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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Managing Affiliates' Category

Warrior Plus Product Set Up Shortcuts (NAMS December Deals) #ad

Today’s NAMS December Deal is Warrior Plus Product Set Up Shortcuts. It is on sale today only. Tomorrow, there will be a new deal. Warrior Plus Product Set Up Shortcuts is a video series especially for information marketers who have a product they want to sell. If you aren’t familiar with WarriorPlus, it is a platform where product creators can invite other marketers who have mailing lists of their own to promote the product to their list in return for a commission. (The term used for these other marketers who promote is “Affiliates.”) If you want to attract and manage affiliates... [...]

Product creators: stop wasting money on affiliate platforms #ad

If you are a product creator, you naturally want as many sales as possible. How do you get them? By attracting affiliates who sell your product for you. How do you get affiliates? By listing your product on multiple affiliate portals, such as Clickbank, WarriorPlus or JVZoo. There are two problems these affiliate portals create, though, that increase your work or reduce your earnings: (1) They have unique interfaces for linking to their system. What works for one doesn’t work for the others. So you need to code a sales page for each system that you use to recruit affiliates. This wastes time... [...]

Affiliates can sell your products. Make it easy for them #ad

No one of us can sell as much as all of us put together. That’s why smart product developers invite others to become affiliates. They have contacts you don’t have, so you immediately increase your audience. Remember, though, that the more you do to help your affiliates promote your product, the more effective they will be. In fact, the best way to get affiliates to promote your product in the first place is to give them the promotional tools they need. That’s why you need The Affiliate Toolbox to build an effective affiliate army. This new software helps you with all the tools your affiliates... [...]

‘Survey: Facebook Still Tops But 42 Percent Now Use 2+ Social Networks’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Survey: Facebook Still Tops But 42 Percent Now Use 2+ Social Networks”. Greg Sterling says, “According to third quarter survey data from the Pew Research Center, 72 percent of US online adults are on social networks. Newly released data show that Facebook is still the dominant network by a wide margin. However Americans appear to be “diversifying” their social media usage. According to new Pew survey findings out this morning, “42 percent of online adults use two or more [  ] social networks.” Among... [...]

‘Ten Bold Predictions For Affiliate Marketing in 2014’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Ten Bold Predictions For Affiliate Marketing in 2014”. Liane Dietrich says, “When it comes to affiliate marketing, 2013 was quite an interesting year. Some of the biggest milestones included arecord-breaking e-commerce holiday season, double-digit network growth, and the closing of the Google Affiliate Network. And let’s not forget about “Cookiegate,” which was sparked when Mozilla announced plans for its Firefox browser to block certain cookies. As we look back on 2013, we can’t help but make educated... [...]

WP SalesCode: Create one sales page list your product on multiple networks #ad

If you are working on creating a product, you want to get as much “distribution” as possible for your sales message. It would be nice, for example, to offer it through Clickbank, Warrior forum, and other platforms since each provides a unique set of affiliates to sell your product, each with their own set of contacts. The problem is that the requirements and culture for these affiliate platforms vary, so creating a common sales page is difficult; you have to repeat the process for each one. But Mark Hess and Matt Mood have tackled this problem in their new WP SalesCode. They have analyzed... [...]

Gravity 2000- how the record-breaking Clickbank product did it #ad

Matt Bacak broke all records for quick sales on Clickbank. The standard measure of a Clickbank product’s success is its “gravity”, which is calculated based on the number of affiliates that promote the product and the sales they make. Like the “4 minute mile” 50 years ago, it was questioned whether anyone could ever break “the 1000 gravity.” Bacak was committed to breaking it. And he certainly did. His product “Mass Money makers” far exceeded the 1000 gravity; it became the highest gravity product to date (and even today, nothing comes close),... [...]

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