

“Learn How to Double your Sales with These Tricks!
Many successful digital entrepreneurs have likely already stated this at one point or another, but this is very important, which is why this report will going to say it one more time.”

13. WP In-Content Popup Pro

WP In-Content Popup Pro is a new plugin that lets you create attention grabbing popups within your content. You can trigger in-content video popups, image popups, text popups, or content popups which you can use to showcase your product, article or even your profile.

14. eCover Smart Templates

Easily Create Your Own Professional Grade Product Covers In Just Minutes! The Ultimate Photoshop Smart Templates For Creating High-Converting Ebook Covers And Product Shots. STOP Wasting Time And Money Having Your Product Covers Created.

15. 100 Video Transition Backgrounds

Nice PRO Looking Transition Backgrounds For Your Videos Are you looking for videos that could be transition backgrounds that are easy to use? Transition background that you could use for your video edition? Then, download this one.

16. eCover Maniac Elite

Get 80 Extra Book Cover Templates. No Photoshop Or Complicated Software Needed. If you want to sell digital goods online, having a professionally created eCover.

17. 250 WordPress Plugins

An Amazing Collection Of 250+ Hand-Picked, Profit Oozing, Easy To Implement, Web 2.0 Compliant, Free WordPress Plugins.

18. 100 Mobile Web Templates

Build a Business Offering Mobile Friendly Websites to Your Local Business Clients.

19. AI 3000 Image Library

This package contains 3000 AI-generated images across 10 niches, from trendy animals to festive delights. AI image library can give you a boost in your conversions and you can also use it to make special and shareable content for your social media.

20. Mega 150 Fitness Bundle

Mega Fitness Bundle is a product with 150 eBooks on health and fitness and 5000 articles on health and wellness covering topics like strength training, Zumba, aerobics, etc.

The launch only lasts a week, so go now to get your own, here: AI Agents Army