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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Marketing Glossary

Effective Strategies to Create Evergreen Content

The concept of ‘evergreen content’ refers to the content that is always popular among your readers and the one that does not get out of date. This kind of content can help you to continue getting search engine traffic to your website.

Search Engine Journal‘s Julia McCoy has shared three useful strategies to create evergreen content.

McCoy says, “No matter how the world changes, the human race will always want to gain an extra source of income, look fit and attractive, and avoid dangerous health issues.

Evergreen Content

On the other hand, evergreen content is content that focuses on an evergreen topic without becoming outdated. For example:

  • How to start a business with no capital
  • 10 workouts for the perfect beach body
  • 20 foods you should never eat

Remember to incorporate both in your content creation”.

What Is Evergreen Content & Why Should You Care?

Search Engine Journal

Everything You Need to Know About Keyword Stemming

By understanding how Google analyzes you content, you can improve your search engine marketing. Keyword stemming is the process that enables you to learn about Google’s ability to understand different word forms of a specific search query.

Yoast has published an article to help you understand keyword stemming.

The Yoast team says, “When people talk about keyword stemming or a stemming algorithm, they mean that the algorithm is able to recognize different word forms of a certain keyword. That’s exactly what the word forms functionality in Yoast SEO does. In regard to synonyms: we do not automatically detect these, but we do allow you to enter synonyms which will then be taken into account in our SEO analysis.

Maybe we should have called our word forms functionality stemming. But it’s a difficult word to explain to people. So, we’ll stick with word forms.

Keyword stemming and SEO

Google has become very smart. It understands text. It understands context. In order to stand a chance in the search engines, you need to write awesome texts that show your authority on a certain subject. Content stuffed with keywords does not rank anymore. Google hates that and your users hate that”.

What is keyword stemming?


Enterprise SEO Tools For Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX And More [Guide]

Digital Marketing Depot has published a new report called ‘ Enterprise SEO Tools For Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX And More: A Marketer’s Guide’.

Download this report to discover useful tools and technologies to improve your content marketing, search intelligence and user experience.


The DMD team says, “This FREE 76-page report reviews the growing market for SEO platforms (including 20 vendor profiles!), plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges.

Uncover valuable insights into the latest SEO trends. Did you know…

  • There are 810 Google features on its search engine results pages
  • Eyeball movements follow a pinball pattern
  • 22% of web visits are driven by SEO
  • 92% of U.S. organic visits come from Google
  • Mobile phones generate over 60% of organic site visits

Download your FREE report now and learn: 

  • Who the leading players are in enterprise SEO platforms
  • What you should look for in a SEO solution 
  • What trends are driving the adoption of SEO platforms
  • About the capabilities enterprise SEO platforms provide”.

Enterprise SEO Tools For Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX And More: A Marketer’s Guide

Digital Marketing Depot

Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘8 Steps to Achieving Webinar Success’

By hosting webinars, you can enhance your online followers and create new customers. To make your webinar successful, you need to select the right topic, one in which you have appropriate level of knowledge.

The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Robert W. Bly has shared eight steps to achieving webinar success.

Bly says, “Webinars have long been an effective content marketing tactic. Your prospects can hear you talk and see your slides right on their com­puter screens. A typical sales funnel for a content marketing campaign incorporating a free webinar is:

  1. Put up a webinar registration page.
  2. Drive traffic to the registration page with an email invitation.
  3. Hold the webinar.
  4. Make a special offer at the close of the webinar.
  5. Follow up with emails reminding attendees and registrants of the special offer.

The biggest problem with webinars is that more and more companies are producing them. That means the web is getting cluttered with them, making it more difficult to get attention for your event. Build your visual webinar presentation like a high-quality sales letter, including all the elements that lead to closing a sale”.

8 Steps to Webinar Success


Everything You Need to Know About Podcast Advertising

In 2016, IAB research projected that podcast advertising revenue will grow by 290% during 2016 to 2020. By advertising on podcast networks you can reach a wide range of online audience and grow your business.

Marketing Week team has published a comprehensive article highlighting the advantages of podcast advertising.

MW team says, “Major advertisers are purchasing fewer and fewer broadcast radio ads, but that doesn’t mean audio programming is fading from the culture. Podcasts – radio’s younger, on-demand sibling – are swiftly gaining popularity with many of the demographics that marketers desire most.

Why are podcasts so popular? For one, many people listen to them on smartphones, so episodes can tag along on morning commutes, midday walks and evening jogs. Plus, there are more than 550,000 shows with topics for nearly every interest. That wealth of content has turned 73 million Americans into podcast listeners, according to recent data, and that audience is projected to grow 81% by 2022.

With an audience so large, the surge in podcast advertising comes as no surprise. In 2018, advertising on podcasts generated $402m (£331m) in revenue, and spending could hit $659m (£543m) in 2020. Such rapid growth raises an obvious question: do podcast sponsorships deliver a solid return on investment?

The answer is yes, if your business knows how to leverage the channel. But before diving into how to create an effective campaign, it’s important to explore why podcasts offer so much potential”.

The untapped potential of podcast advertising

Marketing Week

Email and the Age of First Person Marketing [Report]

The Target Marketing team has published a new report called ‘Email and the Age of First Person Marketing’.

This report will help you to learn about the importance of personalization in email marketing and how to do it.

Download the report and learn:

  • How the average consumer manages their email account
  • Why email addresses are still the foundation of online identity
  • How segmentation and automation have changed email marketing forever
  • Know when it’s time for you to consider a new Email Service Provider
  • Tactics for future-proofing your email marketing strategy.

Email and the Age of First Person Marketing

Target Marketing

Eight Virtual SEO Events for You

The best way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is to stay home and stay healthy. This protects you and, if you happen to be one of the asymptomatic (and oblivious) carriers, it protects the rest of the population, too.

During this phase you can continue to improve your skill set by learning online. Using Google or Bing, you can find many sources of marketing and technical information that will help you improve your results.

However, among the many information sources online, online events offer the best chance to learn the latest tools and techniques that might put you in the lead in your niche.

TopRank Marketing’s Tiffani Allen has shared an article covering eight virtual SEO events you could attend and benefit.

Tiffani says, “Among the uncertainty and boredom we all face in these unprecedented times, we tend to take solace in the familiar. Keeping ourselves busy with ideas, concepts and work that nourish our minds is one thing we can do to stay sane and focus on the things we can impact.

While many of our favorite search conferences are being postponed to later dates, there are still plenty of excellent virtual conferences to attend in the meantime. If you, like me, are looking for something tangible and productive to put your mind to, this list of 8 virtual search engine optimization (SEO) conferences may be just the ticket for you”.

8 Virtual SEO Conferences for B2B Marketers

TopRank Marketing

Econsultancy’s Fact-Check on Five ‘Search Engine’ Rumors

As we mentioned yesterday, Google has changed its ranking algorithm. Clearly, when the algorithm changes, we need to adjust our SEO strategy. Our search engine marketing efforts need to be in sync with the changing search algorithms.

Econsultancy contributor Malte Landwehr has shared an article fact-checking five rumors on ‘how search is changing’.

Landwehr says, “The search community is constantly awash with rumours about how search is changing.

It’s sometimes difficult to know what to believe, so in this post I review five popular rumours that are currently doing the rounds. How valid are they? And what is the real impact they are likely to have?

Rumour 1: Mobile is changing everything in SEO

We now live in a mobile-first world. And one of the key learnings for SEO is how people search for different things on mobile versus desktop, as this graphic shows.

Questions from a representative sample of keywords showing % of searches made on desktop, rather than mobile devices

The typical questions people search for on desktops are clearly more involved, complex and time-consuming”.

Fact-checking five rumours about the way search is changing


Eight Tips to Keep Doing Business during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has come as a huge challenge to the world. In these tough times survival has become the priority. But along with survival you also need to continue your growth.

SmartCompany’s Sue Barrett has shared eight tips to help you keep selling and doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barrett says, “Remember as the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. So how can we keep selling and doing business during COVID-19?

The good news is many organisations are digitally equipped to keep on doing business. This is what business owners and leaders are considering now.

Have a plan

Working from home is a great option, but it is not possible for all roles and businesses. How flexible can your work arrangements be? Do you have a contingency or continuity plan for when staff can’t work at all? Make sure to have a clear policy in place for employees that suspect to be or are sick.

How do you handle an actual staff shortage? What if you can’t get the resources you need to run your operations delivered? How can you keep the impact this might have on your business at bay? Make sure to plan for these scenarios”.

Open for business: How to keep selling and doing business during COVID-19


Eight Ways to Improve Your SEO Content

Quality and original content plays a vital role in achieving higher Google search rankings. By focusing right keywords and following the algorithms you can make most from your content.

Content Marketing Institute’s Mike Murray has shared eight ways to help you improve your search engine result page rankings with great content.

Murray says, “How can you, the content marketer, rise up? Put on your SEO boxing gloves to pack a bigger influence on how your content appears among the SERPs:

Write more

I get it. When brands prioritize publishing higher-quality content but doing it less often, it can impress visitors and pay off in brand recognition, trust, and content sharing. But if you’re fading in the SERPs, you need an edge. Feed more content to Google. If the quality is decent and you follow SEO best practices, extra content will help you earn more rankings and get more natural search traffic.

Take Allstate’s lead. You could easily crank out an article like Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers. I know it’s filled with product references. But that information is supplemented with safety tips and quick access to state requirements for insurance”.

Rise Up in Google SERPs With the Right SEO Website Content

Content Marketing Institute