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Monday, June 27, 2022

Marketing Glossary

Five Steps for Creating a Content Plan

Content planning is the process of deciding what you’ll publish and when. Its main role is to prioritize content creation based on a marketing and content strategy.

Ahrefs contributor Michal Pecáneka has shared five steps to help you create a content plan.

He says, “If you regularly create content (as you probably should), you need proper content planning to prioritize the creation based on what makes the most sense for your business at a given time. That’s because the resources required to realize content ideas that you come up with or are thrown at you usually far exceed the resources you have.

In this guide to content planning, we’ll go through five steps.

1. Plan for each content distribution channel separately

Do you want to create a content plan for your social media accounts, newsletter, YouTube channel, or your own website? You can do that for all of them—but you should do so separately. That’s because each channel has its own objectives, and there are many ways to achieve them.

Some channels also don’t necessarily require their own content plans. For example, it is enough for most businesses to schedule social media posts a few days ahead of time in a tool like MeetEdgar, and there’s rarely a need for high-effort plans.”

How to Create a Content Plan in 5 Easy Steps


Free Survey Maker Tools for Your Marketing

By conducting surveys, you can perform a need analysis and understand the market. There are several paid and free online tools that can be used to conduct in-depth surveys.

Search Engine Journal contributor Amelia Willson has shared a list of top soz free survey maker tools for marketers.

She says, “Below I outline the top six free survey makers, with a simple bulleted list of their pros and cons, so you can quickly select the best one for your needs.

But first up, the caveats.

What You’re Missing With Free Survey Makers

When something’s free, there’s usually a catch. The same goes for free survey makers.

Free survey tools, or the free plan offered by a paid survey tool, often come with the following limitations:

  • Limited export options. You may not be able to export your survey data for review in Excel or Google Sheets. There may be a PDF-only export option or no export ability at all.
  • Limited analytics. Free survey tools often skimp on the analytics. You may be left to your own pivot tables and Excel expertise if you want to create anything fancy from your survey data.”

Top 6 Free Survey Maker Tools For Marketers

Search Engine Journal

Facebook Ads Updates [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Facebook Ads Updates’ explaining Facebook advertisements.

This video covers the following:

  • Lead filtering with Instant Forms
  • Visually Customizable Instant Forms
  • Native Delivery of Gated Content Delivery via Instant Forms
  • Get Quote Button and Sticker on Instagram
  • More 3rd Party CRM Integrations for Lead Generation
  • Meta Advantage Automation Ad Suite
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Ad Spend and Ad Price Trends.

Social Media Examiner

Five Tools that Will Help You Rank #1 on Google [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘5 Free Tools that Will Help You Rank #1 on Google’ featuring some useful tools to help you improve Google rankings.

He says, “Five free tools that’ll help you rank number one on Google. When I started out in the SEO industry, everything was manual. But luckily for you, you don’t have to go through the same pain as me. There are five tools that’ll help you rank number one.”

Neil Patel’s Blog

Four Ways to Increase Your Site Traffic

You need the traffic to keep your websites alive. Traffic is the lifeblood of any website.

Google AdSense has shared four useful tips to help you increase your website traffic.

The AdSense team says, “Once you’re clear on your goals, you’ll be all set to start promoting your site, and growing your traffic.

Typically, website promotion can be broken down into three categories:

Paid promotions are when you pay to advertise on other platforms or websites (e.g. the Google results page if you’re using Google Ads).

Owned promotions could be a list of email subscribers you occasionally reach out to with news or offers.

Earned promotions are other websites that link to your site – like another blog or a newspaper article that mentions you.”

How to grow your website traffic

Google AdSense

Finding Best Web Hosting Services in 2022 [Guide]

Web hosting platforms provide data storage that allows websites to run, so that site owners don’t need to manage it all themselves.

It is important to weigh and choose the right web hosting service for your sites.

Semrush has published a guide on finding the best web hosting services in 2022.

The Semrush team says, “If you want to use a hosting service for your site, you have a few basic options:

  • Shared hosting: a relatively budget-friendly option where multiple users share the same server system and resources
  • Virtual private servers (VPS): a hosting service where users store their data in a dedicated space on shared hardware (e.g., physical servers)
  • Dedicated servers: a hosting service that provides users with a dedicated server to store their site data, potentially increasing functionality, but also security and maintenance needs
  • Cloud hosting: a comparably newer hosting option, which stores data across a network of network of servers to increase flexibility
  • Managed hosting: an alternative to a typical dedicated server, users store data on a dedicated server, while the hosting service manages its security and maintenance rather than the user

Choosing the perfect host means balancing your site’s overall needs with potential cost or risk.

For example, one small business with relatively low site traffic may opt to save money by using shared hosting. While it’s true that sharing resources like this might increase the risk of disruption, for them, the savings might be worth it.”

How to Find the Best Web Hosting Services in 2022


Five Steps to Choose a Business Name

Choosing the right name for your business is very important. A memorable and meaningful business name helps you establish a brand.

Quick Sprout’s Lars Lofgren has published an article highlighting five steps to choose a business name.

He says, “Choosing a business name is easy. Just follow the five steps below to get started:

The Easy Parts of Choosing a Business Name

Many entrepreneurs are creative. Some of you might already have a name in mind to use for your new business. Others likely have a shortlist of three to five ideas.

If you don’t have any ideas right now, don’t worry.

While your business name is obviously important, brainstorming shouldn’t take you weeks or months. Some of the best businesses in the world have the simplest names—think Apple or Amazon.

If you’re still having trouble coming up with an idea, there are plenty of online tools and business name generators that you can use as inspiration.”

5 Steps to Choose a Business Name

Quick Sprout

Free Digital Marketing Strategy Training, June 14

Bootcamp Digital is hosting a ‘Free Digital Marketing Strategy Training’ on Tuesday, June 14 at 12.00 pm EST.

This is a hands-on workshop where you’ll be analyzing, creating, and planning.

  • Building a complete strategy with a proven template
  • Defining clear goals
  • Focusing your strategies
  • Setting clear objectives
  • Optimizing your tactics
  • Setting KPIs
  • Building a measurement plan.

Free Digital Marketing Strategy Training

Bootcamp Digital

Free Crypto Generators: Your first $100 Crypto for free #ad

We have noticed that crypto is a hot topic in online marketing. Free Crypto Generators helps you take advantage of this high level of interest.

Francis Ochoco has been studying how crypto functions in the marketplace. He has found a way for you to build a crypto account without investing your personal finances in buying the currency.

More and more merchants are accepting crypto currency in payment. Getting your feet wet in crypto without risking any money is a wise move in light of direction online business is heading.

Would you like to get $100 in crypto without investing any money? Here’s how, according to Ochoco: The Crypto generators in Free Crypto Generators will “generate” you $100 in Crypto without having to spend a cent.

Not only that, you’ll see how to grow that $100 into $100,000.

The process requires no skills and there are no financial risks involved.

Furthermore, its methods are:
➤ 100% ethical
➤ 100% legal
➤ thoroughly tested
➤ proven to work.

This training is delivered through:
• Full access to the Members’ area.
• Step-by-step videos detailing the whole process.

This is a new way to make money online, taking advantage of the current crypto craze.

Ochoco is so confident of your ability to make this work that he offers you his 60-day money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk to you.

Check out the details and get your membership here: Free Crypto Generators.

Free Crypto Generators

Five Steps to Prepare Content Outline

A content outline is a detailed overview of what your article will include. It helps your readers get a bird’s eye view of your article.

Ahrefs contributor Bill Widmer has published an in-depth article on the importance of content outlines and how to write them.

He says, “I always draft an outline before I start writing an article. This is for several reasons:

  1. An outline guarantees you include important things for search engine optimization (SEO) – These include having the right keywords and satisfying the searchers’ intent by addressing their most common questions.
  2. An outline helps you improve the flow of your article before you start writing – If you just dive into the writing, your ideas can be all over the place and you may have to spend a lot of time reorganizing the information to be more logical… and this process can be a nightmare without an outline.
  3. You can more easily outsource content at scale with proper outlines – With a great outline, even a mediocre writer can produce great content. If you want to scale up your content production with any level of quality control, good outlines are a necessity.”

Content Outlines: How to Write Better Content Faster