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Friday, June 21, 2024

Archive for the 'Beginner's Guide to Social Media' Category

How smart people do stupid thing on social media

It could be on a business account, but more likely it’s on your personal social media account that you say something dumb. You may make a racist remark; criticize a friend in intemperate language, or take a political position that infuriates a big portion of your readers. The best defense if not doing it, of course. But if you don’t realize the dangers, you may act without thinking. Parents are starting to warn their teens and even younger children of these dangers. Future prospects for college admissions and jobs may be harmed by careless social media use. But the problem will be... [...]

‘Announcing the Brand New Beginner’s Guide to Social Media’ – MOZ Blog

The latest MOZ blog post is titled “Announcing the Brand New Beginner’s Guide to Social Media”. Trevor Klein says, “I’m both honored and excited to announce the release of a second beginner’s guide from Moz: The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media. The prevalence and importance of social media to web marketing can’t be overstated. To quote a few statistics from the guide itself, 72% of online adults use social networking sites, and YouTube now reaches more U.S. adults aged 18-34 than any cable network. With that kind of traffic“. Announcing the Brand... [...]

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