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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Archive for the 'Content ROI Tips' Category

Strategies to Get Visitors with Your Old Content

Fresh and quality content plays an important role in getting people visit your sites. Your popular posts can be utilized for a long term for continuously getting visitors to your website or blog. Search Engine Journal contributor Kristi Kellogg has shared five ways to help you get more visitors by promoting your old content. Kellogg says, “Here, we’re going to focus on five ways to make sure that content is still getting the attention it deserves. Read on for expert tips on how to promote your blog content long after publication. 1. Keep an Inventory of Your Evergreen Content Fact: not... [...]

Four strategies to measure your content ROI

Content marketing is an integral part of today’s marketing plans. Quality content helps you persuade more people take action. It also helps you stay in constant touch with the prospects and customers and prove your worth. Entrepreneur contributor Akshay Sasikumar has shared four strategies to help marketers measure the ROI of the content they publish online. Sasikumar says, “Instead of tracking hundreds of metrics, Amy rationalizes the chaos and decides the best metrics that really matter to her are: Content Engagement Website Traffic Leads Generated Sales Attribution Content Engagement... [...]

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