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Monday, September 25, 2023

Archive for the 'Google Bard' Category

Advert AI: World’s First Google-Powered AI Ad Creator App #ad

Advert AI was just released. It uses Google’s new artificial intelligence services called Adanet & TensorFlow to create advertisements from keyword prompts you supply. It Creates Ad Copy, Ad Creatives, Ad Graphics, Ad Videos, and Automated Ads instantly in response to Siri-like voice commands or keywords. As an action taker who invests in this new AI advertising tool during the launch, you will receive lifetime access to Advert AI. Here are the Unique Benefits of Advert AI: ➤ Creates Stunning Visuals, Ad Copy, Ad Creatives, and Ad copies in seconds with a single keyword. ➤ Ai-Generated... [...]

Wave AI: All-in-One Google Bard & PaLM2-Powered App #ad

Wave AI is being launched. Here’s the back story: You need (all marketers do, for that matter): • Plagiarism-free content, • Attention-grabbing images, and • Eye-catching graphics to get higher ranking in the SERPs and to engage the maximum audience for your offers. But, major third-party platforms for this critical content charge a monthly fee that is way beyond the reach of a majority of individual solopreneur marketers. That’s why the Brett Ingram team created Wave AI. What is Wave A.I? He calls it the “World’s First All-In-one – Google Bard & PaLM2 Powered... [...]