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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Marketing Glossary

E-commerce growth offers a chance for small businesses to prosper #ad

Right now, millions of people are stuck at home and they’re shopping online more than ever. Consider these stats:

➤ E-commerce grew by nearly 20% in 2020 (according to research by IBM)
➤ 36% of people now shop online weekly (that’s 28% more than 2019 (according to Selligent))
➤ 62% of U.S. shoppers say they shop more online now than they did in 2019 (according to Bazaarvoice)

It’s clear that there is a boom in online commerce (“e-commerce”).

If ever there was a time when an individual can start an e-commerce business, this is that time.

Empire e-commerce softwareNew software, called Empire, has just been released that makes building an online store easier than ever, a store that takes advantage of what is selling on major e-commerce platforms (Amazon and eBay, for example). You don’t need to buy and stock products yourself.

You don’t need to buy and stock products for your store. Your store lets people buy Amazon and eBay products that other people stock. You get a commission for referring buyers to them.

Using new Adaptive Display technology, your store shows people what they have expressed an interest in buying. Whenever they click on your link and buy, you earn a commission.

This breakthrough adaptive display technology means your store will only display products that your visitors are interested in. That means, of course, that they are more likely to click on your link.

Because of the ability to adapt the store to the incoming visitor’s interests, you can have a wide variety of products in the store without confusing or distracting a visitor. Things from other niches are hidden from them.

Your store can have everything from Alexa to zithers; one store can do it all. You won’t need new domain names for stores, new hosting for each store (in fact, you don’t need to buy any hosting because hosting is included with Empire.) Finally, you don’t have to spend days setting up a new store each time.

Everything, even traffic and hosting, is built into Empire and included with your small initial investment so there are no additional costs.

If you’re ready to profit from the massive online e-commerce boom, get your copy here: Empire.

Everything You Need to Know about Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are used to give search engines more information about your website page’s content. By using meta tags, you can attract more visitors from the search engines.

Ahrefs contributor Joshua Hardwick has published an in-depth article on meta keywords.

He says, “It’s important to remember that there’s more to SEO than Google, so there are a couple of reasons why you might still want to use the keywords meta tag.

1. It may still be used by Yandex

Yandex is the Internet’s largest Russian search engine, with a market share roughly equal to that of Google’s in Russia. Their official documentation states that meta keywords “Can be used when determining the page’s relevance to search queries.”

Does this mean that meta keywords are a proven ranking factor in Yandex search? No. But as that page has only been live since late-2018, the information is likely still accurate.

Even so, as one person mentioned on Twitter, it’s probably a low-weight factor”.

Meta Keywords: What Are They and Should You Use Them?


Everything You Need to Know about Link Building

Link building is one of the most essential tactics that powers your digital marketing. By acquiring quality links, you can grow your website traffic and online sales.

MOZ contributor Russ Jones has published ‘The Link Building Webslog’ to help marketers discover the dynamics of link building.

He says, “My goal here is to give a realistic understanding of the monotonous slog that is white-hat, outreach-based link building. I happen to think that link building is a perfect counterexample to the “Pareto Principle”. Unlike the Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of the effect comes from 20% of the cause, I find that unless you put in 60-80% of the effort, you won’t see more than 20% of the potential effect. The payoff comes when you have outworked your competitors, and I promise you they are putting in more than 20%.

The goal of this “Webslog” is to document the weeks and months that go into a link building campaign, at least as far as how I go about the process”.

The Link Building Webslog


EZ Viral Listbuilding: white-label PLR video training series #ad

EZ viral listbuildingJason Oickle has just released his new 9-Part over-the-shoulder PLR video training series EZ Viral Listbuilding. It teaches you and you and your customers how to build a profitable list, using his untapped viral strategy!.

List building is a timeless subject. Every online marketer needs to build a list of people interested in his/her niche. You need this list to make follow-up sales to people who accepted your free offer or bought your product.

In EZ Viral Listbuilding, you will discover new list-building techniques and tools to apply to your own business.

Plus, you are also authorized to:
1. Apply what you discover to the businesses of your clients and
2. Re-brand it, add your name to it, and sell it to other marketers.

Here are the videos in this training:
Video #1: Introduction & Quick Overview
Video #2: Different Types of Customer Lists
Video #3: Highest Converting List and How This Works
Video #4: Formula for High-Value TY Offers
Video #5: Finding Vendors to Piggyback On
Video #6: Vendor and Buyer Analysis
Video #7: Creating Quality TY Offers
Video #8: Building List #1: Vendors
Video #9: Building List #2: Affiliates

In addition to the videos, you’ll also get ready-to-go sales materials, such as sales copy, editable graphics, etc.

That’s because Oikle wants to make sure you have everything you need in order to earn back your small (under $10 to start) investment right away.

However, he has decided to offer this on a dimesale. That means that the cost rises with each sale, so get your copy now before the price rises any further: EZ Viral Listbuilding

Email Marketing for Beginners – From 0 to 100 subscribers [Video]

Noah Kagan has published a video ‘Email Marketing for Beginners – From 0 to 100 subscribers’ to help marketers get new subscribers for enhanced email marketing.

He says, “The #1 REGRET I’ve heard from anyone building their business or personal brand is they wish they would have started building an email list sooner. Don’t be that person. So let’s start this today! This video kicks off number 1 of an email growth series.

I teach you:

1) The reasons why email marketing kicks butt

2) My personal dashboard and stats that you can MODEL and COPY!

3) How to get those first 100 subs (real strategies)

4) How to get started — what to send and when — if you have no idea how to do email marketing”.

Watch the video here.

Noah Kagan’s Website

Everything You Need to Know about Voice Search Technology

Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft, Cortana are the technologies that have changed the way people search for information. With the widespread adoption of voice search, businesses are finding greater opportunities to reach more prospects and customers.

Tech Guide has published an in-depth article on voice search technology.

The Tech Guide team says, “Basically, voice search means creating a query by speaking into a ‘voice assistant’ equipped device and getting results. It is just like using a search engine. The only difference is that you have to speak out your question here and not type on the interface.

You can try saying “Ok Google” to your Android devices or “Hey Siri” to your Apple devices. This will open the voice assistant on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Then, you can ask them your questions.

The technology utilises speech recognition, which analyses the frequency of your voice and understands what you are saying. Once it comprehends your voice, it runs an algorithm to search the question through its database”.

What is Voice Search Technology?

Tech Guide

Everything You Need to Know about Google Unpaid Shopping Listings

Merkle contributor Melissa Reilly has published a comprehensive article on Google’s unpaid shopping listings.

She says, “Back in late April, Google announced the roll out of free traffic on its Shopping tab to help merchants better connect with consumers. The pandemic was in its earlier stages in the US and many small businesses were struggling after closing their doors to foot traffic. While targeted at small businesses that don’t have large enough advertising budgets to compete on paid listings, the free listings were made available to anyone with a feed in the Merchant Center, including large retailers.

Now that free listings have been live for 7+ months and were expanded out to the main SERP, we pulled some data to check in on what Merkle clients are seeing and share potential considerations heading into 2021.

Click traffic as a percentage of paid clicks has remained fairly steady

Across our sampling of retailers, free traffic as a percentage of paid Shopping traffic hovered between 4.5% and 5.1% for the months of August through November, peaking in October”.

Google Unpaid Shopping Listings: Where Are They Now?

Engage Your Audience with These Video Storytelling Tips

Video is a great tool to capture your target audience’s attention and achieve the desired action from them. Storytelling integrated with video can be a key driver in your business growth.

Content Marketing Institute’s Stephanie Stahl has shared nine video storytelling tips to engage your audience.

She says, “CMI’s recent Visual Storytelling Summit was full of great tips that will inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry, and get you motivated to try something new – regardless of the constraints the pandemic has imposed on all of us.

Each session offered many eye-opening ideas for your 2021 strategy. I’ve gathered some highlights here, and I linked to the sessions they’re from in case you want to watch them on demand (a single registration form gives you access to all the sessions you select).

Tip 1: Repurpose and promote content with video

You did the hard work of researching, writing, editing, and designing to create your written content. Video lets you amplify it in new ways. Years ago, Vidyard converted a marketing e-book into a video that resulted in more than 300,000 views. The video – featuring a character that’s the personification of the e-book – was clever and fun, and it compelled people to read the e-book. You can check it out here.”

9 Video Storytelling Tips to Engage Your Audience

Eight Ways to Build More Links

Link building is an essential process to grow your website reach and attract more traffic. Even if you are having a local business, you need to adopt a link building strategy that enables you to secure more customers.

Sterling Sky’s Brian Barwig has shared eight unconventional link building tactics to build more links.

Barwig says, “For Local SEO, the more links you can acquire from businesses, associations, newspapers, radio stations, or other local websites, the more relevant Google tends to see your business in that area. As an example, a New Orleans lawyer would want to find links from New Orleans newspapers, radio stations, colleges, churches, chambers of commerce, and the like.

Local Link Building Ideas

There are dozens of posts floating around on how to find good, local links so I’m not going to focus on any of those tactics. It’s not that those links aren’t valuable, because they are. The tactics I’m going to cover are more advanced and out of the box than the standard types you have already heard. So, let’s dive in”.

Building Links? Check Out These Unconventional Approaches…

Sterling Sky

Exitus: Better commissions for affiliate marketers #ad

Like many marketers, IM NewsWatch publishes ads for other people’s products as an affiliate. In our highly competitive niche of internet marketing, it’s hard to earn a living as an affiliate. Potential customers in this niche are savvy and don’t jump on the first ad they read. They naturally want to look around before deciding which affiliate’s ad to buy from.

We see this ourselves. Our readers often turn elsewhere to buy a product they learned about from us (perhaps forgetting that ad revenue funds our reporting work.)

That’s why we were so interested in Exitus when we saw it. Will Wetherly, Mark Barrett, and James Fawcett are releasing this new affiliate training today at 9:00 EST, and they are excited about it.

The basic idea is that you first add value when you promote affiliate offers, not just as a bonus that they only get after they buy the product you will eventually promote, but upfront, before you ever try to sell anything.

By offering them the added value, you can capture their contact information. From there, the Exitus process takes off. No matter what their eventual decision is about the affiliate offer, you have a plan to keep them interested and you implement that plan with simple software.

(By the way, they use expensive software in their demo videos, but you don’t really need it. You can find free or low-cost software that will do all you need.)

You are getting complete video training on how to set up the Exitus system.

To hone your skills, they recommend several products you can sign up as an affiliate for and promote using their process. In addition:
1. They give you access to one of those products as a bonus.
2. They give you access to their “Little Black Book” of paid traffic sources they use.

Give value and receive value in return. They show how to receive the most value in return for the value you give.

Learn more here: Exitus.