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Friday, June 21, 2024

Marketing Glossary

Join the MockUpEngine Launch at 10 NY time, Free Access + 50 Templates #ad

Are you ready to experience the most electrifying webinar of the year? Jamie Ohler is throwing a creative bash (the MockUpEngine Launch Party} that’s going to be over the top – it’s the MockUpEngine Webinar at 10:00 EST.

Here’s what Ohler says about the party:

🚀 The Coolest Creative Party: We’re bringing the party vibes to your screen, complete with mind-blowing surprises, jaw-dropping fun, and a truckload of freebies. This isn’t just a webinar; it’s a celebration of creativity!

🎁 FREE Access & 75 Templates: As a token of our appreciation, EVERY attendee will receive FREE access to MockUpEngine, the future of design, and an incredible bonus of 50 templates to supercharge your projects. It’s a creative gift that keeps on giving!

🎊 Claim Your VIP Pass: Don’t miss out on the party of the year. Secure your VIP pass to the MockUpEngine Webinar and be part of the fun, surprises, and creative extravaganza.

MockUpEngine Launch Party

Get ready to dance, learn, and celebrate creativity like never before. The future of design is all about having a blast, and you’re invited to join the party.

Let’s turn this webinar into the most unforgettable creative celebration. Don’t miss it. (But of you do, watch the recoded video on the sales page.

Register here now (or watch the recording): MockUpEngine

Journalism to PR to Marketing to Sports – A Journey [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal has published a new episode of the Search Engine Show podcast ‘Journalism to PR to Marketing to Sports – A Journey’ featuring Karina Barriga Albring.

Loren Baker says, “In a world where PR and content marketing is essential to SEO, the sports industry can bring about some learnings for anyone in the digital marketing field.

Karina Barriga Albring of FIFA joins me on the SEJ Show to discuss the world of sports development and sports marketing. She shares her journey from traditional journalism to PR and marketing.

Take a look at how sports can provide some valuable marketing insights and how marketing can benefit from sports too.”

Search Engine Journal

John Mueller on Location-specific websites

Google Search Central has published a new video ‘Location-specific websites’ as part of #AskGooglebot featuring John Mueller.

The Google team says, “Implementing geo IP redirects can be tricky, learn where to begin in this episode of AskGooglebot. John Mueller recommends next steps and shares a few aspects to remember when you have a location-specific website.”

James Renouf’s 2 Million Dollar Commission System #ad

The 2 Million Dollar Commission System is training on a particular affiliate opportunity that involves not trying to sell something (at least, not on the first engagement), but giving away something – money. When people respond, at some point in the process, you get a commission.

Here’s what Renouf says about this training and the opportunity he explains in it:

Number 1 We have massive proof of commission payments being paid for giving away free money to the tune of millions of dollars!

Number 2 The process works. Anyone can give away free money from anywhere in the world.

Number 3 The amount of money that is able to be given away is enormous. We are talking close to 100 Billion dollars.

Number 4 Not only do you get paid simply for sharing a link to give away free money but you also get paid by getting others to do the same thing!

It is simple, it works, and profit is to be made on a LARGE SCALE.

Digging into 2 Million Dollar Commission System a bit, we discovered that what you will be doing is helping business people by telling them how to sign up for COVID grants from the government. That’s the money you are “giving away.”

As the sales page says,

“Most business owners don’t even know that this money is available and is just sitting there, waiting for them to claim it!
All you do is send a link that shows them how they can get their hands on tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars that they have, WAITING TO BE CLAIMED…

It doesn’t require any financial expertise. Anyone can do it from anywhere in the world. Here’s the process:
2 Million Dollar Commission System

Get the whole story here: 2 Million Dollar Commission System.

JumpFly Highlights Seven Things that Can Hurt Your SEO Rankings

SEO is a continuous process. You need to be aware of the search engine algorithm changes for achieving the best results.

JumpFly contributor has published an article sharing a list of seven things that can hurt your SEO rankings.

She says, “Sometimes running a strong SEO program is as much about knowing what not to do as it is about knowing what to do. But look out — in some cases, the very things that can help you are also things that can hurt you if misused.

1. Optimizing for New Keywords

While optimizing and re-optimizing content is central to improving your organic search rankings, changing the content on the page influences what you already rank for. If the changes made to the page in the name of optimization actually decrease the relevance that the content had previously, it’s possible to see rankings get worse rather than improve.

In going after new and better keywords, you can actually damage performance for existing keywords and see performance drop off as a result. Any time you optimize a page for a new set of keywords, you need to carefully transition from the old keyword set to the new keyword set. It’s also a good idea to plan the transition for a slower period in your site’s seasonal performance trend.”

7 Things that Can Hurt Your SEO Rankings


JumpStory Review [Quick Sprout]

JumpStory is a visual platform that provides access to millions of images, videos, and illustrations.

Quick Sprout’s Lars Lofgren has published a review of JumpStory.

He says, “Below you’ll find the key features of JumpStory.

AI Text Match

The AI Text Match capability of JumpStory is a powerful feature that helps users save time. It works by scanning the text on your blog and then automatically picking the most relevant images to go with it. We’re talking about images that look good visually and those that will perform the best on the page. In other words, this tool can help a site to rank, boosts traffic in the long run, and saves time.

With AI Text Match, you insert the text and click where it says Match Now. Ideally, you want the text to be no longer than 20 words for the best results—the platform takes more time to find images for longer texts. We found the wait for larger texts wasn’t unbearable, though.

You’ll be able to sort image search results by relevance and “freshness” or filter them via location, orientation, color, and the people in them. The options here in the search results are impressive, and it feels like quite a bit of thought has gone into them, helping users narrow down their results to be as accurate as possible.”

JumpStory Review

Quick Sprout

John Shehata On NewzDash & Google AMP [Video]

Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz has published a new video featuring John Shehata sharing information on NewzDash & Google AMP.

Schwartz says, “John Shehata is the Global Vice Present of Audience Development Strategy & CRM at Condé Nast. John also founded, an SEO software toolset for news publishers. But more importantly, John is a 20+ year SEO vet that has a deep passion about news SEO. We spoke for a pretty long time but the conversation goes very quickly. Honestly, we didn’t even prepare ahead of time with topics, we just flowed from topic to topic naturally. It was one of my more smooth vlogs in a while but that happens often when the person you are speaking with is passionate about the topic.

Part one, we spoke a bit about the early days of news SEO but in part two we went into how to rank in Google News, news SEO topics, and how valuable Google Discover is to publishers. Now in part three we spoke more about his product named NewzDash and if publishers will continue to use Google AMP after the page experience update”.

Search Engine Roundtable

Jenny Melrose’s List of Best Books for Women Entrepreneurs

Reading the books the deal with your domain can help you grow your knowledge resulting in a better grip over your business.

To help women entrepreneurs empower themselves, Jenny Melrose has published a list of useful books.

She says, “Time is always well spent when you’re continuing to educate yourself which is why I’ve put together 15 Best Books for Women Entrepreneurs.  I try to ready every night before bed, but definitely have my fair share of books that I binge read.  Even ones that inspire me so much that I sign up to run a half marathon directly after finishing them.


Just like the title suggests, this book helps you focus on one thing and that is moving your business forward.

So many bloggers say to me that they feel as though they’ve plateaued. If this is you and you aren’t sure what steps you need to take to keep moving forward, this is the book for you. This book has made such a difference in my own business.

I read this book the summer that we moved from New York to Charlotte when I was in a time of uncertainty in my business; not sure how to continue to grow my blog”.


Jenny Melrose’s Blog

John Mueller Answers Five SEO Questions [Video]

Google’s John Mueller has answered five important SEO questions in a video called “SEO Lightning Round”.

Watch the video for answers.

Jeff Bullas Shares Seven Ways to Use Twitter Influencers

By identifying and tappig the right social media influencers, you can give a boost to your business.

Jeff Bulls has shared seven powerful ways to help you use Twitter influencers to promote your business.

He says, “Let’s explore seven different ways a business can employ Twitter influencers to solve a variety of use cases.

Use #1: Social shares

Why: Amplify existing content such as previously written blog posts and hosted videos that exist outside Twitter in order to drive more exposure.

Details: This is one of the easier of the use cases for most brands to grasp. Twitter’s share functionality in the form of Retweets, Quote Tweets (and now likes injected into activity feeds) feel more disposable in nature than the intimate sharing with friends that exists over Facebook. The lower barrier to activity results in higher campaign acceptance rates for brands reaching out to influencers looking for these shares.

Since the amplification use case is designed more to maximize eyeballs than specific audiences, the targeting aspects are more relaxed”.

7 Powerful Ways to Use Twitter Influencers