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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Website Management' Category

SaiyBot responds to voice or text commands to build & manage WordPress #ad

Saiybot is a new AI Bot that will work tirelessly for you to take over all of the most important tasks required to run your websites. This is a first-of-its-kind WordPress plugin that will set-up, write, optimize, manage, update your sites for you (and more) by you simply “telling” it to with its “Alexa-Style” voice command engine. Its Built-in Smart Wizard will do all the most important site set-up tasks for you so you can launch your sites at record speed. Even better, its built-in ai writer will write you perfect, human-like, ready-to-publish content in a matter of minutes for any niche,... [...]

AI Genius: Interactive app for live video, screen & voice messages #ad

Seyi Adeleke just released AI Genius, a brand new interactive ai app that helps to increase online sales and leads. You get this improvement by copying just one line of code into your site. Meet AI Genius This is the first (and, so far, the only) 3-in-1 marketing platform that allows you to engage, interact and profit on any website, funnel, blog, page or e-com store by capturing live video messages, screen captures and voice messages directly with your visitors. Imagine the possibilities with AI Genius when right on your website (eCom store, sales pages, blog, etc.) your visitors can communicate... [...]

NewsProfix Pro: Automated sites that sell #ad

Viral traffic, where your website visitors encourage other people to become visitors, is the best kind of traffic for two reasons: 1. It costs you nothing. 2. The invitation comes from a consumer, not a marketer, and typically the “recommender” is known by the ones invited, so they have high credibility, and that brings a high response to the invitation. NewsProfix Pro builds automated sites that are naturally enticing for visitors, containing news-related content, automatically added, along with visuals. Your viral traffic comes initially from 32 sources (automatically) and builds,... [...]

‘A handy six-month website migration plan’ – Econsultancy

Kumail Hemani says, “A site migration takes place when a website is re-vamped from some reason. This could be a new design or adopting a new CMS. It is sometimes more complicated than it looks depending on the size of the website. Site migrations come with a lot of risks which can potentially cause your business to lose revenue while the problem is fixed. Common problems include: Loss of current traffic. Page errors (404’s). Drop in search rankings. I’ve been involved in several critical site migrations of large scale websites. We recently worked on a university website and... [...]

‘Five key points to consider for a smooth site migration’ – Econsultancy

In a recent article on the Econsultancy blog, Nikki Gilliland says, “The ‘migration myth’ is the belief that companies are automatically going to lose traffic and revenue in the site migration process. Luckily, this myth doesn’t have to be any more than that, if you remember these five important points, extolled by Jon Earnshaw, the CTO of PI Datametrics, at Search Leeds 2016. 1. SEO should be involved from the start Without SEO, all other aspects of a site migration are pointless. Often, companies assume that it can be ‘tagged on’ at the end, or pages can be SEO’ed in isolation. However,... [...]

‘4 Subtle Symptoms of a Poor Performing Website’ – HubSpot

Marc Herschberger says, “Your website might be sick (and not in a good way). Don’t take it personal, most websites on the Internet today are suffering from something that’s holding them back from being in tip-top shape. Now, you may be saying, “Well, hold on! If you’re saying my website is sick, how come I don’t know about it?” Good question. When we think of “sick” or broken websites, we often revert back to images of entire sites down or pages that have completely lost their formatting”. 4 Subtle Symptoms of a Poor Performing Website HubSpot  [...]

WP Fast Dash: A dashboard for your portfolio of WP sites #ad

Manage your WordPress sites (and client sites) from a central command center, your WP Fast Dash. This web-based software by Bill Guthrie and Manfred Ekblad handles all your maintenance process centrally: • Install plugins and themes on all your sites • Update plugins and themes on all sites • Collect statistics on all sites • Clone, backup and restore your sites That’s just the beginning. Go here now to get the whole story and take advantage of the Grand Opening sale: WP Fast Dash.  [...]

WP Blazer Manages and Optimizes your WP sites. Discount today only #ad

Todd Gross and Girithara Prakash have just released sophisticated software for managing a portfolio of WordPress sites called WP Blazer 2.0, enhanced from the original version, released some time ago. If you have more than 1 or 2 sites, this software can make your “behind the scenes” work a lot easier. And it helps you shave off many hours spent on manually managing your sites. Typically, managing websites is time-consuming. consuming time that you should be using to build your business. With WP Blazer 2.0, you get over 7 unique tools that will save you hundreds of hours, every year.... [...]

‘Use the C.L.I.C.K. System to Assess Your Website’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

The latest article on ‘Website Magazine’ is titled “Use the C.L.I.C.K. System to Assess Your Website”. Graham Jones says, “There is a lot we still need to discover about the way people interact with Web pages, but one thing we know for sure is that they do not spend long assessing each page they land on. Indeed, research suggests that the initial decision as to whether to stay or click away to another site is made within the first second of seeing a website. In the real world, whether you sell products or services, you have plenty of time to engage your potential customer. You can... [...]

‘Use Google Analytics To Create Campaigns, Not Just Track Them’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Use Google Analytics To Create Campaigns, Not Just Track Them”. Carrie Hill says, “We all know that analytics are good for understanding how a visitor behaved on your website — what pages they looked at, what buttons they clicked or what keywords they used to find you. You can also use analytics to track campaigns like email blasts and paid advertising.  That’s pretty basic stuff. What many beginning marketers and small business owners don’t know is that you can use analytics data to create an online marketing... [...]

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