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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Podcasts' Category

Should I Use Blog or Podcast for My Business?

Both blogging and podcasting are widely used ways to promote businesses. Quality blog and podcast content can help you get more customers. HubSpot contributor Jana Rumberger has published an article comparing blog and podcast as business promotion tactics. She says, “Blogs and podcasts have a lot of similarities. They’re both evergreen resources that offer education, insights, and storytelling online. Both a blog and a podcast can offer marketing opportunities for businesses. And it takes time, dedication, and knowledge to make a blog or podcast that people pay attention to. The main... [...]

How We’ve Marketed Our Podcast to 70k Monthly Downloads [Podcast]

HubSpot has published a new podcast episode of  Marketing Against The Grain podcast ‘How We’ve Marketed Our Podcast to 70k Monthly Downloads’. The HubSpot team says, “How do you grow a podcast from 0-70k monthly downloads in 6 months? Kipp and Kieran take YOU behind the scenes of what works and what doesn’t when growing a podcast – how we found an unfair advantage to grow, what you need to do to launch your own podcast, and how we’re improving our next strategy. Shoutout to Akseli and PRPro1286 for their reviews/questions! Do YOU want to be the next featured listener?... [...]

How to Use Podcasts to Level Up Your Content Marketing Strategy [Webinar Replay]

Content Marketing Institute has published the replay of its webinar on ‘How to Use Podcasts to Level Up Your Content Marketing Strategy’. The CMI team says, “Like all things in marketing, podcasts shouldn’t happen in a silo. In this webinar, Drift’s podcast pros will share best practices for developing a podcast program that works WITH your broader marketing strategy (not against it, or worse, outside of it). You’ll hear what it takes to: Start your first (or fourth) podcast Integrate podcasts not just into your content marketing strategy, but your overall GTM strategy Make... [...]

How To Start A Successful Podcast [Video]

By publishing podcasts on a regular basis, you can stay in touch with your target audience and continue to promote your products and services. HubSpot has published a new video ‘How To Start A Successful Podcast’ to help you start a new podcast. The HubSpot team says, “Wondering how to start a podcast? Thousands of businesses have launched branded podcasts to drive customer engagement and cultivate new leads. And starting a podcast is easier than you think.” HubSpot  [...]

Importance of Understanding Your Audience [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal has published a new podcast episode ‘Importance of Understanding Your Audience’ featuring Chris Brogan and Brian Clark. Brent Csutoras says, “Chris Brogan and Brian Clark both join SEJ’s Loren Baker on this episode to discuss the importance of building an audience, the value of an email list, the importance of purging an email list and also how to maintain an audience and launch several ventures or businesses by understanding your audience and their wants & needs”. Importance of Understanding Your Audience Search Engine Journal  [...]

PodKastr creates powerful podcasts in 5 minutes #ad

If podcasting weren’t so hard, a lot more marketers would try it. With PodKastr, it just got a lot easier. It is the World’s first 6-in-1 Podcast Creation, Hosting, and Distribution System, powered by Artificial Intelligence. This new app has six tools to create podcasts from six kinds of content: ➤ The Content Converter Engine allows you to type in your content and convert it to Podcast. ➤ The Article Converter Engine allows you to convert any Article to Podcast. ➤ The eBook Converter Engine allows you to convert any eBook to Podcast. ➤ The Video Converter Engine allows you to... [...]

How to Attract More Guests on Your Podcast

When you have well-known experts from your domain as guest speakers, the chances of reaching more audiences grow up. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Ginni Saraswati has shared four tips for attracting more guests to your podcast. She says, “To help guide you through the process of reaching out to guests and starting this value exchange on the podcast, here are four of the best tips I have found most helpful in conducting this process. 1. Make the pitch personal Creating a pitch has got to be personal. As someone who has interviewed over 1,000 people and been on over 250 podcasts, I connect... [...]

Podcasting: Lessons From 30 Million Downloads [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Podcasting: Lessons From 30 Million Downloads’ to help you develop a strong podcasting strategy. The SME team says, “Want to know the strategy behind the top-rated Social Media Marketing podcast? Want to find out how to plan, produce, and run your own show? The founder of Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner, shares lessons learned from producing a top business podcast.” Social Media Examiner  [...]

Copyblogger Shares 10 Easy Tips to Improve Podcast Audio Quality

Podcast publishing is a great way to reach more and more people online and promote your business and services. To attract more listeners, you need to publish quality podcasts. Copyblogger contributor Toby Lyles has shared 10 easy tips to improve podcast audio quality. She says, “How do you accomplish that? How do you improve audio quality? Here are 10 tips that will help you produce the “welcome mat” experience. 1. Value your listeners Podcasts and blogs are similar. In the same way that good website design helps attract and keep blog readers, quality audio attracts and keeps listeners... [...]

SEO Tips to Improve Podcast Performance

SEO is one of the most important processes to grow your podcast reach. It helps you to expand your network by getting more subscribers. Practical Ecommerce contributor Jill Kocher Brown has shared 10 SEO tips for podcasts. She says, “Podcasts have gone mainstream. As of March 2020, 37 percent of Americans over the age of 12 — around 104 million people — listen to at least one podcast per month according to Edison Research. But podcasts are often poorly optimized for search engines. Drive more organic search traffic to your podcast with these 10 tips. 10 SEO Tips for Podcasts 1. Obsess... [...]