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Friday, February 3, 2023

Archive for the 'Online Advertising Techniques' Category

A Publisher’s Guide to Understanding AMP Ads

The AMP ads appear on AMP-enabled webpages and deliver advertising experiences that are faster, lighter and more secure than standard display ads. AdAge’s Vishveshwar Jatain has published ‘A Publisher’s Guide to Understanding AMP Ads’ to help you better understand AMP ads and use them. He says, “If you are considering leveraging AMP ads, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. First, every AMPHTML ad should be validated before going live on your website. I also recommend testing AMPHTML ads on a few pages before setting them up for your entire website. When... [...]

How to Create High-performing Personalized Ads

By creating personalized advertisements, you can improve your sales performance. Effective personalized ads can help you to win customer attention and increase chances for conversions. Search Engine Journal’s Danielle Bilbruck has shared four ways to help you create personalized ads that can achieve better results. She says, “Here are a few ways to make sure your personalization and advertising efforts are more effective than they are jarring. 1. Start With the Data You Have & Look at All of It Too often, buyer or user personas aren’t a foundation or a starting point for brands. Instead,... [...]

Tips to make your online ads more effective

Online advertising is a billion dollar segment of the Internet and other businesses. It helps brands connect with the customers with least efforts. Small Business Trends contributor Larry Kim has published an article advising marketers on how to improce the effectiveness of online ads by 200 to 300%. Kim says, “Over the last six months or so, one of my colleagues and I have been able to cut the cost of conversion by 2-3 times, from over $325 per conversion to under $100. Pretty impressive, right? If you can cut your cost per conversion that much, you can drive way more conversions with the... [...]

6 Ways to improve your sales and conversions

Enhanced sales and conversions remain at the center of any marketing initiative. With the changing demographics and the newly introduced marketing technologies and platforms, marketers should keep updating their policies to market online. columnist Stephen Van Delinder has shared six strategies to improve your sales and conversions. Delinder says, “If you’re looking to increase your sales and conversions on the web, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the task. After all, if you make the wrong decisions, you could cost yourself opportunities and lose to your competition.... [...]

The Most Disliked Desktop and Mobile Ad Formats

NNGroup has published a report based on the survey of 452 adult respondents from US. The survey tried to find out the perceptions of the participants on various ad formats. Key Findings Modal ad formats are most hated on desktop. 5.82% of participants stated this. Internet users (5.79%) also don’t like to autoplay video ads on desktop 5.75% users do not like intracontent ads on desktop On mobile too, 5.94% people stated that they hate Modal ads 5.70% stated that they do not like prevideo ads with no skip. Therese Fessenden says, “The ads that generated most positive comments were... [...]