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Friday, April 12, 2024

Archive for the 'Social-Media Traffic' Category

The Simpler Traffic method; more traffic than Mr Beast #ad

According to a well-known website traffic estimation tool: ➤ Alex Hormozi’s Website Gets 10,500 visitors per month and he has 1.9 million Instagram followers driving traffic to it. ➤ Kim Kardashian’s Website Gets 20,600 visitors per month and she has 364 million Instagram followers for traffic. ➤ Mr. Beast’s Website Gets 63,500 visitors per month and he has 42.8 million Instagram followers for traffic. What about Chris Munch? Who’s he? Well, that’s the point: ❌ He doesn’t have a big name that wins him traffic. ❌ He has no Instagram account to drive traffic to his... [...]

Simpler Traffic: claim your share of the traffic fund #ad

Simpler Traffic helps you deal with a problem all small business people face when marketing online. The major controllers of online traffic, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft charge small business people a sizable chunk of case to use the traffic they can provide. … These massive platforms are charging us anywhere from $1 to $30+ Per Click. … but with Simpler Traffic we could have been getting this traffic for free this whole time. It’s not a case of spending our time in order to save our money. It only takes a few minutes per day to do. After 15+ years of using the Simpler Traffic... [...]

Prime: 7-In-1 Multi-Channel Traffic App #ad

Prime is a multichannel marketing application for bringing traffic to your site to grow your business. It contains the best collection of cross-channel marketing tools giving you 7 ways of generating traffic: 1. Messenger Chat BOT Marketing Tools 2. Email Marketing Tools 3. SMS marketing Tools 4. Social Media Marketing Tools 5. Push Notification Marketing Tools 6. Video Marketing Tools 7. Live Streaming Marketing Tools Prime is a comprehensive solution for bringing useful traffic for your business. It can accomplish everything from encouraging people to your business to turning them into your... [...]

Postley: Complete Facebook & Instagram Traffic Software #ad

Postley is a 20-in-1 App to get more traffic from your social posts and Ads. Together, Facebook and Instagram can be powerful marketing platforms all marketers should test. This new software, being released today by Jai Sharma can boost your success with both platforms. Postley offers these sophisticated capabilities: ✔️ Powerful Ads Spy: Find Best Performing Ads on Facebook and Instagram for Any Keyword. ✔️ Power to Find a Hyper-Targeted hidden FB Audience which is not visible in Ads Manager ✔️ 500+ D.F.Y. Templates that are Proven to Convert ✔️ Smart Ads Creator ✔️ Social... [...]

Traffic Turbine: Quality website traffic without hassles #ad

Traffic Turbine has just been released and it is an advance in traffic generation strategy. You want to get useful traffic to your site without spending any money on paid traffic. After all, you have a budget to consider. And you need to get this traffic without investing long hours of your time creating backlinks, writing articles, and doing all traffic-generation activities that used to be required. Traffic Turbine was invented to help you do just that. It is proven Video Traffic software along with video marketing training so you can make the best use of the software. No matter what your marketing... [...]

Krowd – when you want a crowd of website visitors #ad

Krowd software was just released by Venkata Ramana and Mark Bishop. It looks like this is hit. In less than a week, over 3000 copies were sold. It’s late here, so for the sake of time, I will let Mark Bishop explain [I abbreviated a little] what they were trying to accomplish. What if you could unlock instant access to one of the biggest Free Traffic phenomena of 2020 in the next 5 minutes? Right now this platform is exploding, with over 320 Million highly targeted users and potential buyers each month. 320 Million people waiting to click very specific links, and when they click those links,... [...]

12 Best-Selling Traffic Apps for the Price of One #ad

Any marketer, whether online or local, needs to do 3 things: 1. Get traffic to their online or brick-and-mortar store. 2. Sell a product or service 3. Deliver the product or service That process is universal; every marketer must do it. Traffic is especially hard, though, for marketers new to the online space, a new online marketer or a local marketer that knows online is the future and has a new website. In these cases, getting traffic is crucial, but they probably don’t know how. Facebook could be a solution, if only they were able to use Facebook effectively. That’s why SociCake was... [...]

‘Social-Media Traffic to News Sites Has Increased 57% Since 2009’ – ‘Mashable’

The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “Social-Media Traffic to News Sites Has Increased 57% Since 2009”. Rebecca Hiscott says, “Well, this is no surprise: Digital has far surpassed print in the way we consume news. More than half of all Internet users are plugged in to some form of social media, which means they’re most likely coming into contact with the breaking news other users share on those platforms. This is especially true of Twitter, where stories can go viral long before they see print. In fact, 64.5% of Americans consume their news online, and traffic to news... [...]

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