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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archive for the 'Mobile-First Indexing' Category

Mobile-First Indexing Best Practices

Mobile-first indexing is when Google’s web crawler prioritizes indexing the mobile version of a website’s content over its desktop counterpart. Semrush contributor Carlos Silva has published an article featuring key mobile-first indexing best practices. He says, “Follow these best practices to make sure your site is optimized for Google’s mobile-first indexing: Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly and Responsive A responsive web design automatically adapts to multiple screen sizes, orientations, and devices. It rearranges elements, adjusts font sizes, and hides unnecessary content.... [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Internal Linking for Mobile-First & Mobile-Only Indexing

MOZ contributor Tom Capper has published an in-depth article on internal linking for mobile-first & mobile-only indexing. He says, “At this point it’s common best practice, at least for your major templates, to routinely produce a list of links from both versions of the page and look for discrepancies. That said, some differences are more impactful than others. For illustrative purposes, I’ve compared the desktop and mobile versions of five homepages, and in the rest of this post I’ll discuss some of the more interesting differences I noted, and what I’d recommend to the respective... [...]

Google rolls out mobile-first indexing

Google has announced the final implementation of the mobile-first indexing and has started migrating sites that follow the best practices for mobile-first indexing. Google has started notifying sites that are migrating to mobile-first indexing via Search Console. Google’s Fan Shang has shared the following tips for the webmasters: “Mobile-indexing is rolling out more broadly. Being indexed this way has no ranking advantage and operates independently from our mobile-friendly assessment. Having mobile-friendly content is still helpful for those looking at ways to perform better... [...]

Mobile-first indexing and its impact on SEO

The mobile-first wave has lead the search engines to consider your site’s mobile version for their index. So certainly it is brining a huge impact on your search engine optimization efforts. MOZ columnist Bridget Randolph has shared an article focusing on mobile-first indexing and its impact on SEO. On how you should treat mobile-first indexing, Randolph says, “The first thing to know is that there’s no need to panic. So far this change is only in the very earliest stages of testing, and is being rolled out very gradually only to websites which Google considers to be “ready”... [...]

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