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Friday, December 8, 2023

Marketing Glossary

Enterprise SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Enterprise SEO is a marketing practice that aims to improve the search engine rankings of large companies. Enterprise SEO is more aggressive than traditional SEO, which focuses on low-competition keywords. Enterprise SEO often targets keywords with high search volume and high competition.

MeasureMinds contributor Martin Woods has published an article featuring 13 enterprise SEO mistakes you should avoid in 2024.

He says, “There are certain steps you can take at the configuration stage to prevent problems down the line. Without further ado, let’s begin our list of SEO mistakes and how to prevent and resolve them.

1. Not setting goals or KPIs

By setting and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you know whether your business goals are on track. If there’s a sudden drop in traffic or conversions, it’s then easy to identify the cause and resolve the problem.

Without measuring KPIs, SEO mistakes can go unnoticed for months or years. It becomes impossible to tell whether a change in traffic was due to a Google algorithm update, a competitor outranking you, or a site edit having unintended consequences.

To fix this: Set a range of KPIs to accurately measure your SEO success. These might include:

  • Overall organic traffic.
  • Keyword rankings and CTR for priority keywords.”

13 Enterprise SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2024


Evergreen List Building; how to build a list for long-term success #ad

Evergreen List Building Secrets

Today’s NAMS December Deal is Evergreen List Building Secrets.

In this outstanding training, David Perdew and guest author, Marlon Sanders, show you the 11 list building methods that actually work (and will continue to work). Some of them are so easy that you can start using them in minutes.

Through the years since the start of the internet age, there have been many list building ideas proposed, tried, and discarded because they didn’t work well or worked for a while, but stopped working in short order.

The 11 methods you will discover are not like that, as the title says, they are “evergreen” – they won’t lose their effectiveness in the foreseeable future.
Evergreen List Building Secrets explains these methods in detail, including:
➤ How it works
➤ Why it works
➤ How to do it.

Here are the methods you will discover in the training:

11 Evergreen List Building Secrets

The Carnegie Method

Opens doors, gets you promoted to lists, and takes you places you never dreamed you could go.

The Gardyne Method

For an endless flow of leads, affiliates and potential buyers.

The Beneteau Method

Blowing up an affiliate. It’s designed to make your traffic grow without you.

The Best Viral Method

In the world that requires nothing special. You can implement this one in just a day or two. Then after that you just duplicate it. And swap out a few things.

The Automated Affiliate Magnet Method

This is an automated system that works like a magnet to attract affiliates who can promote for you.

The Shopping Cart Freebie Method

It’s works like a charm, sucking up leads and sales – almost invisibly.

The Amazing Freebie Method

NO promotion or list building. Because of this method, it all happened automatically. Made a ton of sales from it. Once you set it in motion, it can take on a life of its own, building your list for you.

The Perdew-Sanders Method

Best of all, this method doesn’t cost you money. It just makes you money.

The Odd Method

Borrowed from a legendary business down the street and it started a whole trend in the industry.

The 5-Minute Promo Method

Use this within 5 minutes of getting your hands on it.

This whole package is on sale for 46% off, today only. Get your copy here: Evergreen List Building Secrets.

Ecommerce SEO: A Simple Guide for Beginners [Guide]

Ecommerce search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing an online store to increase its visibility and sales.

Semrush has published ‘Ecommerce SEO: A Simple Guide for Beginners’.

Tushar Pol says, “Let’s see the exact tips you need to succeed with ecommerce SEO.

7 Tips for Successful Ecommerce SEO

1. Perform Keyword Research

The first step of any ecommerce SEO campaign is to perform keyword research.

Keyword research is the process of finding which words or phrases (keywords) people use to search for your products online.

You need to use the same keywords to optimize your product and category pages. So they rank higher for those keywords and bring traffic to your website.

We’ll cover how to optimize your pages later in this guide. But before that, let’s go over four ways to do keyword research.”

Ecommerce SEO: A Simple Guide for Beginners


Eight Steps to Creating a Topic Cluster with Limited Marketing Resources [Podcast]

Similarweb has published a new episode of the Marketing Intelligence podcast ‘Eight Steps to Creating a Topic Cluster with Limited Marketing Resources’ featuring Alice Rowan.

The Similarweb team says, “What are the key elements that are part of creating the optimum topic cluster?

That’s what we’re going to be covering today with a lady who last year spoke to a packed-out room at Brighton SEO and she’s back for seconds this year. She worked in SEO for copywriting for 10 years and is currently a website copywriter and SEO content consultant at Alice Rowan Content Marketing. A warm welcome to the In Search SEO podcast, Alice Rowan.

In this episode, Alice shares eight steps to creating a topic cluster with limited marketing resources including:

  1. Creating lead magnets
  2. Optimizing supporting content
  3. Having a linking strategy”.


Eight Strategies for Crafting Compelling Landing Page Copy

A landing page is a specific web page that a visitor “lands” on after clicking a link or advertisement. It is designed with a focused objective, typically to convert visitors into customers, subscribers, or leads. Unlike other pages on a website, a landing page is specifically created for a marketing or advertising campaign.

HubSpot has published an article ‘8 Must-Have Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts‘ written by Neil Patel.

He says, “Conversion copywriters — the people who write landing page copy that converts readers and delivers sales — are wonderful human beings. Their writing pulls in readers, generates conversions, and ultimately produces buckets of cash.

8 Tips for Writing Great Landing Page Copy

1) Use customer testimonials.

One of the most powerful conversion copy techniques is not about writing at all; it’s about letting happy customers write your copy for you.

Testimonials produce conversions like nothing else can. It’s impossible to write copy as good as your customer. Why? Because good copy depends on the source, not just the style and substance. Testimonials are compelling because they show the customer what she will experience if she uses your product or service.

HighriseHQ’s landing pages are great use cases of these customer testimonials. A key to their successful, high-converting landing pages is that they place testimonials front and center, featuring a picture of the customer alongside a quote.”

8 Must-Have Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts


eSellingMachine: how Sophie makes 5k/wk from eBooks (Free Guide) #ad

Sophie Howard has used eSellingMachine to sell her catalog of over 100 books on Amazon (under many different pen names).

She uses pen names since she prefers to remain anonymous. She puts out non-fiction books in a wide variety of niches, and it makes sense to use a different pen name in each niche for added credibility in each niche.

And, after perfecting this process, she makes over 5k per week doing this.

She has taught others how to use the eSellingMachine process themselves. They have used her method to self-publish their own work. They follow her training and instead of getting a ghost writer to write the book, they just take that outline and write it themselves.

Sophie has just released a free book that gives a solid overview of how her entire method works: The eSellingMachine Manifesto.

It shows you how to profit from books that you write or own the rights to.

This is a remarkably good business strategy. After producing the book, you can relax. It can continue to bring in sales month after month without additional work from you.

Instead, you just create another book with her process and upload it to Amazon and other book selling sites, and the process starts all over again.

To create your books, you can use her cutting edge software to help you write these books yourself, or pay others to write them for you.

Either way, you can collect the royalties from physical, Kindle and audio books on Amazon.

==> Read Sophie’s book here (free download): The eSellingMachine Manifesto.

Everything You Need to Know about SERP Volatility

SERP volatility is the degree of fluctuation in search engine rankings. It refers to the changes and fluctuations in search engine rankings over a period of time

Search Engine Journal contributor Winston Burton has published an article explaining SERP Volatility.

He says, “There are a bunch of different tools to measure SERP volatility, which are listed below.

Mozcast is one of my favorite tools to look for SERP volatility.

It has a weather report showing how turbulent the Google algorithm has been over the last 90 days. The hotter and stormier the weather is, the more unpredictable the SERPs have been.

One of the things I admire about this tool is that it is free and has been for a very long time.

Semrush Sensor is also one of my favorite SERP volatility tools. I love the visualization and how you can switch between mobile and desktop, countries, and categories, and compare different SERP features like Featured Snippets, instant ads, etc.”

SERP Volatility: What You Need To Know

Search Engine Journal

Emergency SEO: How To Recover When SERP Rankings Suddenly Drop, November 15 [Webinar]

With constantly evolving search algorithms and user behaviors, fluctuating search rankings are a common occurrence in the world of SEO.

Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Emergency SEO: How To Recover When SERP Rankings Suddenly Drop’ on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, at 2.00 pm ET.

The SEJ team says, “Join us for a practical guide to diagnosing and recovering lost Google rankings. You’ll learn how to navigate this common challenge, along with the best ways to assess the impact of the drop on affected pages. We’ll also show you the ways to identify if rankings have truly dropped or if it’s just an analytics issue.

You’ll takeaway:

  • The proper steps to take to evaluate the impact of changing Google rankings.
  • How to protect your website and stay ahead of sudden ranking drops.
  • How to identify the cause of lowered rankings.

With Ryan Maloney, SEO Success Manager at Conductor, we’ll explore how to take proactive steps to protect your rankings following the latest Google algorithm updates, so you can mitigate drops in the future.”

Emergency SEO: How To Recover When SERP Rankings Suddenly Drop

Search Engine Journal

Elevate Your Pinterest Marketing With Foursquare, November 7 [Webinar]

Pinterest is a haven for visual purchase planners, making it an ideal place to reach consumers in the mood to spend. However, there are some platform-specific best practices of which marketers might not be aware.

Adweek is hosting a webinar ‘Elevate Your Pinterest Marketing With Foursquare’ on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at 1.00 pm EST.

The Adweek team says, “Uncover how to elevate your Pinterest marketing with best-in-class measurement from Pinterest and Foursquare leaders. You’ll find out:

  • Best practices for advertising on Pinterest
  • Recommendations for approaching measurement with a system of truth
  • How a major Canadian retailer used Pinterest’s full-funnel capabilities and Foursquare Attribution to drive in-store visitation”.

Elevate Your Pinterest Marketing With Foursquare


Essential Marketing Strategy Pack (PLR) from Content Sparks #ad

Content Sparks Essential Marketing Strategy Pack
Content Sparks has just released their latest PLR training course, Essential Marketing Strategy Pack.

As you may recall, the training from Content Sparks is two-pronged:
1. Use it to build your own business
2. Teach it to others as another stream of income. They will get their own marketing designed in a more organized and profitable way by following a standardized work flow like the Essential Marketing Strategy Pack.

This is all new content that’s perfect for anyone who needs a streamlined framework (that is, a guided process) for putting together their marketing strategy.

It covers the 10 essential areas required for an effective marketing strategy,

And the process lets you avoid the overwhelm and complexities that derail most strategic planning efforts.

Plus, it’s a perfect set of tools for you to use for creating:
➤ A list-building lead magnet funnel – Content Sparks even included content to help set that up
➤ A low-ticket product – on its own or as an upsell or downsell
➤ A value-packed bonus – for any related offer
➤ A surprise client gift – to build loyalty and get better results
➤ A tool for coaching sessions – to work 1:1 to create a client’s marketing strategy

With your license, you will get all of the following:
✓ Checklist
✓ Workbook
✓ Strategy Snapshot Template
which come in Word, PowerPoint, and Canva.

And to help you set up a list-building funnel, you’ll get:
✓ Opt-in Page Copy
✓ Follow-up Emails
✓ Social Media Posts (in Excel)
✓ Social Media Images (in Canva)

Of course, it’s all discounted during launch week…
including a discount on a couple of related courses you could sell on the back end if you use this as a lead magnet or low-ticket offer.

Here are all the launch details:
■ Starts: Thursday, October 19th
■ Ends: Wednesday, October 25th
■ Discount: 60% Off (Retail: $67, Launch: $27)
■ Optional add-ons: A discount on ‘Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop’ and/or ‘How to Create a Marketing Plan’

Get your copy today and put it to work improving your own (and your clients’) marketing strategy: Essential Marketing Strategy Pack.