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Friday, April 12, 2024

Archive for the 'Content Syndication' Category

DFY Suite syndicates content for rankings, traffic, sales #ad

You need search engines to send traffic to your website. Otherwise, you will miss a lot of traffic. DFY Suite persuades search engines that your site is worth their attention. Ranking your video or your website on the first page of Google will send high-quality traffic to the page you want to promote. That’s your goal. That’s what all online marketers want, but it is a challenging project since there is a lot of competition that has the same goal. There are 3 steps to ranking on page 1: 1. Keyword research to discover the best keywords to rank for. 2. Onpage Optimization to teach the... [...]

DFY Suite: Free Targeted Buyer Traffic in 48 Hours #ad

Joshua Zamora, prolific marketing tool developer is releasing his latest tool at 11 AM EDT. It’s called DFY Suite. Of course DFY refers to “Done for You”. What is Zamora offering to do for you? Just this: Page 1 Rankings – 100% done for you. Getting to page 1 in the search engine results pages is a big deal. It’s the most important way to get free traffic to your site. Consequently, ranking your video or your website on the first page of Google is something you should consider as a high-priority marketing tool. However, it can be time-consuming, and most of us don’t... [...]

Here’s what you should know about content syndication

Content syndication is the process of pushing your blog post, article, video or any piece of web-based content out to other third-parties who can republish it on their own sites. It allows you to reach out to a huge mass and is an important marketing tactic nowadays. Content Marketing Institute columnist Michael Schreiber has published an article on content syndication where he claims that it is more than just generating more traffic. Schreiber says, “One of the most important tools in creating that kind of awareness, I’ve learned over the years, is content distribution. I’m not talking... [...]

Automate social media marketing with Bleupage Pro (Last Chance) #ad

During the launch week, you have a chance to get Bleupage Pro for a low one-time fee, but after this weekend, your opportunity will expire. As we have reported earlier, Bleupage Pro will automate content for your social media accounts on these social platforms: • Facebook, • Instagram, • • Twitter, • LinkedIn, • Pinterest, • Google+ and • WordPress Why is this important? Because a great majority of social media users interact only inside their social account (such as the Facebook newsfeed). It’s not likely that these users will visit your shared link... [...]

Bleupage Pro, powerful content syndicator, price rising #ad

If you haven’t explored the capabilities of Bleupage Pro, that was announced on Monday, here is a summary . Use it to decide whether this will be helpful to you. Remember, this new software is designed to automate your management of your accounts on up to 7 top social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, 5 more). First, it is 100 percent set and forget. No longer do you manually have to schedule posts. You just place all of your post content into one CSV file and upload it. The software handles all the actual posting. Second, it includes a powerful “Post Designer” that lets you create... [...]

‘5 Signs You Need to Start Tracking Marketing ROI’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Tiffany Monhollon says, “Have you ever been so overwhelmed with running your business that you barely have time to do the very minimum when it comes to staying up with what’s new in marketing and managing vendors? Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day that you overlook a critical aspect of marketing — measuring your return on investment (ROI). Here are five signs you might just need a system to track your marketing ROI so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. 1. You don’t know what matters — or why — on... [...]

‘6 Foolproof Methods for Creating Top Content on Any Topic’ – ‘Entrepreneur’ Blog

Jeffrey Kranz says, “We’d all love to show up first in Google for something. There’s likely at least one golden search term or keyword you’re striving for —and we’ve all heard plenty of different get-to-the-front-page-of-Google formulas. It can get a little dizzying keeping all the approaches straight. But it can be done. If you’re willing to invest some time, resources and brainpower, you can create the top content on any topic. To share exactly how, I made an infographic mapping out not one, but six foolproof, can’t-miss strategies that real-life people (including... [...]

UberQast price rising in 12 hours; don’t delay #ad

UberQast helps you distribute all of your content through hundreds of: • Video, • Podcast, • Local Map Citations, • RSS, • Social bookmarking, • Article, • Infographic, and • other Submission sites. But at 11 AM EDT, the authors say the price goes up by at least 200%. Under your control, UberQast will spread your content all around the web. And these sites that they send notices about your content to are high-quality sites, so you get two benefits: 1. You get visits from many members of these sites when they see the notice about your content. 2. The search... [...]

UberQast: Organic Traffic Generation System #ad

Two marketers and a software developer (David Abrams, Joe Troyer and Devin Zander) have just released new software that is aimed at improving your traffic (and ultimately, your sales.) UberQast, they say, “is the most powerful All in One Organic Traffic Generation System that builds a stream of visitors Without [your] ever having to manually build links again.” This is PC software, based on Adobe AIR, so it works on Mac as well as on Windows. Its features include: • Quickly generate attention sucking headlines • Easily break content into “chunks” to save 75% of your... [...]

‘Syndicating Content’ – MOZ Blog

Eric Enge says, “It’s hard to foresee a lot of benefit to your hard work creating content when you don’t have much of a following, and even if you do, scaling that content creation is difficult for any marketer. One viable answer is syndication, and in this Whiteboard Friday, Eric Enge shows you both reasons why you might want to syndicate as well as tips on how to go about it”. Syndicating Content – Whiteboard Friday MOZ Blog  [...]

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