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Monday, July 15, 2024

Archive for the 'Customer retention tips' Category

Customer Retention, Critical for a Long-lasting Business

The value of a visitor to your website may be large if they become a regular, loyal follower. If they value your content, they may return many times and buy multiple items. That’s why one of the most important Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) for a marketer is “the lifetime value of a customer”. Maximizing that lifetime value should be your goal, and in most cases, it’s more important than the value of their first purchase. If they only visit once, the value of that first purchase is the lifetime value. Customer retention is the necessary precondition for... [...]

Keep Your Customers For Life #ad

If you need to discover how to retain and re-engage your customers for increased loyalty and repeat sales, check out the latest sale from Content Sparks: Keep Your Customers For Life As with all the courses on sale (only through tomorrow), this one can help your own business, but is also designed for you to teach to other businesses, under your own name (there will be no mention of Content Sparks in your student materials or presentation slides), to build your expert credentials and to create a revenue stream for you. Keeping customers long-term is every business’s goal so Keep Your Customers... [...]

Free ebook: How to optimize your customer satisfaction and retention

HubSpot has published a free ebook titled “Free ebook: How to optimize your customer satisfaction and retention”. This ebook is aimed at helping businesses build effective customer experiences. Contents of the ebook What makes customers become loyal and how to achieve loyalty for your brand How to provide an effortless experience for your customers across all channels How to build trust with your customers: giving them reason to stick with you How to provide exceptional customer service and use feedback for improvement How to reduce the need for context-switching along a customer’s... [...]

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