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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Archive for the 'Joint Ventures' Category

Bertus Engelbrecht’s ‘Spark JV and Networking’ gets new bonuses #ad

Spark JV and Networking gets you started in the internet marketing niche with your own web site and product to sell. You can take this product, install the website code that comes with it, and start selling the ebook about Joint Ventures Engelbrecht includes in a day or less. If you don’t know what to sell, Spark JV and Networking solves your problem because of the completeness of the package you receive. If you don’t have the skills to install it yourself, has many vendors who can do it for you. To make this opportunity even more attractive, IM NewsWatch has arranged for... [...]

Sean Donahoe releases Rapid Content Wizard Monday; seeks affiliates #ad

The upcoming July 15 launch of Rapid Content Wizard will be a major event in the internet marketing industry. In all his launches, Sean Donahoe invites affiliates to earn commissions by promoting his new product. Rapid Content Wizard is no exception. In Donahoe’s recent launches, he has attracted many affiliates to help promote his products and he has paid them over $500,000 in commissions. They know he means business and they don’t mind putting their reputation on the line for his products. He is looking for affiliates again for Rapid Content Wizard [JV offer]. It will sell for $27,... [...]

Product Pirate: How To Use Other Peoples Products And Lists #ad

Lexi B was busy working in an insurance office that had trouble closing sales. She suggested that they become brokers and put together a consortium of related marketers that would, together, launch a new product package that would consist of products from all the consortium members. She called it a “Circle Launch”, and it proved successful. Now, in Product Pirate, she shows you how to do it, too. With her 5-step process, she can set up one of these Circle Launches in any niche she chooses in a week: 1. Select a good niche 2. Find information sellers in the niche 3. Copy and Paste her... [...]

Joint Venture Code: Recruiting Affiliates To Promote Your Offers #ad

Affiliates, people who promote your product on a commission basis, can expand your sales rapidly- if you know how to find them and cultivate them. Adrian Niculescu has put together joint ventures and affiliate marketing arrangements for years. Now, in Joint Venture Code, he shows the rest of us how to get JV partners and affiliates for our own businesses. This information comes from Niculescu’s hard-won success in this field, for his own company (a social media and JV marketing agency) and for its clients. A business grows much faster with affiliates than on its own. With the same amount... [...]