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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Video Editing Software' Category

VidCraft AI creates Personalized Interactive Videos #ad

VidCraft AI is a brand new video creation and customization platform designed to elevate ordinary videos into powerful marketing tools. It can be used by any online business, marketer, or content creator with the ability to create personalized and interactive video campaigns effortlessly. It is especially helpful to marketing agencies and consultants working with local businesses because it comes with templates that are designed for several local niches. You can create videos that are both: 1. Personalized by using the receiver’s name and 2. Interactive, by letting the receiver respond to... [...]

BiteSyzed: breaking up (videos into shorts) is hard to do #ad

To celebrate the launch of BiteSyzed, Abhi Dwivedi and team ReelApps are hosting a live reveal training webinar at 10 AM ET/NY on Tuesday, 10th October 2023. Join them for a one-time-only live training session where they will unveil the strategies top marketers are using to dominate social media and get thousands of followers, visitors & sales on demand. If you’ve ever wondered how others consistently produce captivating video content that drives massive traffic, conversions, and financial results, this training is for you. Here’s everything they will show you about BiteSyzed: 🔄... [...]

Go-AI: ‘Oscar-worthy’ Personalized Lead-Gen Videos #ad

Go-AI is a “A Complete 1-Click Personalized Lead-Generation Agency Video Creation Suite” powered by AI. The videos it creates are personalized for the viewer. They can make a bigger impression than plain unpersonalized videos. Go-AI delivers: ➤ An Unbranded Personalized Video Editor ➤ 1-Click Video Lead Generation ➤ Facebook Lead Generation ➤ LinkedIn Lead Generation ➤ Video Lead Generation Forms ➤ Video Click-To- Call ➤ CSV Download ➤ Import any kind of Media, Video & Images ➤ Animated Lead Generation Video Elements ➤ Dynamic CTAs Go-AI videos can have : ✔️... [...]

TubeRushr: Instant traffic solution, YouTube + ChatGPT4 #ad

Yogesh Agarwal has just launched TubeRushr, which he says will get you “100,000s visitors/month – NO ads, NO skills, NO experience”. Digging into the product, we discovered that it creates YouTube Shorts from existing YouTube videos, As you probably know the YT terms allow you to post videos created by other people (kind of like retweeting on Twitter), and this is a feature that this new software uses. You can make shorts from your own videos or others. What’s included inside TubeRushr: ➤ The fastest, easiest & possibly silliest way to pull in tens of thousands... [...]

Video Sketch Makers turn your videos into attention-grabbing sales tools #ad

Max Rylski has just released Video Sketch Makers, his latest graphics software product. This new software1 turns any video into an animated sketch, a painting, a cartoon or a blackboard drawing in under 1 minute. In a day when everybody and his brother are using videos, you need something that makes yours different from the crowd. Now you can instantly apply one of 5 sketch effects to any video you have. With Video Sketch Makers you are getting 5 different “makers” that will instantly transform any video into a pencil sketch, a textured sketch, a cartoon, a painting, or a blackboard drawing. It’s... [...]

Why do marketers need Instawrapper? #ad

As people consume more and more videos, these videos have taken over the “mindshare” of people. Videos have the potential to make a deeper impression on people than just words. So marketers produce more and more videos. It is a war of escalation. That’s why you need InstaWrapper. If video is the compelling way to reach people and of thousands of videos are being uploaded to the Internet daily, the natural tendency is to think we must join the ever more frantic video race or we will lose out. But like “the rat race”, the video race never ends. And you will never win... [...]

VidMingo: Better for marketers than YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia? #ad

VidMingo is better in one important way. It loves marketers and their videos. Don’t they all? Actually, it is reported that last year over 20 Million YouTube videos were removed by administrators, and over 1.98 Million YouTube channels were deleted. A second way VidMingo is better is the cost. If you’re still hosting your videos on other (and costly) platforms such as Vimeo or Wistia then you need to get this new platform for your videos today for a low 1-time price. (when you do, you will also receive some remarkable bonuses that will save you more money. Keep reading to learn more.) If... [...]

VidMingo: Advanced High-Speed Video Hosting Solution #ad

VidMingo has just been released, and it offers what they describe as “Unlimited Video Hosting” with no monthly fees. VidMingo currently has over 5,000 successful marketers who have built their video marketing empire from the ground up by taking advantage of its cost-effective, user-friendly, feature-rich video hosting, that is second to none. They stack up very well against YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia; better than all of them, by some measures. Keep reading to see why. And the best part is you get lifetime access to it with no monthly fees ever. If you create any form of video... [...]

VidScripto creates video transcripts, translates them to any language #ad

  Why VidScripto was created As you may know, YouTube, by default, allows you to use one of its videos on your website. The video creator can prohibit this, but most videos are available for you. There are many apps and plugins that assist in setting this up on your site. But they all have a major limitation, the video is in the original language only. But that overlooks a far larger audience than you can address with only your original language. For example, the United States alone has the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, after Mexico. And with nearly 900 million... [...]

Why VideoMan beats YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vidyard #ad

VideoMan is a new SaaS platform where marketers can host their videos for improved engagement. It launches today at 11 AM EST. At 10 AM, there is a free training session to show all the ways it can build your business, including a service business building videos for other marketers. Here’s the link for the training session: VideoMan Training. They will be giving away 10 copies of this new tool during the session. Winners will be notified via email. Winners get access to VideoMan software and all upgrades for free. Besides these grand prizes, Every attendee will receive 5 valuable Software... [...]

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