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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archive for the 'Content Personalization' Category

Personalisation; Beyond a Name [Whitepaper]

Eagle Eye, a SaaS technology company, has published a free whitepaper titled “Personalisation; Beyond a Name”. It is intended to help marketers create connected customer experiences. About the whitepaper: It’s no secret that we are all individuals with different thoughts, interests, habits and preferences. While our diverse make-up keeps things interesting, it poses a real stumbling block for businesses; if customers are all different, how can we possibly appeal to everyone? How can we deploy offers and campaigns to increase our market share and effectively drive spend and frequency?... [...]

4 content personalization tips for locals users

Content marketing helps you explore new boundaries in your domain. The dynamism of the content is required to make it suitable to all your consumers. Marketing Land columnist Megan Hannay has shared four tips to personalize content for the local users. Hannay says, “As I pointed out in my last column on local launches, scaling content while retaining personalization is a pesky problem for many brands, from small startups to national franchises (and sports leagues, too, apparently). While a single system creates consistency of branding and experience, it can also result in a disconnect,... [...]

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