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Friday, February 23, 2024

Archive for the 'Geo-targeting' Category

GEO Coupon Commander: Create mobile sites for offline clients #ad

Most offline businesses want quick results from their online marketing initiatives. One of the best ways to help them get these quick results is with mobile services. Combine this insight with the fact that 75% of shoppers like to use coupons that give them a discount. With GEO Coupon Commander, you can offer businesses the capability to create mobile coupons sent straight to the cell phones of their customers. This new software lets you: • Easily create HTML5 Mobile Coupons, Squeeze Pages, and Landing Pages • Advertise all over town with one link, even though you have multiple clients... [...]

WP Bullseye customizes your site content based on visitor location #ad

If you want your site’s visitors from Dallas to see the Dallas Cowboys name in your banner while People from Miami see the Dolphins and people in New York see the Jets, check out WP Bullseye Pro. Now you can add location customization to any of your banners. This has a subtle influence on visitor behavior. They see you as more attuned to their specific needs and respond more favorably. This new plugin will add custom text to a banner based on location, at the city level, the state level or the country level. This plugin connects to available commercial services that offer IP-based location... [...]

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