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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Marketing Glossary

Creating Content That Generates More Traffic

The core purpose of creating content is to generate more traffic for your website. By optimizing your content for SEO, you can enhance your overall business growth.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Kim Moutsos has shared 17 ways to get more traffic to your web content.

Moutsos says, “Maybe your content promotion budget’s been slashed. Maybe you never had one. Maybe you just want to give every content piece – blog, article, e-book, or video – the best chance to perform before deciding which ones to invest any of your paid promotion budget in.

Whatever the reason, use this resource to help your audience find your content without spending much more than time.

Remember, you’ll likely revisit many of these items throughout the content’s life cycle because the publishing process is a cycle of planningcreatingpromotingmeasuring, and optimizing.

Plan for traffic

If you want eyes (or ears) on your work, before you create it think about how to help people find it. It’s easy to relegate traffic plans to the promoting stage of the cycle, but that delay risks promotion becoming an afterthought”.

17+ Free Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Content

Content Marketing Institute

Common JavaScript Errors That Can Harm Your SEO [Video]

Yesterday we published a post about JavaScript SEO. To help you further, we are sharing a video dealing with JavaScript.

Search Engine Land team has published a new video ‘Common JavaScript errors that can harm your SEO’ featuring Martin Splitt.

The SEJ team says, “One popular misconception is that JavaScript simply does not work well for search engines. “Well, you could [have JavaScript work well for search engines] if your JavaScript wouldn’t be roboted, so we [Google] can’t access your JavaScript,” Splitt said. When using external JavaScript files as part of the page, some SEOs and site owners use their robots.txt file to block Google from accessing that code, unaware of the consequence. This does not break functionality for users, but will disable search engines from fetching that JavaScript to render the page.

In contrast, “We do see people breaking websites for users, rather than for search engines,” said Splitt. These sites are indexable, but do not provide a good user experience as they may need to send abnormally large amounts of data to load a simple list of products, for example”.

Common JavaScript errors that can harm your SEO [Video]

Search Engine Land

Crisis Adaptation [Video]

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected all the businesses across the world. In this unique situation, you need to find a way to survive and grow.

MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video ‘Crisis Adaptation’ featuring Britney Muller.

The team says, “Businesses all over the globe are struggling with new challenges as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With consumers turning to the internet for the majority of their needs, it’s never been more vital to ensure your online presence is easily found and your business updates clearly communicated.

In this special edition of Whiteboard Friday, Britney Muller outlines a checklist that businesses can use to meet the changing needs of consumers and improve visibility for local searches”.

Crisis Adaptation


Curation Cloud: Fresh content for your sites and social accounts #ad

New software has just launched, called Curation Cloud.

This new software, by Paul O’Keefe, allows you to build multiple blogs with curated content and do it all on complete auto-pilot. This software searches for useful content for you and updates yor menu of available content every 5 minutes.

With Curation Cloud. you can:
• Build your blogs on auto-pilot using the included scheduling and calendar.
• Find thousands of different articles, images and videos to use on your blogs, the list being updated every 5 minutes.
• Build social backlinks also on auto-pilot. As you publish your content, the software automatically builds your backlinks for you.

And it does these three things automatically.

In order to succeed online, you’ll always need content, fresh and high quality content. But if you are short on time, Curation Cloud comes to your rescue.

It can find and curate content for your blogs and for your social media sites. With Curation Cloud, you can access a wealth of content with a single click. Even better, you can syndicate that content across the internet with just a few clicks as well.

And its syndication capability is just as powerful as its curation capability. It allows you to specify which sites and social media accounts to post to and schedule posts out as far as you like. Plus, it can automatically add citations for sources, backlink to your WordPress blogs and more.

There have been curation apps in the past and syndication apps in the past, but this new solution does both, better than anything you have ever seen.

Check out this new marketing tool here: Curation Cloud.

CMI Shares 8 Tips to Survive Content Marketing During Pandemic

The COVID-19 has created an unprecedented challenge for businesses across the globe. To survive and start growing again, you need to plan carefully and act quickly.

Content Marketing Institute‘s Joe Pulizzi has shared eight tips to help you keep your content marketing growing during this pandemic.

Pulizzi says, “Let’s get started. If there was ever a time to build and grow an audience, it’s right now.

Here are eight things content marketers need to do now during this crisis.

1. Take a fresh look at your goals

Like it or not, you need to make changes to your content marketing strategy. Today. In almost all cases, the needs and wants of the audiences you communicate with have been altered. We need to adapt for that in our strategies.

Plus, let’s be honest, we are all dealing with fewer resources. Time to make the tough decisions.

That means we need to go back to the beginning and take a fresh look at why we started the plan or project in the first place”.

8 Things to Help Your Content Marketing Survive the Pandemic

Content Marketing Institute

Create Effective Infographics with These Ideas

Infographic marketing helps you to establish your business authority. You can publish for SEO appeal and promoting your products and services across the web.

Content Marketing Institute‘s Nadya Khoja has shared seven useful tips to create infographics that appeal your audience.

Khoja says, “In this guide, I break down the ideation process so that coming up with more memorable infographic ideas doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, these seven principles are relevant not only to infographics but to any content you create.

1. Solve a burning problem

When it comes to producing high-value content that is shareable and link-worthy, create an infographic that solves a burning problem.

This approach requires you to first think about the problem you’re trying to solve or the questions you’re trying to answer with your infographic story. This usually requires you to put yourself in your readers’ shoes”.

7 Ideas to Spark Great Infographics

Content Marketing Institute

Communicating on Social Media During COVID–19 [Video]

The crisis like COVID-19 test your ability to empathize with your customers. This empathy can be built through effective interpersonal communication.

John Chow has published a new video ‘Communicating on Social Media During COVID–19’ to help you improve your social media communication during this pandemic.

Chow says, “Many bloggers, internet marketers, and small business owners are unsure how to proceed with marketing their business during this Pandemic. However, my friends at Constant Contact are here to help.

Social media is still a great way to reach your target market. However, you must be careful of your message. In this video, we discuss ideas and tips for using social media in today’s unpredictable world. Among the tips you’ll learn are:

  • Tips for marketing your business or organization on social
  • Ideas to engage and communicate without sounding insensitive
  • How to easily create and manage your organic social efforts within Constant Contact”.

Communicating on Social Media During COVID–19

John Chow’s Blog

Content Marketing Part 1 – SEO Unlocked [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘Content Marketing Part 1’ as a part of his SEO Unlocked course.

In this video, he covers the basics of content marketing and provides some useful insights.

Patel says, “Today I’m going to be covering content marketing, part one. So we’re going to get into the fundamentals, and then the next lesson is going to go over step-by-step tactics that you need to implement to get results through content marketing”.

Watch the video.

Neil Patel’s Blog

Content Sparks Bonus Bundle: Bonuses to Buy For #ad

During the 12 days of the Content Sparks marketing courses sale, in addition to the main product of the day, a bonus was usually included at no extra cost. You only got the bonus if you invested in the complete (“Blaze”) course of the day.

These bonuses were no throw-away products, but products that could also be a major value any business. Some were even robust enough to be a “done for you” course in themselves.

Throughout the sale, you probably saw some bonuses that looked right for your marketing, although you didn’t want to invest the capital to get the product of the day.

Now you can pick up all the bonuses that were included with the various Blaze packages in the sale, bundled all together at one super-low price. Here they are:
► Trello Board Planner (for Eliminate Business Overwhelm)
► Ready to Go Challenges (for Business Growth Plan and Customers for Life)
► Sales Page Copy (for Build Your Personal Brand)
► Facebook Group image kit (for Content Management Bootcamp)
► Canva Image Templates (for Fast Infoproducts)
► Content Inspiration Calendar (for Build Your Audience with Social Media)
► Explainer Video (for Realistic Content Marketing Plan)
► Action Guide (for Live Video Marketing)
► EI Kickoff Quiz (for Emotional Intelligence Advantage)

Many of these bonuses can be edited and used as templates for other courses, so they’re well worth getting even if you aren’t getting the related course.

But all those bonuses disappear at midnight. This package is here to send the sale off with a bang.

Get these products at a special bundle price here: Content Sparks Bonus Bundle.

COVID-19 and Your Content Marketing Strategy

The main goal of your content is to inform people. Than comes the marketing.

During the tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic, you can step ahead and shape your content marketing strategy for the betterment of your audience.

Siege Media‘s Vincent Nero has shared a useful article on how you can build a content marketing strategy during this pandemic.

Nero says, “We’ve put together three main tips for content marketing during the coronavirus pandemic: providing alerts, developing content hubs, and creating new content.

Provide Status Updates

One of the main things that all sites should be doing is looking out for their users. During this crisis, one of the best ways to alert users of important information on your homepage is using a banner above or below the navigation.

If you have users that are affected by COVID-19, they should easily know where to find the information that they need to know.

For example, here is a shot of Apple alerting their users about important retail store information during COVID-19.

Other large industries, like insurance, also need to step up in times of crisis like this to let users know how they are protecting their health and well being”.

Content Marketing Strategy During the Coronavirus

Siege Media