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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Actionable content marketing personas' Category

Enterprise SEO Tools For Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX And More [Guide]

Digital Marketing Depot has published a new report called ‘ Enterprise SEO Tools For Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX And More: A Marketer’s Guide’. Download this report to discover useful tools and technologies to improve your content marketing, search intelligence and user experience. The DMD team says, “This FREE 76-page report reviews the growing market for SEO platforms (including 20 vendor profiles!), plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges. Uncover valuable insights into the latest SEO trends. Did you know… There are 810... [...]

Creating Customer Personas

It’s an old marketing adage that you must know your customers if you are going to succeed. Without this knowledge, you won’t know: • What products and services to offer • What prices to charge • Where to advertise • How to write persuasive sales copy and • You’ll be flying blind for a lot more marketing decisions you will have to make. If you are an offline marketer, finding out who your customers are (or can be) may involve study of the census data, doing surveys and questionnaires, checking out what existing merchants in your niche are doing, etc. Online,... [...]

CMI’s guide to creating actionable content marketing personas

A persona is a composite sketch of a target market based on validated commonalities. Persona can be used to form a content strategy for driving productive buyer engagement. With persona you can make sure what kind of content your audience is seeking. To help marketers create actionable content marketing personas, CMI’s Jodi Harris has shared a five-step guide. Talking about the actionable personas and the steps to create them, Harris says, “When you think of your audience, you may first think in business demographic terms. Naturally, you want your personas to include the most relevant... [...]

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