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Monday, May 29, 2023

Archive for the 'Real-Time Marketing' Category

Your Guide to Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing refers to the process of marketing in real, or near, real-time. With this form of marketing, you can approach and sell to your prospects in real-time. HubSpot contributor Rebecca Riserbato has published a short guide on Real-Time Marketing. She says, “Real-time marketing helps you provide relevant messaging that is tailored to your audience’s wants, interests, and needs. One way for marketers to implement a real-time marketing strategy is to have an active social media presence. Your social media team will often be the first people to know about a current fad or... [...]

‘Marketers’ Top Investment Priorities for 2017′ – MarketingProfs

Ayaz Nanji says, “Digital advertising and customer events are marketers’ top areas for planned investment in 2017, according to recent research from Autopilot. The report was based on data from a survey of 505 marketing decision-makers based in the United States. Some 30% of marketers say they plan to invest in digital advertising in 2017, and 30% plan to invest in customer events. Other top areas for planned investment include email marketing (26% of marketers plan to invest), social media (26%), content development (24%), and customer loyalty (24%). Marketers say their biggest priorities... [...]

‘Real-Time Marketing: Five Tips for Surviving in Our Brave New World’ – MarketingProfs

Sarah Clark says, “Watching Super Bowl ads has become practically a sport all its own. Every year, fans buzz about which commercials will be the funniest, the most heart-wrenching, or the most entertaining. And, as we all know, brands shell out big bucks for spots during the game. But, in 2013, Oreo made waves with an ad that had no budget, no TV spot, and no pregame buzz. In conjunction with our sister agency 360i, Oreo created a social media strategy that would position the brand for anything the Super Bowl could throw its way. And it paid off when the lights suddenly died in the Superdome.... [...]

‘How Real-Time Marketing Changes the Game’ – MarketingProfs

Tamar Weinberg says, “The age of social media has brought about a new dynamic in customer communications: The concept of “real time” has made companies more accountable to their customers. The application of the concept goes beyond generic customer service, however. In fact, if anything, companies and brands should see the importance of taking it a step further… into the realm of marketing. Brands today have a huge opportunity to use real-time marketing to enhance personalization and reach, especially in addressing the continually changing customer expectations. Companies... [...]

‘Why real-time marketing is critical to the modern brand’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Rohini Srihari says, “In marketing it seems like there are new techniques emerging constantly – yet many of these vanish as quickly as they appeared. Real-time marketing, however, has been tipped to stick around by some of the industry’s leading experts – why is that? One reason may be that engaging customers today is less about selling a product or service and increasingly about cultivating meaningful relationships. The days are long gone when companies didn’t need to personalise and they could still be successful. Personalisation in 2015 needs to go one step further. All marketing... [...]

‘Real-Time Marketing: How to Best Join the Conversation on Social Media’ – ‘’ Blog

Sara Flick says, “Real-time marketing. Some brands do it and some brands shy far away from it. Whether or not you believe that it’s effective in driving new customers and revenue, that’s still up for debate. The theory is still the same though—conversation marketing and online community management do help brands establish relationships with customers, brand advocates and influencers. And in today’s world with brand trust becoming more important each decade, being authentic, developing trust and engaging with your customers won’t happen by ads. It happens with brand-to-customer... [...]

‘The Real-Time Marketing Landscape’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Ayaz Nanji says, “Some 98% of marketers who engage in real-time marketing (RTM) say they see a positive revenue impact from their RTM efforts, according to a recent report from Wayin. Moreover, 89% of marketers say they can tie their RTM efforts to overall business goals, and 59% say they plan to increase their RTM budget in the year ahead. The report was based on data from a survey of 200 manager and executive-level real-time marketers at companies with more than $100 million in revenue. Below, additional key findings from the report. What Is Real-Time Marketing? 49% of respondents say... [...]

‘Real-Time Marketing: How Publishers Clearing House increased engagement through testing’ – MarketingSherpa Blog

Andrea Johnson says, “Publishers Clearing House is winning the real-time marketing game. Their online brand,, currently gets 16 million unique visits per month, and those visitors spend an average of 17 minutes on the site. The marketing team achieved this by delivering a personalized message to every visitor  on the site — messages that were designed to be relevant to what visitors were doing on the site. At MarketingSherpa MarketingExperiments Web Optimization Summit 2014, Michael Zane, Senior Director of Online Marketing, Publishers Clearing House, revealed how, in just under... [...]

‘Real-time Marketing: Nonprofit uses current events to increase revenue 22%’ – MarketingSherpa Case Study

Daniel Burstein says, “Thanks to digital and social technologies, news travels around the globe faster than ever. Yet, logistical hurdles hamstring many corporate marketers from taking advantage of trending topics and breaking news in their own marketing campaigns. In this Email Marketing case study, we’ll share a lesson from the nonprofit world to help B2B and B2C companies. This campaign from World Jewish Congress is one of five finalists for the MarketingSherpa Award — Reader’s Choice Email Campaign“. Real-time Marketing: Nonprofit uses current events to increase revenue... [...]

‘Making real-time marketing less creepy’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Murray Newlands says, “Ask your average person born around the turn of the century, meaning this one, about ‘real time marketing’ and you’re likely to get a moralistic ear-raid.   They’ll talk about the theoretical evils of the NSA, randomly but comprehensively gathering personal data about any number of individuals supposedly in the name of our collective well being. Even though almost everyone with a smartphone makes tracking their every move relatively easy with constant check-ins and status updates, there remains a deeply entrenched paranoia when it comes to any... [...]