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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Archive for the 'Affiliate Marketing Software' Category

Commission Gorilla: Are you making these affiliate marketing mistakes? #ad

Version 3.0 of Commission Gorilla is has just been launched. Its goal is to assure that affiliate marketers succeed, by eliminating mistakes they – particularly, new marketers – often make. Even if you’re still somewhat new to affiliate marketing, you know there is plenty of opportunity to make mistakes. You have made them; so have we. Every day and every promotion is a learning experience. But you can slash your learning curve by avoiding these three mistakes: Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Mistake 1: Promoting Anything and Everything Your subscribers and blog readers are looking... [...]

PitchKickstart makes ChatGPT work for marketers; webinar at 11 #ad

At 11:00 EST today, Andrew Darius, creator of PitchKickstart for ChatGPT (or just PitchKickstart, for short), will be hosting a free training webinar on how to 10x your business with ChatGPT. In the first part of the training, you will learn: ➤ How to boost your email deliverability, open rate, and affiliate authority with ChatGPT ➤ How to turbocharge your ChatGPT prompts ➤ The simplest ChatGPT business you can start immediately In the second part of the training, he will share his 3 pillars of how to generate high-impact sales scripts with ChatGPT without writers’ roadblocks... [...]

RapidReviewz: AI-written video product reviews #ad

RapidReviewz fits into a natural slot in marketing infrastructure. People considering buying a product often seek out reviews of the product to assess how well it will fit their needs. Marketers can create reviews that are then picked up by search engines and are ultimately found and read by interested buyers. In the review, the marketer links to the sales page for the product. When a reader clicks and buys, the marketer earns a commission. However, some marketers – maybe you’re one of them – may not have the creativity to create a review from scratch and need help in creating... [...]

ProfitPad affiliate marketing system, year-end sale #ad

To successfully sell online you need three things that ProfitPad offers: • A product or service that attracts interest, • People who are buyers of the kind of product you are selling • A method of presenting your product to these people. ➜ Virtually unknown and brand new method with full step-by-step training ➜ The last method you’ll ever need ➜ Access the exact method where James got the fastest results he’s ever seen ➜ Rinse and repeat on demand ➜ Set and forget auto-pilot affiliate commission system ➜ 100-day money back... [...]

Affiliate Automation Academy: 3-step system for multiple streams of income #ad

In Affiliate Automation Academy, automation expert Claude Buzizi shows you his brand-new simple 3-step system for building multiple streams of income with E-Automation. This method also includes his secret formula for building a large responsive email list and automatically promoting multiple different affiliate products simultaneously using low cost traffic on the three largest affiliate networks (ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus). Many large marketers and social media influencers are increasingly turning to this new method to generate passive income. You don’t need fame or a big budget to... [...]

Less than 24 hours to become an Asigo eServices partner #ad

  It’s the final day of The Asigo System Grand Opening, where you have the opportunity to: ➤ Work alongside the “Founding Fathers” of eService Dropshipping ➤ Build your own profitable “eService Dropshipping Store” ➤ Copy and paste the proven eStore funnel into any niche you choose ➤ Ride the wave right from the start of the eServices mega-trend ➤ Create predictable, scalable, and stable income from your business. Because the timing is perfect, and eServices are just now exploding, the opportunity is bigger now than it will... [...]

Profit Singularity: Special Report available for limited time #ad

The Profit Singularity affiliate marketing system has been around for a good while now. Many of your fellow online marketers have found that it helps them grow their business. In a few days, the updated version will be released. Today, a free e-book is available to give you a good overview of how (and how well) it works so you can consider whether it might fit into your own marketing plans. In This Free Special Report, You’ll Discover: ► The 3-Step System That Made Our Initial Testers Up To $2.1 Million Each Starting From Zero In The Last 12 Months (Many doing over 1k per day, some... [...]

Q & A – the facts on High Ticket Profit System #ad

We ran an ad earlier this week for High Ticket Profit System. It sounded interesting so we bought a copy to get under the covers and give you more information to help you make an informed decision. So here are answers to the most popular questions so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you. Some answers we wrote; others we copied from Kosky. Questions and answers about High Ticket Profit System What’s High Ticket Profit System all about? It’s training, software, and a method for generating high commissions while building your list at the same time (so you don’t need... [...]

High Ticket Profit System early bird discount #ad

It has been said that the difference between getting rich in sales or struggling comes down to what you’re selling. High Ticket Profit System was built with that principle in mind. The principle works in all niches, For example: • People selling BMWs make more than those selling Hyundais. • People selling mansions make more than those selling mobile homes. The same is true online. When you sell high ticket offers, you make more – it’s that simple. So instead of fighting for scraps & competing with thousands of other marketers promoting $10-$20 offers for tiny commissions,... [...]

ReviewReel: easy product review video creation #ad

ReviewReel was launched yesterday. And in the first day, over 250 copies were bought by marketers eager to take advantage of its singular capabilities. We were among the buyers, investing in the bundle of all the upgrades along with the basic version. It will make our product reviews more helpful, we hope, as well as easier to produce. If you’re still on the fence, pick up ReviewReel using the secret discount code reviews. As a summary of our ad yesterday: What exactly is ReviewReel? It is a cloud-based review video creation app that helps you create profitable review videos without complex... [...]