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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Video Syndication Software' Category

SyndTrio builds better site (and video) rankings three ways #ad

SyndTrio is Joshua Zamora‘s new content management and promotion system. It is based on Syndlab, Zamora’s software that has been around for years and is battle-tested. Together this new trio of applications will help you rise to the first page of Google and YouTube search results. The Trio: ► SyndTrio’s Proprietary Account Creation System – SyndCreator ► SyndTrio’s Proprietary Content-Engine System – SyndContent ► SyndTrio’s Proprietary Syndication System – SyndLab In addition, you are getting two utility programs that will help you take full advantage... [...]

Curation Cloud: Fresh content for your sites and social accounts #ad

New software has just launched, called Curation Cloud. This new software, by Paul O’Keefe, allows you to build multiple blogs with curated content and do it all on complete auto-pilot. This software searches for useful content for you and updates yor menu of available content every 5 minutes. With Curation Cloud. you can: • Build your blogs on auto-pilot using the included scheduling and calendar. • Find thousands of different articles, images and videos to use on your blogs, the list being updated every 5 minutes. • Build social backlinks also on auto-pilot. As you publish... [...]

Video Dashboard: researches, creates and posts social videos #ad

Create stunning, relevant videos and spread them around popular social media platforms with Video Dashboard. This new software, being released by the Paul Ponna team, includes the first of its kind “Market Pulse Finder” technology that prowls the internet and processes millions of social and video posts every minute to find the trending topics currently being posted about. These are the topics that can bring traffic to your videos. Once Video Dashboard uncovers what is currently hot, it can create videos on these trending topics/niches for you to post. It also tracks the hashtags of... [...]

VideoSeeder: Your videos are seen in all the right places #ad

You know that videos can be one of your most productive marketing tools; that is, if they are actually viewed. But you also know that you don’t want search engines to consider them as spam, which can happen if they are available from servers known to host spam. Teknkforce, led by Cyril Gupta, has just released new software, VideoSeeder, to automatically distribute your videos to the most valuable internet properties that accept user created videos, while preserving your reputation. With this new software, you can: ► Syndicate your videos to 5 popular video platforms. ► Promote your uploaded... [...]

DFY Suite: Free Targeted Buyer Traffic in 48 Hours #ad

Joshua Zamora, prolific marketing tool developer is releasing his latest tool at 11 AM EDT. It’s called DFY Suite. Of course DFY refers to “Done for You”. What is Zamora offering to do for you? Just this: Page 1 Rankings – 100% done for you. Getting to page 1 in the search engine results pages is a big deal. It’s the most important way to get free traffic to your site. Consequently, ranking your video or your website on the first page of Google is something you should consider as a high-priority marketing tool. However, it can be time-consuming, and most of us don’t... [...]

Video testimonials are powerful; make them for yourself & clients #ad

New software known as Vidmonial is a revolutionary cloud-based SAAS platform integrated with new video technology. It fully automates the processes of capturing and displaying authentic video testimonials. Video testimonials are the most powerful selling tool today and you can fully eliminate the painstaking process of getting them for you or your clients with this groundbreaking cloud tool. Here’s what you need to know about it. This is a new video tool that could instantly create trust, triple conversions, and even drive traffic to you or your client’s sites and do all this all on auto-pilot. Ben... [...]

Hydravid Cloud Video Marketing Software Held Over #ad

Walt Bayliss released Hydravid Cloud last week, and planned to shut down his launch in just 3 days, Sunday night EDT. But as of this writing, it is still available. Bayliss reports that you can multiply your traffic to you website by 40 times by using it, since in the time it takes to post a video on YouTube, it can post the video on 40 sites, not just 1. And Hydravid Cloud is simple and quick to use, under 2 minutes. Using videos in marketing is the most powerful technique you have. And taking advantage of the free YouTube video platform makes it so simple that even a beginner can do it. Savvy... [...]

Video Vibe Pro software pulls visitors like a magnet #ad

Joshua Zamora‘s latest software tool is called Video Vibe Pro. This software can quickly bring in visitors to your videos. It can do this because it uses a private social syndication strategy that spreads the word about your videos all around the web. If your videos are for people ready to buy, the speed Video Vibe Pro can provide may mean the end of your struggling for traffic. You may never have to spend hours on SEO that takes months to bring in results and can get you slapped. It can also end your wasting money on PPC campaigns that don’t pay off. Zamora says this new software... [...]

Hydravid 2.0 Video Software syndicates your videos #ad

Walt Bayliss has just released the latest version of his video software, Hydravid 2.0 Video Marketing Software. You may have seen earlier versions of this software, but check into what this latest version can do for you. Video is a great aid to your SEO when it is used wisely. This new software takes the guesswork (and the hard work) out of putting video to work in your business. As you know, YouTube videos (and channels of videos) rank well in Google rankings. And they also provide a useful source for backlinks that can make your site show up several times on the front page. Hydravid 2.0 Video... [...]

My Video Factory: Your solution for professional marketing videos #ad

Today at Noon Chris Fox is releasing My Video Factory. Artistically-challenged marketers everywhere rejoice.. With this web-based software, anyone with a connection to the internet can make videos they can be proud of. With My Video Factory, you can: • Create, Build (& even Spin unlimited versions of) your video from a web-based system • Create unique versions of your videos for each video site where you want to post one, so you can easily target multiple keywords with the different versions • Drag and drop your slides to create perfectly flowing videos • Select from the big selection... [...]

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