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Friday, April 12, 2024

Archive for the 'Google Tag Manager' Category

Everything You Need To Know About Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager streamlines website tag management, allowing marketers to deploy and manage various tracking codes and snippets without needing direct access to the site’s source code. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, GTM simplifies tracking implementation, enhances data accuracy, and facilitates agile marketing strategies. MOZ contributor Angela Petteys has published an informative article on Google Tag Manager. She says, “Sites commonly use several different tags, and the amount of code needed to create them all can be overwhelming – especially if you’re... [...]

SEJ Suggests Four Alternatives To Google Tag Manager

Search Engine Journal contributor Winston Burton has published an article featuring four alternatives to Google Tag Manager. He says, “Alternative TMSs (Tag Management Solutions) 1. Tealium Tealium is a software company specializing in tag management and customer data platforms (CDPs). It provides solutions that enable organizations to collect, manage, and leverage customer data across various digital touchpoints. At its core, Tealium offers a tag management system (TMS), which simplifies the process of deploying and managing various marketing and analytics tags on a website or mobile app. These... [...]

Guide to Using Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that stores and manages marketing tags and third-party code snippets. WordStream contributor Alessandro Colarossi has published a guide to using Google Tag Manager. The guide covers the following: What is Google Tag Manager (+What is it used for)? Benefits of using Google Tag Manager How to create a GTM account How to add Google Tag Manager to your website Advanced features to track using GTM, How to Use Google Tag Manager: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need WordStream  [...]

Google Tag Manager: A GA4 Beginners Guide [Guide]

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tag management solution that allows you to add and edit segments of code (tags) that collect and send data to Google Analytics. Search Engine Journal has published ‘Google Tag Manager: A GA4 Beginners Guide’. Kayle Larkin says, “I’m sharing an easy-to-follow beginners guide for setting up GA4 using Google Tag Manager to get you up and running. In it, we’ll take a look at how Google Tag Manager works, followed by an easy five-step GA4 setup tutorial with pictures. Difference Between Google Tag Manager And Google Analytics Google Tag Manager... [...]

Starting With Google Tag Manager: A Beginner’s Guide [Video]

Google Tag Manager offers a user-friendly, web-based interface that simplifies the process of working with tags. It enables marketers to work with tags without having to rely on web developers. Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Starting With Google Tag Manager: A Beginner’s Guide’ to help you start using Google Tag Manager. The SME team says, “Want to begin using Google Tag Manager? Looking for an easier way to install tracking pixels on your website? Measurement marketing expert Chris Mercer explains how Google Tag Manager can simplify your marketing measurement... [...]

Performing Cross-Domain Tracking In Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics allows you to measure your advertising ROI and track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. You can also perform cross-domain tracking using Google Tag Manager. Portent contributor Oeuyown Kim has shared an article on setting up and testing cross-domain tracking in Google Tag Manager. Kim says, “Cross-domain tracking is required on your site any time you see sessions broken up across root domains. There are a few common situations that might break up sessions in GA: Users Are Sent Through a Redirect This has been the most common offender in my experience.... [...]

Google Adds Custom Templates to Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager enables the webmasters to manage and deploy marketing tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on their websites without modifying the site code. It offers flexibility to everyone for managing the code without much technical expertise. To make Google Tag Manager more transparent and helpful, Google has added Custom Templates to it. Google’s Scott Herman says, “For scenarios where the built-in templates don’t cover your needs, we also offer options to deploy your own custom HTML and JavaScript. To help protect the security of your users and sites, we already... [...]

Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager [HubSpot]

HubSpot has published ‘Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager’. The guide aims at helping marketers use Google Tag Manager tag management system effectively as it makes the tagging process quite easy for them. Caroline Forsey says, “Collecting data using tools like Google Analytics is critical for expanding your business’s online reach, converting leads into customers, and optimizing a digital marketing strategy to create stronger relationships with your audience. However, collecting data is easier said than done. Google Analytics and other similar analytics tools aid... [...]

Here’s is a quick guide for using ‘Google Tag Manager’

Google Tag Manager tag management system manages JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics on websites. Your search engine reach could enhance if you can utilize the features of Google Tag Manager in a proper way. MOZ columnist Angela Petteys has published an introductory guide to Google Tag Manager and how to use it. On Components of tags & GTM, Petteys says, “On the surface, tags and tag managers are pretty straightforward. But before you can start working with them, there are a few main concepts you’ll need to know about. Containers When you start working with GTM,... [...]

Tips for Using Google Tag Manager to Implement SEO Changes

Different tag managers are used to implemet off-the-shelf tags, like Google Analytics or Facebook tracking. Google Tag Manager helps make tag management simple, easy and reliable by allowing marketers and webmasters to deploy website tags all in one place. According to, GTP accounts for 72.6% of the tag management market. MOZ’s Sam Nemzer has shared some useful tips on useing GTP for making SEO improvements. Nemzer says, “Tag managers are mostly used to implement off-the-shelf tags, like Google Analytics or Facebook tracking. A lesser-known functionality is to implement... [...]

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