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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archive for the 'Forum Marketing' Category

How To Create, Launch And Sell WSOs #ad

British marketer Steve Peters Benn has been building his expertise for years and has become particularly expert in selling on the Warrior Forum. For example, since 2009, he has launched over 40 special offers and many of them have been designated “WSOs of the Day”. Benn has just released his training on how you can use the Warrior Forum for your own marketing: Special Offer Gold. He describes it as “The Most Popular, Effective and Ethical launch system out there.” Warrior Forum has lots of members who are there for the purpose of buying useful training and software. They... [...]

“Autopilot Forum Riches” Your guide to profitable forum marketing #ad

Forum visitors are highly interested in their forum’s niche. They sought out the forum and now are periodically visiting it to keep up to date. They make good prospects for products in the niche. The only problem is how to get your message in front of these people. The standard answer is to become a member of this forum and contribute to the discusion with quality information. Then you have earned the right to make a sales post. That’s good advice, except for one thing: the time it takes you. This Autopilot Forum Riches guide shows you how to hire and train outsourcers to do the forum... [...]

Autopilot Forum Riches- Use other people’s forums to sell your products #ad

Forum marketing can be profitable, but it takes a big investment of time to post regularly on the forums in your niche. Autopilot Forum Riches intends to change that. You can place content (even pop-ups “on” authority forums and use the pop-ups to profit. Cory Friedman’s new Autopilot Forum Riches shows you how to get your prduct promoted on other people’s site through apop-up you create. Autopilot Forum Riches also shows you: • How to use outsourcers to managing your guest blog posts and comments • How to train your outsourcer quickly so they will quickly bring... [...]

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