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Friday, April 23, 2021

Marketing Glossary

Everything You Need to Know about social listening

Social listening helps brands capture consumer needs and create the products and solutions that consumers want – often before the idea is even fully formed.

Search Engine Land has published an article providing detailed information on social listening.

The SEL team says, “There are countless use cases for social listening. The most popular, as it requires lots more space to detail fully, is seen in The Ultimate How-To Guide for Social and Media Analytics

Why do brands and agencies use it?

Brands and agencies use social listening because it shows them precisely what consumers want, where any market is headed, and endless ways to connect with those consumers meaningfully – and all while arriving at that ‘market destination’ early, if not first. And depending on whether businesses use social listening or not, we see two very distinct scenarios play out.

Not using social listening is like having a journey rigidly mapped out, down to the timing for bathroom breaks. No one has updated the route for new construction, nor have they accounted for inclement weather and other travel restrictions. The brand charges forward sans social listening, and you’ll measure the sum of your efforts at the end to see how it went”.

Social listening for brands and agencies: What, why and how?

Search Engine Land

Ezy ProfitSites: Done-For-You Affiliate Commissions #ad

Ezy ProfitSites was just launched by Victory Akpos to help new marketers get started in affiliate marketing.

Ezy ProfitSites affiliate software This new tool builds websites for you that are:
✓ Simple and Beginner Friendly
✓ Fully Monetized
✓ Maintained in 5 Minutes per day
✓ 99% Passive
✓ Scalable

Here’s what your get in this package:
• 50 done-for-you (“DFY”) high-converting squeeze pages to capture leads that get redirected to done-for-you high converting review sites promoting relevant offers every time someone opts in.
• 50 DFY review sites that come with professional,irresistible review videos. Each site also has 5 complimentary bonuses to incentivize subscribers to grab the offers.
• Simple customization. Just login and add your affiliate links to these review sites, and they are ready for the built-n traffic machines to send you profitable traffic.

Using Ezy ProfitSites doesn’t require you to:
❌ Write any articles
❌ Create Videos
❌ Create a product
❌ Put Yourself on camera

That’s because Ezy ProfitSites already includes everything you need to start creating profitable affiliate review sites without needing all the technical knowledge.

If you take advantage of this opportunity you are on your way to:
#1. Building a List of Responsive Customers Without:
• Hunting For Valuable Lead Magnets
• Purchasing A Domain And Hosting
• Wasting Time & Money in Any Set-Up Costs
• Spending a Fortune to Send Traffic To These Pages

#2. Incentivizing These Leads & Delivering the incentives without needing to create your own bonuses as an incentive to purchase from your Affiliate Link

#3. And finally, Monetize These Leads To Earn Commissions Without:
• Spending Days in Research To Scout for Sellable Products You Can Promote to Your List

Watch this video to see Ezy ProfitSites in action: Ezy ProfitSites Demo.

Now, during this special offer you can get access to Ezy ProfitSites:
✓ With remarkable bonuses
✓ With an included Commercial License
✓ With 6-Figure Video Training
✓ At A Low One-Time Price

We have arranged a collection of 10 bonuses for our readers who invest in this new software: Ezy Profit Sites Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers

Get your copy of Ezy Profit Sites and your bonuses here: Ezy ProfitSites.

eCommerce in a “Cookieless” World [Report]

Affiliate Summit has published a new report titled ‘eCommerce in a “Cookieless” World’.

The Affiliate Summit team says, “It’s already happening — Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox have given third party cookies the boot, with Google Chrome racing to phase them out by 2022.

What does this mean for eCommerce? How does it affect affiliates, networks, publishers and advertisers?

Basically, everything changes — from tracking and monitoring sales to conversions and attribution across the entire user journey.

The new “cookieless” world comes with some BIG challenges. We spoke with experts at Partnerize, Impact, CJ Affiliate, and Rakuten Advertising to understand their approach to winning in a cookieless world”.

eCommerce in a “Cookieless” World

Affiliate Summit

E-commerce Website Pre-Launch Checklist

WooCommerce contributor Kathryn Marr has published an e-commerce website pre-launch checklist to help you prepare your site for success.

She says, “Your website’s designed, you have all of your products created, and you’re ready to launch your eCommerce site.  But with how much work goes into launching a new online store, it can be easy to miss something.  Who knows, you may even be missing something you didn’t know you were supposed to do!

Forgetting a small detail can be as easy as missing that crucial item at the grocery store – but the consequences are much more severe.

So, to make sure you never get that sinking “what did I forget” feeling, we’ve put together the essential pre-launch checklist. Just like a rocket, don’t launch until you’ve gone through the entire checklist – twice!”.

Pre-Launch Checklist: The Essentials


Examples of Accessible Websites

A well-designed website enables you to create winder business opportunities by connecting with more customers and boosting sales.

Convince & Convert’s Jay Baer has shared 20 examples of accessible websites that can give a boost to your business.

He says, “I’m a big an of the solution. To give you an idea of what websites with accessiBe look like and how they help users with disabilities, I put together this list of examples of websites that are made accessible with accessiBe.

Here are 20 awesome examples of accessible websites.

Section 1: Hospitality & Travel

1. Hilton

Seizure Safe Profile

The Hilton Columbus at Easton is a favored hotel among business and leisure travelers, locals and groups alike. To accommodate all of their online visitors, the use of accessiBe within their website allows visitors to choose the right accessibility profile for their own preferences”.

20 Awesome Examples of Accessible Websites

Convince & Convert

Everything You Need to Know about Google Optimize

The Google Optimize website optimization tool helps website owners and marketers test different variations of website layouts and content.

Makeswift has published a comprehensive guide called ‘Experimenting with Google Optimize’.

The Makeswift team says, “Google Optimize integrates natively with Google Analytics, which makes it easy to access any goals and traffic data already in Google Analytics, although it is possible to use Google Optimize with other analytics tools.

Why use Google Optimize?

There are a number of reasons why Google Optimize is an ideal tool for marketers:

1. It’s free

Google Optimize comes with a free tier, just like it’s counterpart Google Analytics. This free tier is very comprehensive, as it unlocks nearly every feature and capability of Google Optimize for anyone to use.

Google Optimize does have a paid tier, Google Optimize 360, which has better audience targeting, advanced admin controls, and higher limits on the number of experiments and sites you can run. However, costs for Optimize 360 can run as high as $150,000 a year, so it’s more appropriate for large-scale enterprises”.

Experimenting with Google Optimize


Eight Elements to Maximize Linkable Assets on Your Website

To get more traffic to your website, you need to give reasons to other webmasters to link to your website. By identifying and developing certain elements on your website, you can grow its popularity.

Entrepreneur magazine contributors Eric Ward and Garrett French have published an article highlight important assets of your website and how to develop them fore getting more links.

They say, “The following linkable asset categories will help get you thinking about what your ’s linkable assets could be. Thinking broadly and creatively at the beginning of a link-building campaign or project engagement can open you to a stronger, more effective campaign design. After all, you could be sitting on a link magnet and not even realize it!

1. Free apps and tools on your site

Do you provide any free applications or web-based tools to your site visitors? If so, it’s likely that these have already attracted links naturally. If you haven’t promoted these tools yet for the purpose of link building, then these assets could help you develop even more links.

Be careful, though, when designing and building a tool or app—they can be expensive (sometimes two to three times what you expect, or what you’re quoted), can seem to take forever to develop and could still flop”.

How To Maximize the Number of Linkable Assets on Your Website


Every Metric Is A Vanity Metric [Video]

MOZ has published a new episode of the Whiteboard Friday episode ‘Every Metric Is A Vanity Metric’ featuring Dr. Peter J. Meyers.

The MOZ team says, “Marketers can get caught up in specific metrics, focusing on those data points that make you look good in reporting, but don’t help you understand your performance.

In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Dr. Pete discusses the vanity we bring to the metrics we track, and how to take a better, more realistic view of your results”.

Every Metric Is A Vanity Metric


Enterprise Site Crawl Management & Staying Ahead of the Google Algorithm [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal has published a new podcast episode ‘Enterprise Site Crawl Management & Staying Ahead of the Google Algorithm’ featuring Patrick Kajirian.

Listen to the podcast for answers to the following questions:

  • How are you preparing for the Core Web Vitals transition in May?
  • How are you managing the mobile-first index transition?
  • What steps do you take to assess the impact of an algorithm update?
  • How do you get ahead of algo updates?
  • What can you do to minimize negative impact?

Enterprise Site Crawl Management & Staying Ahead of the Google Algorithm

Search Engine Journal

Eight Steps to Plan SEO Campaigns for Higher Rankings

Yoast contributor Marieke van de Rakt has shared an eight-step plan to help you an SEO campaign for higher rankings.

She says, “A new year asks for a new and improved content SEO strategy! Are you also pumped and full of plans to improve your SEO strategy and start a brand new SEO campaign? In this post, I’ll tell you just how to set up a content SEO campaign and quickly improve your chances to outrank your competition in the search engines!

Step 1: Assess your current (technical) SEO fitness

In order to improve the SEO of your website, you need to make sure that your site is in good shape. Start with doing a small SEO audit of your own website. Use a few tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and Majestic to check out your site speed and your backlinks are doing. Other technical aspects like 404’s and broken links should just be fixed!

You just need to take care of the technical aspects of your site. Before starting an SEO campaign with new and improved content, you should make sure that all the technical aspects are in good (enough) shape”.

How to plan an SEO campaign for higher rankings