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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Archive for the 'Digital Marketing Strategies' Category

What Does GPT Really Mean for Digital Marketing?, February 9 [Webinar]

Digital Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar ‘What Does GPT Really Mean for Digital Marketing?’ on Thursday, February 9, 2023. The DMI team says, “Curious to learn how ChatGPT and its underlying technology GPT-3 are actually going to impact marketing? Wondering how your job might change? Join us for a live expert discussion with two experts where we’ll look at what’s happening today, where things might go and what this explosion in AI assistance means for SEO and Search now that Microsoft and Google are pitched in the game.” What Does GPT Really Mean for... [...]

Digital Marketing For Small Business [Guide]

HubSpot has published a new guide titled ‘Digital Marketing for Small Business’ featuring the basics of digital marketing. The HubSpot team says, “This guide helps you establish the groundwork for what we call inbound marketing—tactics you can use to attract, convert, close and delight visitors to your website, social media pages, and blog. Every part of your digital marketing is a great opportunity to learn something—so it’s all about starting small, testing, learning, and growing over time. We’re going to take you through the easy-access ways... [...]

2022 DAM Trends Report [Report]

Digital Marketing Depot has published the ‘2022 DAM Trends Report’  featuring the latest trends in digital asset management. The DMD team says, “The digital asset management market is booming, as digital content continues to grow exponentially. MediaValet shares how a wide variety of marketing and creative professionals manage their digital assets, and how a DAM compares to other solutions on the market. See how a DAM compares to other solutions Benchmark your digital asset challenges against others Learn the ROI you can expect from a DAM.” 2022 DAM Trends Report Digital... [...]

Digital Marketing Strategies That Just Work [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘Digital Marketing Strategies That Just Work’ sharing some useful digital marketing strategies. He says, “Digital marketing strategies that just work. There are a lot of digital marketing strategies out there. How do you know which ones to use? Which ones to start out with, especially if you’re starting off? Today I’m going to break down five strategies that just work when you’re starting off.” Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

Data Insights in Digital Marketing [Podcast]

Digital Marketing Institute has published a new podcast episode ‘Data Insights in Digital Marketing’ featuring Will Francis and Chris Penn. The DMI team says, “As modern marketers, we are swamped by numbers coming from all directions. How do we manage all this data, demystify it, and use it to our best advantage? Host Will Francis chats with Chris Penn to look at data from different and interesting angles. They talk about Regression analysis, using R and Python, GA4 and GDPR, along with lots of interesting real world metaphors! Chris also offers 5 key takeaways... [...]

Cybersecurity, Financials and Digital Marketing, August 4 [Webinar]

More marketing tools and tech means more opportunity for data breaches – and the loss of company revenue. Find out how to protect your business against cybersecurity threats and plan for financial success. Ignite Visibility is hosting a webinar ‘Cybersecurity, Financials and Digital Marketing: Why All 3 Are Critical to Your Brand’s Future’ on Thursday, August 4, 2022, at 11.00 am PST. Attend this webinar to learn: The exact reports we use to understand company financials – and use them to drive digital marketing growth 3 critical steps to take if a security breach... [...]

8 Free Websites to Learn Digital Marketing [Video]

There are several quality resources to learn digital marketing.  Since there are many, it becomes difficult to choose the right ones. Watch Aurelius Tjin’s latest video ‘8 Free Websites to Learn Digital Marketing’ to learn about free websites that offer digital marketing guidance. He says, “Are you wanting to learn digital marketing so you can market and promote your business? Or maybe you want to get certified so you can work towards a digital marketing career? Whatever your goal, I’ve put together 8 totally free websites to learn digital marketing today. Go... [...]

Cybersecurity, Financials, and Digital Marketing, August 4 [Webinar]

More data, analytics, tools and tech means more opportunities for data breaches and financial modeling through digital marketing. Ignite Visibility is hosting a webinar ‘Cybersecurity, Financials, and Digital Marketing’ on Thursday, August 4, 2022, at 11.00 am PST. The Ignite Visibility team says, “Ignite’s CEO John Lincoln will join RG Alliance’s Ryan Saathoff and The Computer Admin President Kevin Fronczek to cover topics like: The exact reports we use to understand company financials – and how to use them to drive digital marketing growth. How... [...]

The Four Day Work Week – Will It Work For Your Marketing Team? [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal has published a new podcast episode ‘The Four Day Work Week – Will It Work For Your Marketing Team?’ featuring Loen Baker and Joe O’Connor. Baker says, “Thinking about implementing a four-day work week? In this episode, Joe O’Connor of joined me to discuss implementing a four-day week and why CEOs and HR managers should consider trying it. We also discussed the global momentum around the shift in thinking amongst companies. ” Search Engine Journal  [...]

Preparing Digital Marketing for a Recession

Post Covid-19, the economic conditions around the world are challenging for everyone. In such circumstances, we need to change the way marketing works. Exposure Ninja’s Tim Cameron has published an article highlighting the risks of reducing digital marketing in a recession. He says, “Do you reduce your marketing and hope sales keep on coming? Or, do you increase your marketing budget, hope that sales increase, and use that revenue to pay for the marketing? But, what if the sales don’t come? By the end of this blog post, I’ll have hopefully shown you enough convincing evidence... [...]