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Friday, March 31, 2023

Marketing Glossary

FlipGuardian: Make the best animated flipbooks #ad

FlipGuardian Flipbook MakerFlipGuardian turns an ordinary PDF into an animated e-book, and the reader flips pages by clicking.

After you create the flip book, you may give it away, use it as a lead magnet in return for an email address added to your mailing list, or sell it (and there are variations on these themes.) FlipGuardian supports all these options and more.

The best way to show you the many ways you can use your flipbooks is to let you see these samples created by Flip Guardian:

  • Ungated Access –
  • Password Protected –
  • Lead Gated –
  • Embed In Posts/Pages –
  • Pay Gated –
  • Embedded Pay Gated –
  • Uploaded to A domain –
  • Lead Gated Version 2 –
  • Those are some tantalizing options. Especially, give a free sample of your book, and require an opt-in to your mailing list to read the rest. Or require payment to read the rest.

    And with FlipGuardian, there is no complicated software (or plugins) to install, and nothing else required.

    FlipGuardian is point-and-click simple, and it’s all in the cloud so you can log in at any time to create/manage your campaigns (from anywhere you have an Internet connection) in just a few clicks.

    Watch this quick demo to see how easy it is:

    Early users have found that it improves their business dramatically. For example:

    I needed a way to grab my website visitors attention, capture leads for my mailing list and provide a delivery gate for my lead magnet; free access to the first three chapters of my book ‘The Semantics of i AM – Leaving Your Past–Loving Your Future’. PromoteLabs launched the beta of FlipGuardian at just at the right time. It’s stacked with a number of different use cases that were a perfect fit for my need. If you author any sort of content, this tool is the bomb. Thanks Simon and Jeremy.

    ~ Geoff Keall


    Let’s be honest. Everyone has a few hundred ebooks lying down, getting dust on hard drivers without any meaning. With FlipGuardian, you can give them a new purpose in 3 steps.
    1 – Choose your ebook.
    2 – Upload and activate the campaign.
    3 – Share, promote, sell, or embed.
    I have been looking for something like this for some time. Love it!

    ~ Daniel Popa

    To make this opportunity even better, we have arranged some bonuses for our readers. We will put the download links on the JVZoo Thank You page.

    Bonuses for FlipGuardian

    Email Marketing Secrets

    Email Marketing Secrets bonus for Flip Guardian

    Product Launch Secrets

    Product Launch Secrets bonus for Flip Guardian

    Build Bigger Lists

    Product Launch Secrets bonus for Flip Guardian Free Silver Pass

    Traffic Generation Club bonus for Flip Guardian

    Ultimate Traffic Planner

    Ultimate Traffic Planner bonus for Flip Guardian


    This is worth checking out, here: FlipGuardian.

From Novice to Expert Easy Tips to Master Digital Marketing [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘From Novice to Expert Easy Tips to Master Digital Marketing’ to help marketers improve their digital marketing performance.

In this video, he covers:

  • Work-life balance for a Digital Marketer
  • The best Digital Marketers
  • The key to becoming the best Digital Marketer
  • How to be a Digital Marketer when you’re lacking communication skills
  • Dealing with the uncertainty of Digital Marketing
  • 3 Tips for D2C Brands
  • Tools for Omnichannel Marketing.

Watch the video here.

Neil Patel’s Blog

Fuel Your Motivation and Stay on Top of Marketing Trends [Video]

Watch Neil Patel’s latest video ‘Fuel Your Motivation and Stay on Top of Marketing Trends’ sharing top marketing trends.

He says, ““Whatever you’re spending time on, just give it 110% because you’re making those moments count.” Rhett Power, an accomplished entrepreneur and author, recently sat down with Neil Patel for an exclusive interview.”

Neil Patel’s Blog

Five Steps to Calculate ROI of SEO

A successful SEO strategy requires a lot of research and sometimes a huge investment too.

Search Engine Journal has published an article featuring five steps to calculate the ROI of SEO for your marketing strategy.

The SEJ team says, “When paired with up-to-date keyword research, you’ll be able to instantly learn how profitable your search optimization efforts could be!

Below, we’ll walk you through how to calculate your SEO return on investment.

Step 1: Download A Free ROI Of SEO Calculator

Your first step is to get a customizable ROI of SEO calculator that allows you to plug in your information and instantly learn how profitable your SEO strategy could be.

To make it easy, we’ve created an ROI calculator that includes 1-month projections and 18-month projections for a more realistic rankings timetable.”

How To Calculate The ROI Of SEO For Your Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Journal

Final Call, Price Rising] Newbie Affiliate Secrets #ad

1. You haven’t grabbed your copy of Newbie Affiliate Secrets yet,
2. You want to get a proven, step-by-step system going, and
3. You want to not waste your hard-earned cash,
Then, don’t delay. Get your copy now because the cost is doubling this weekend.

Stuart Stirling has been an affiliate marketer for a long time. We first ran into him 17 years ago, and he was already mentoring people at that time. He knows his stuff.

He says that Newbie Affiliate Secrets is a system you, no matter what level of experience you have, can learn. And at this special launch price, just $9.95, you can afford it.

​In this training, he shares the processes he uses to regularly and repeatedly make affiliate sales.

Don’t be fooled by the low price. Stirling has poured his experience, his wisdom, and his tricks of the trade into this training.

​In Newbie Affiliate Secrets, you will discover how a successful affiliate marketer thinks and how you can take the same approach. Here are some of the topics he shares:

  • This is the #1 most important thing to remember when doing all your marketing. Plus, learn the one thought trap you must avoid.
  • The secret formula for choosing the perfect niche for you – one that you’ll wake up and be excited about and will be profitable
  • The failproof ‘checklist’ Stirling uses to find products to promote, from Clickbank and other affiliate sites, to ensure he is choosing winners
  • How to register a domain name and set up a professional email address, (e.g. [email protected] ) so you look like a professional business from Day 1
  • The best free email marketing autoresponder for affiliate marketing and how to set it up to build your list
  • How to create an ugly, super-simple, but high-response squeeze page website in 10 minutes or less using a free landing page builder
  • Exactly what to write on your squeeze page for maximum conversions without needing to be a master copywriter
  • The biggest mistake affiliates make when trying to make money with email marketing and how to avoid it
  • 7 things you must know before you write any emails for your follow-up sequence
  • How to create an email sequence without writing a word yourself (and no, it’s not using PLR)
  • The most effective, free, beginner-friendly Set ‘n’ Forget traffic generation method you’ve ever seen. You may have never even heard about it.

If you need help with your affiliate marketing, Newbie Affiliate Secrets can get you started today, going down the right path to a successful business.

Five reasons why you need a content strategy

A clear content strategy is a map that you can use to generate profitable content. It helps you win new customers and grow your business.

Search Engine Land contributor Julia McCoy has published an article on why content strategy matters most.

She says, “Because smart content marketing gets incredible results, and those results will cost 62% less to achieve than traditional or paid advertising.

But to get those results, you need a strategy, because a strategy is a map that will lead you to profitable content that earns ROI. Here’s why.

1. Businesses with successful content have a content strategy

97% of businesses reported using content marketing as part of their overarching marketing strategy, according to a Semrush survey. However, only 57% reported having a documented strategy, and a mere 19% said their strategy was advanced.

The clincher? 78% of businesses who said their content marketing was “very successful” also had a documented content strategy.

Why content strategy matters most

Search Engine Land

Four Steps to Conducting A Content Audit

A content audit is a process of cataloging and analyzing all of the content on a website, including its performance. Online businesses that publish content and pursue an ongoing content marketing strategy can optimize their benefits by analyzing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Search Engine Journal contributor Ashley Segura (Ward) has published an article featuring four steps to conduct a content audit.

She says, “From geocentrism to who discovered the Americas, things that were once considered irrefutable facts become incorrect all the time. And if anything, the internet age has accelerated this process.

Step 1: Set Your Goals

There’s a lot of work involved with content audits, so to ensure you’re not wasting your time and energy, it’s important to start with clearly defined objectives about what you want to accomplish.

You should have at least one goal that will be the driving factor behind the audit and then determine the metrics with which success will be measured. These could include things like:

  • Improving SEO results for specific pages or your entire website.
  • Increasing engagement and/or conversions.”

How To Conduct A Content Audit Step-By-Step

Search Engine Journal

Five Ways to Use Logfiles for SEO [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published a new episode of the In Search SEO podcast ‘Five Ways to Use Logfiles for SEO’ featuring Gerry White.

The Rank Ranger team says, “How are you taking advantage of logfiles to improve your SEO?

That’s what we’re going to be talking about today with a man with over 20 years of experience in the SEO industry working at brands and agencies, including the BBC, Just Eat, and Rise at Seven. A warm welcome to the In Search SEO podcast, Gerry White.

In this episode, Gerry shares five ways to use logfiles for SEO, including:

  • Seeing how Google looks at your site
  • Parameters
  • Are there subdomains consuming your crawl budget
  • JavaScript and CSS files
  • Response codes.”

Rank Ranger

Final call for 60 Minute Reseller; less than 24 hours left #ad

60 Minute Reseller shows you how to take a great reseller or PLR product, edit the content, change the graphics, structure your entire site including all the pages you need to use and create a sales funnel in under 60 minutes. But you need to hurry. This sale is ending in under 24 hours.

Time is running out, but you can still get the training from John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson on how to make your sales page and other sales collateral unique and eye-catching so that your site visitors or social media followers choose your version of the product to solve their problem.

But the massive discount on 60 Minute Reseller ends tonight so check this out before the price rises dramatically.

Thornhill and Nicholson prove it’s possible to take a great reseller product, edit the content, change the graphics, structure your entire site including all the pages you need to use, and create a sales funnel with less than 60 minutes of work, They prove it by actually doing it right before your eyes in their new video-based training.

If you don’t have your own product to sell then you can resale rights to a good product or Private Label Rights. With the training here, you can make that product your own, but that’s not always easy to do, and most people get this process completely wrong.

And this is where 60 Minute Reseller comes in.

In it, you will discover how to take a great reseller or PLR product, edit the content, change the graphics, structure your entire sales site (including all the pages you need to use), and create a sales funnel you can be proud of. Well, that’s good, but, more important, a funnel that can pull in sales. They build a funnel for their product for selling it on, a prominent selling platform. But most of the training applies wherever you want to sell your product.

Here is what you will discover in this training:
60 Minute Reseller Training

If this is something you can see using in your business, then go here but hurry as the deal is ending at midnight: 60 Minute Reseller.

Find the Perfect Influencers for Your Brand: What Data Can Tell You About Partner Fit, March 16 [Webinar]

Consumers look for voices they trust or relate to, and that’s the value that influencers and other creators bring to your brand.

Adweek is hosting a webinar ‘Find the Perfect Influencers for Your Brand: What Data Can Tell You About Partner Fit’ on Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 1.00 pm EDT.

The Adweek team says, “Learn the steps every brand should take to find the best influencer partners across social platforms from Harvey Rañola, global head of media intelligence at NetBase Quid. You’ll find out:

  • How to identify opportunities and risks of working with prospective influencers
  • Ways to solve the challenge of locating relevant influences and tracking their potential impact on your brand
  • Case studies of brands that are successfully using influencers, including how they identify relevant topics and align demographics.”

Find the Perfect Influencers for Your Brand: What Data Can Tell You About Partner Fit