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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Marketing Glossary

Everything You Need to Know about Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is a product to help users generate AI images with DALL-E. Given a text prompt, Microsoft’s AI will generate a set of images matching that prompt.

Search Engine Journal contributor Matt G. Southern has published an article sharing details of Bing Image Creator.

She says, “Bing Image Creator is integrated into the Bing chat experience, initially available in Creative mode.

You can generate images by typing a description, providing context, and selecting an art style.

This update makes Microsoft Edge the first and only browser with an integrated AI-powered image generator, accessible from the Bing Image Creator from the sidebar or Bing chat in Edge.

Responsible AI Implementation & User Safety

Microsoft is committed to responsibly developing and deploying AI systems per their Responsible AI principles and standards.”

Bing Image Creator: AI-Powered Visual Content By Microsoft

Search Engine Journal

Everything You Need to Know about Metaverse

Metaverse is a universe within a universe. It refers to a VR world where one can explore, meet people, and build alternate realities, appearances, or lifestyles.

HubSpot contributor Pamela Bump has published an article explaining what marketers need to know about metaverse.

She says, “The metaverse aims to have a virtual world where users from all over can interact and do almost everything they can do in real life and then some.

Users can explore new worlds, shop, and trade. Metaverses like Roblox even allow users to build their own games within its world. Buying real estate within the metaverse is also possible— something companies like Gucci and Warner Music Group have already done.

Metaverse Statistics Marketers Should Know

What is the Metaverse: What Marketers Need to Know


Eight Ways to Improve Content Marketing

Effective content marketing requires research. By observing and trying out new tactics, you can continue to make your content marketing campaigns successful.

Search Engine Land contributor Julia McCoy has published an article featuring eight important content strategy goals you should consider.

She says, “These are also some of the most common goals marketers say they have achieved in the last 12 months.

1. Building trust with your audience

This goal is small but mighty. An audience that trusts a brand is an engaged audience, and those people will be much more willing to convert based entirely on that trust.

Building trust is done slowly, one content piece and interaction at a time. Over and over, you need to:

With this goal in your content strategy, you’ll commit to giving your audience the best information possible: expertise they’ll come to know they can lean on.”

8 important content strategy goals to consider

Search Engine Land

ExplainerVideoz: AI-Based Animated Video Maker #ad

ExplainerVideoz animated video creation softwareToday,ExplainerVideoz, an AI-Based 3D Animated Character Builder tool for explainer videos, is being released.

It includes 1000s of 3D video templates that will save your time and money when you need an explainer.

With ExplainerVideoz software, you can now generate unlimited Animated 3D Characters and Videos in any niche and use these videos for yourself or sell them to your clients.

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Now you won’t have to pay for expensive 3D Animated Characters and Videos from places like RenderForest, Biteable, Animoto, Canva or any other site. You can make them yourself.

You can forget about using the same overused 3D Animated Characters and Videos other marketers are using.

Thanks to the brand new AI-powered ExplainerVideoz, you’ll get to create and use never-before-seen 3D Animated Characters and Videos.

This is a professional cloud-based platform that comes with a Commercial Licence.

This new software offers you evergreen income without any special skills, experience, or learning curve.

Watch this 60-Second Demo Video of ExplainerVideoz.

ExplainerVideoz is loaded with powerful features like:
➤ A Fully Cloud-Based System
➤ Generates and Customises Unlimited 3D Animated Characters For Your Project
➤ Thousands of Ultra HQ Video Templates, Ready To Use
➤ Ultra HD Quality Intro and Outro Video Templates, Ready to Use
➤ AI-Based Image To Cartoon Converter
➤ Fully AI-Based Platform
➤ Step-by-Step Training
➤ Complete Designer Tool Suite
➤ 2M+ HD Stock Images
➤ 1 Million+ Ultra HD Stock Videos
➤ 20K+ Vectors
➤ Preview your Videos before Publishing Them
➤ Multiple Video Formats
➤ High-Quality Downloads
➤ Unlimited Downloads With no fee
➤ Social Sharing Feature
➤ Built-in Image Editor

Click here to get ExplainerVideoz to start creating your unique 3d animated characters for your videos: ExplainerVideoz.

Don’t forget the Special $4 off coupon code VIDEOZ4 (expiring soon). If it has expired, use VIDEOZ3.

ExplainerVideoz is easy to use, in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Login & Select any Template Category

Step 2: AI Will Automatically Generate Unique 3D Characters, Based on Your Selected Category

Step 3: Play or Download in 1-Click

Remember, you are getting a commercial license so you may create and use videos for yourself or sell them to your clients.

But, wait; there’s more. If you get ExplainerVideoz during the special launch period this week, you’ll get the following bonuses for no extra cost:

  • CourseJam: It’s 3-Click Software That Creates “Udemy-Like Website” With 1000+ Done-For-You Ready To Sell Courses In 50+ Niches.
  • TravelJam + Whitelabel License: 1-click app that creates a completely automated travel affiliate website in less than 60 seconds. You can sell your visitors your own products or affiliate offers.
  • NewsJam + Whitelabel License: Our best drag and drop News Website Builder and online News website maker software to help you Create a News website for free in minutes.
  • BacklinkJam OTO1 + Reseller: Fully Cloud-Based Platform Gets You unlimited real hq backlinks & free traffic That Ranks Instantly On Google Page #1
  • FlipJam OTO1 + Reseller: Amazing 3D/Animated FlipBook & Article Creator Cloud Based Platform Along With Millions of Pre Made eBooks With PLR Licence
  • ToonJam: OTO1 + Reseller: AI-Based Platform to Create Unlimited Animated Videos
  • GraphicJam With OTO1 + Reseller: New Technology Creates and Sells Unlimited Jaw Dropping Designs, Video, Logos & Banners
  • AppJam With OTO1 + Reseller: Mobile App Builder that Allows You to Turn Your Existing Website into a Lightning Fast Future Ready Mobile App

But remember after this week, this new tool only be available for a recurring subscription fee.

So act fast and get your account at the lowest price ever, here: ExplainerVideoz.

Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Conversion Rate

Mobile conversion rate refers to the percentage of mobile visitors that complete an action on your mobile website or mobile app that you define as valuable to your business.

HubSpot contributor Lauren Hintz has published an article explaining mobile conversion rate and how to increase it.

She says, “By switching to mobile smart forms, we managed to decrease bounce rate (and therefore increase conversion rate) on each landing page tested by an average of 27%. Bounce rates that were previously between 50-90% are now between 20-50%.

Visitors now have a smoother experience and are less likely to leave the page before viewing and completing the form.

Results from Mobile Optimized Content Test

After optimizing the mobile smart forms, we tested shortening the content and optimizing the images for mobile. This produced a 10.7% decrease in bounce rate. (We expect this number will keep decreasing with continued optimization.)”

Mobile Conversion Rate: What It Is and How To Increase It


Everything You Need to Know about YouTube Algorithm

YouTube algorithm has a complex set of rules and data that determines how video content is ranked in its search results.

Search Engine Land contributor Zoe Ashbridge has published an article explaining how the YouTube algorithm works and what marketers need to know.

She says, “Naturally, a social media algorithm is designed to provide the most relevant and engaging content to its users. However, an algorithm will always work in favor of a company’s policies, values and mission statements.

YouTube tells us that at the heart of their approach are four Rs, which aim to:

  • Remove content that violates policies.
  • Reduce false news.
  • Raise up authoritative sources for news and information.
  • Reward trusted creators.

This tells us that the YouTube algorithm is looking to prioritize content that follows guidelines, is factually correct and comes from authoritative channels and trusted creators.”

How the YouTube algorithm works: What marketers need to know

Search Engine Land

Essential Metrics You Need to Measure Brand Awareness

Essential Metrics You Need to Measure Brand Awareness

Every business, large or small, has a “brand”, a way it is perceived by people who know about it. Every business owner’s dream is to make their business’s brand successful, a name that is known and respected throughout their market area.

That is often a long, complex, and challenging task, but it is definitely an achievable one. Many different factors make a brand successful. One of the most important ones is brand awareness – how many people are actually aware of your business. Today we want to talk about essential metrics you need to measure brand awareness. We hope this guide will help you to grow your business’s brand quickly and build a successful business in the process.

Brand advertising channels as a crucial factor

To create a memorable customer experience and measure brand awareness, you need to use an array of different metrics. How you acquire this metric information often depends on the choice of advertising channels you use.

Nevertheless, the majority of these base metrics are available in all channels, from email to social media. The only difference would be where to find the metric and how to track it.

Advertising channel options

When it comes to the choice of advertising channels to use, some of your best options are:

       Content marketing: It’s not really a channel, but it is the foundation of all your marketing, whatever the channel. It’s the one strategy that never fails and can never be ignored. Users want valuable content. If there were no content, there would be no users. Furthermore, you can use different types of content to not only advertise your business but also for product placement and various other strategies.

       Influencer marketing: The reason influencer marketing is on this list is that it allows you to work on viral marketing. When it comes to brand awareness, the faster you grow your audience, the better. Influencers already have established bases of loyal followers, and they can quickly expose your business to a large number of potential customers.

       Search engine optimization: SEO is important for raising your business’s brand awareness that it helps increase organic traffic to your website. Furthermore, it is virtually free, and search engines are an integral part of online marketing.

       Public relations: Every marketer who wants to develop their business into a well-known brand needs a strong PR process. That is your way to communicate with the broad public and reach out to people that weren’t even searching for your business and may not have been even aware of its existence. PR is especially valuable for crisis management and urgent announcements to the public.

       Event marketing: In building your brand, you want to also connect with your clients in person. Event marketing is perfect for that. Whether it is an online event or a face-to-face event, you can do various presentations, educative seminars, or simply hangout with your customers.

       Social media: As a marketing channel, social media is very versatile. It has a large user base and various efficient tools to simplify the tracking process of relevant metrics. It also allows your business to build a network of customers worldwide. Make sure to always keep track of new social media trends.

       Email: Last, but certainly not least, we have to mention email. Regular contact with your customers is necessary to keep your business at the front of their minds. A newsletter sent to them regularly is an effective way to do that.

Now that we understand some marketing channels to use to promote brand awareness,
let’s see how to measure your brand awareness in the most effective way.

Essential metrics you need to measure brand awareness

There are more than a thousand metrics you could use to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. There are two things to remember when choosing metrics, in order to use them effectively. First, the number is continually growing because we are getting new advertising channels every year so keep your eyes open for new metrics that may help you measure your business’s brand awareness. Second, some metrics will not show you the most useful information unless you cross-reference them with other metrics for a full picture.

When it comes to measuring brand awareness, you need to determine what metrics will show you the most accurate and insightful results. Here is our pick of six top metrics to measure:


       Brand mentions

       Share of voice

       Social media engagement

       Search Engine Rankings

Let’s see what each of these metrics represents and how to measure them.


Impressions show you how many times the audience has seen your content. For example, if you are posting on social media, every time someone sees your post counts as one impression. To measure the impressions for your entire marketing, you must consider all marketing channels that you use and all pieces of content you publish.

This is an excellent metric that shows how widely exposed your business is. However, it requires other metrics to show the most accurate results.


Just as with impressions, reach measures how many times users have seen a piece of content. The only difference is that reach refers to the number of unique users. For example, if one follower watched a single YouTube video 5 times (don’t you hope your videos are that good?), that still counts as 1 person reached.

Reach is valuable because it gives you the exact size of your audience. This is the metric to track if you wish to know how many unique users have heard about your business.

Brand mentions

The best way for a business to grow is to have other people talking about it. Every time someone mentions your business’s name or your product’s name in a comment, a news article, or a post, that counts as one brand mention.

This is a crucial metric that will show how engaged people are (how much your business has influenced them) and how many are talking about your brand or presenting it to others. It will also help improve your website’s trust flow. Therefore, don’t neglect this, as it will tremendously help improve brand awareness.

Share of voice

Once you know how many mentions you have, you should compare the results with your competitors’ results. That is called the share of voice. The best way to find out this information is to use social media listening tools or analytics tools and simply research your competitors. If they get 75 mentions and you get 25, your share of voice is 25%.

Social media engagement

The engagement rate on social media includes measuring various metrics, such as likes, comments, shares, impressions, reach, and so on. Social media is one of the best ways to grow brand awareness so, clearly, measuring social media engagement is important.

Search engine rankings

As we mentioned, SEO helps boost the organic traffic received by your website. As a free form of online advertising, it is imperative to keep track of brand awareness. The goal is to get your website on the first page of the search results. Always stay aware of the changes in the Google algorithm and respond appropriately so your rating does not go down.

Be consistent and diligent when tracking your business’s brand awareness

Checking your metrics once certainly has value, but that value is short-lived. Repeated checking (at least monthly) is important for long-term success.

And there you have it! These are some of the essential metrics you need to measure your business’s brand awareness. As we mentioned, this is a very challenging and never-ending process. With that in mind, you must diligently keep track of these metrics so you can respond accordingly as soon as you see changes.

Photos used:

Email Marketing: An In-Depth Guide [Guide]

Search Engine Journal has published ‘Email Marketing: An In-Depth Guide’ explaining email marketing and how to succeed at it.

Brian Fredrick says, “If the eye-popping $36:1 ROI stat wasn’t enough to convince you to take the plunge, here are some other key reasons you should use email marketing to promote your business:

  • Email marketing drives traffic to your website, blog, social media account, or anywhere else you direct it.
  • It allows you to build a stronger relationship with your targets via personalization and auto-triggered campaigns.
  • You can segment your audience to target highly specific demographics, so you’re sending messages to the people they will resonate with most.
  • Email marketing is one of the easiest platforms to version test on, so you can determine exactly what subject lines and calls-to-action (CTAs) work best.”

Email Marketing: An In-Depth Guide

Search Engine Journal

Email, The Weapon Against Identity Fraud [Guide]

ClickZ has published a new guide ‘Email, The Weapon Against Identity Fraud’.

The ClickZ team says, “US companies lose $42B per year on fraud loses and spend about $9.6B per year for fraud prevention.  Retailers face fraud via coupon abuse, charge backs, return abuse, fake account creations, etc.  An email address, and the data associated with it, provides insights that stop fraud in its tracks before it enters your database or a transaction occurs.  Data about an email tells a lot about an individual behind the email or a potential fraudster.  The AtData API provides companies with a first line of defense against potential fraudsters. AtData has developed an industry leading, global fraud prevention guide that covers multiple data points to suit any business’s needs.”

Email, The Weapon Against Identity Fraud


Expert Content Writing Tips for You

Content marketing needs novelty. With constant innovation, you can scale new content marketing heights.

Search Engine Journal contributor Bea Canuel has published an article featuring eight content marketing tips for 2023.

She says, “We’ve asked 17 industry professionals to share the wisdom they’ve learned over the years, their advice to those trying to find their way into content marketing, and their favorite tools for writing and optimization.

1. Focus On Your Audience

Jamie Press, Digital Marketing Specialist At Eurisko

The best tip I can give a copywriter is to think “audience first.” This advice is straight from Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger.

Sometimes, we go straight for the keyword tools when we’re brainstorming a piece of content; however, if we don’t know who we’re writing for, our copy won’t resonate with the reader.

Dialing into our target audience and their pain points (specific problems our audience needs solving) is the first step.”

8 Content Writing Tips From Experts In 2023

Search Engine Journal