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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Archive for the 'Online Video Marketing' Category

Eight Steps to Making Great Smartphone Videos [Video Tutorial]

MarketingProfs has published a new video tutorial ‘Eight Steps to Making Great Smartphone Videos’ to help marketers create quality video content. The MarketingProfs team says, “Thanks to smartphones, creating great video for your organization is now easier and less expensive than ever before. Despite this brave, new, more accessible world, the rules of video planning and preparation have not changed—you still need to make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row before you press record. In just 10 minutes, you’ll learn about essential planning considerations for... [...]

Latest Digital Video Insights [Report]

eMarketer has published a new report ‘Latest Digital Video Insights’ featuring the latest forecast and trends in this complimentary copy of “Q4 2022 Digital Video Trends.” This analyst report explores: How much advertisers will spend on subscription services Why advertisers should be paying closer attention to Netflix’s new advertising offerings Where streaming services are experimenting with alternative ways of financing content production Consumers’ ad tolerance. Latest Digital Video Insights eMarketer  [...]

How to Keep People Watching YouTube Videos to the End [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published a new episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast ‘How to Keep People Watching YouTube Videos to the End’. Michael Stelzner says, “Want more people to watch your videos on YouTube? Wondering how to structure a YouTube video that keeps viewers engaged? To discover how to keep people watching YouTube videos to the end, I interview Pat Flynn.” How to Keep People Watching YouTube Videos to the End Social Media Examiner  [...]

Your Content Workflow Should START with Live Video [Video]

Content Marketing Institute has published a video ‘Your Content Workflow Should START with Live Video’ featuring Doc Rock from #CMWorld 2022. The CMI team says, “This is a clip from Doc Rock’s session at Content Marketing World 2022 called 6 Reasons Why Your Content Workflow Should START with Live Video.” Content Marketing Institute  [...]

YouTube on what will go viral in 2023!

In the latest episode of YouTube’s official trends podcast, Brian Farnham has shared the video trends that will dominate the platform in 2023. He says, “With 2022 in the books, it’s a natural time for one to look back on the year while dreaming of what 2023 might bring. For YouTube’s new trends podcast, Like & Describe, that means dropping a second episode, on New Year’s Day, that does exactly that for the world of digital video. Hosted once again by creator MatPat, episode two takes a look at the videos and creators who made YouTube’s year-end Top... [...]

Video Trends: What to Expect in 2023 [Webinar Replay]

eMarketer has made available the replay of its webinar ‘Video Trends: What to Expect in 2023’ featuring key trends in video marketing in 2023. The eMarketer team says, “In this Meet the Analyst Webinar, our senior analyst Ross Benes revealed the top trends and changing dynamics that will impact the video landscape in 2023, including how advertisers can allocate spending wisely across digital video and TV. You’ll learn how to: Reorient your approaches to audience reach and targeting as more Americans switch to streaming and away from linear TV Navigate streaming services’... [...]

DIY vs. Professional Video Production: A Brief Guide [Guide]

Video is one of the most impactful marketing tools. It helps you move closer to your audience and persuade them. MarketingProfs contributor Tony Gnau has published ‘DIY vs. Professional Video Production: A Brief Guide’ sharing some useful video production strategies. He says, “It’s a tough spot to be in: You know you need a video, but man… does video production cost a lot! That’s when you ask THE question: Maybe we could just DIY the video? That’s a question asked at marketing agencies and marketing departments all over the country—every day. Unfortunately,... [...]

Three Steps to Repurpose Your Video Content

Content repurposing refers to converting a piece of content into different media for use across multiple platforms. Content Marketing Institute contributor Amy Woods has published an article featuring three ways to repurpose your video content. She says, “Repurposing your content expands and reinforces your ideas and presence on multiple touchpoints. By varying lengths and formats for various platforms, you reach audiences: Where they consume content In formats they prefer Who have more than one learning style I’ll share some ideas and examples for repurposing your video content.... [...]

CMI Shares Four Ways to Win with Video

Video content enables your business to move closer to your audience and keep them abreast of your product and service offerings. Content Marketing Institute contributor Jodi Harris has published an article sharing four useful tips to achieve better video marketing results. She says, “Competition grows by the minute in the video space. In CMI’s B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights for 2023 survey, 75% of marketers say they created or used video (all lengths and formats) in the prior year, ranking second in format popularity with short articles/posts... [...]

Using Video Testimonials as a Tool for B2B Growth [Podcast]

MarketingProfs has published the latest episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast episode ‘Using Video Testimonials as a Tool for B2B Growth’ featuring Alexander Ferguson. George B. Thomas says, “Lots of people are creating video content and throwing it up on LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and wherever, so the status quo is pretty low,” explains Alexander Ferguson, co-founder of TeraLeap. “Authenticity reigns, so the more authentic it feels, less produced, you can actually connect even better.” And in marketing, that authenticity can be your best weapon. “Written... [...]