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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Archive for the 'Email Marketing Strategy' Category

[Today only] Email Marketing: Beyond the Basics, 67% off #ad

Most online marketers use email. It can be very effective. Email Marketing: Beyond the Basics shows how to do it right. Email marketing has staying power. Even with the rise of social media and other digital marketing channels, email marketing is still the most effective marketing tool when used well. But you can’t just stick with the basics. You need to stay on the cutting edge to keep growing your list and offering relevant content. Here are 3 ways to take your email marketing ‘beyond the basics’. They are a small sample of what you will find in the new course from ContentSparks. Keep... [...]

Last day for Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System sale #ad

The discout offer for Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System started in October, 2020. Over 15,000 copies have been sold. We bought our copy long ago. But today, at midnight, the sale finally ends. Bacak is an email marketer with long-standing success. We first met him in 2006, and he was already a famous marketer and a marketing trainer. He knows what he is doing, and for the next few hours, you can share in that knowledge for only $5.60. Remember, email marketing is the most productive marketing tool ever if you use it well. Bacak wants to be your mentor so you don’t waste time or money... [...]

Start your own Marketing Agency with Email Videos Pro #ad

Earlier this week, Mario Brown released Email Videos Pro, a powerful new marketing tool for small- and medium-size businesses. It is a full-featured Video Email Marketing Suite (the first-ever launched on the JVZoo marketing platform.) It lets you play videos right inside emails, videos that can drive traffic, conversions, and sales for you and for your clients. There’s never been anything like this, priced for the small business market, before. Why is Email Videos Pro a massive consulting and agency opportunity? Video is becoming a necessity for attracting and engaging visitors. On websites,... [...]

Email Videos Pro: Embed complete videos in your emails #ad

We have been able to insert graphics in our emails for a long time. That includes GIFs, graphics with motion. But now, Email Videos Pro lets you do even more. This new software, being released today, allows you to insert entire videos into your emails, instantly raising the bar for email persuasion. No longer are you limited to using written words. Now you can use movies to tell your story in your emails. Now you can get maximum engagement, more click-throughs and more sales, using the power of using the power of whiteboard videos, explainer videos, Powerpoint videos and more. Email Videos Pro... [...]

[Today Only] How Matt Bacak Built a 7-Figure Online Business #ad

We first met Matt Bacak in 2006 when we first entered the online marketing industry. Even 14 years ago, Bacak was a successful internet marketer and was already teaching other marketers how to follow the same path to online success. He has used a number of marketing methods over the years, including platform speaking and webinars, but his first love, responsible for a lot of his sales, is email. Bacak has just released his book Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System, which shares how he created a 7-Figure online business using nothing but ethical email marketing. That may surprise you. After all,... [...]

Email Marketing Power for all marketers (online and offline) #ad

Kevin Fahey just released one of his Premium PLR products: Email Marketing Power . After all these years, email is still the most productive electronic marketing tools. That’s why Fahey created Email Marketing Power to help you take your email marketing to a higher level. Even if you’re new to online marketing or even if you have crashed and burned before, Fahey says this could be the very training to put your business “on the map.” It is the result of countless years of testing and perfecting what works best in Email Marketing. In this training, Fahey shares with you... [...]

AWeber Study Explains How A Blogger Used Email Marketing to Grow

AWeber contributor Kristin MacLaughlin has published a case study explaining how a travel blogger used email marketing to grow — even when the tourism industry lost $2.7 trillion in revenue. MacLaughlin says, “Michele Frolla is a travel and language blogger at The Intrepid Guide. She earns a living from affiliate commissions, advertising revenue, and working with tourism boards to promote destinations.Unfortunately, when the world stopped traveling, affiliate income and ad revenue for bloggers in the travel industry stopped too. But for Frolla, COVID-19 has been a blessing... [...]

Three ways to improve email deliverability

According to the ReturnPath 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report, 20% of emails do not reach the inbox which results into the loss of potential revenue for the marketers. Email deliverability is one of the most common email marketing problems marketers have been facing for a long. Marketing Land columnist Scott Heimes has suggested three ways to ensure proper email delivery. Heimes says, “Specifically, an organization can take three actions to ensure deliverability to its target audience: The first is to check for spam complaints. The second is to build out your email infrastructure.... [...]

Three ways to make your email campaigns successful

Apart from crafting great emails, it is also important to have a well-planned strategy for getting right results from your email marketing campaigns. columnist Ray Coppinger has shared three ways marketers can plan and execute a successful email marketing strategy. Coppinger says, “How do you ensure that your email is one of the four that gets remembered? Your email must be more trusted, more relevant and more strategic than the others. In short, it must be engaging. Trustworthy Emails are automatically more engaging when they come from a trustworthy source. If a consumer is... [...]

‘Master Email Personalization with these 5 Best Practices’ – AWeber

Monica Montesa says, “Targeting subscribers and sending them personalized, hyper-relevant emails is a great way to better connect with the people on your email list. It allows you to deliver the right message to people who want and need it most. And the more you can do that with your emails, the more likely you are to expand your reach and nurture your audience until they become customers and loyal advocates of your brand. But how can you optimize your emails so you’re making the most out of the opportunity to engage subscribers? Let’s take a closer look at best practices... [...]