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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Archive for the 'Artificial Intelligence for Marketing' Category

AI Creative Suite: video creator, shorts creator, graphics creator, writing tools #ad

AI Creative Suite was just announced. It can create hundreds of traffic-getting shorts, videos, AI graphics, voiceovers, and chatbots, and do it in minutes using the power of ChatGPT 4. Take advantage of these new capabilities: • Eliminate the need for expensive freelancers. This AI All-in-one Video creator platform does it all. • World class GPT 4 AI App – 7 AI Tools for videos, Shorts, AI Images, Vox, GPT 4 content and chatbots • New App Creates Super Ultra HD Videos, 4K Graphics with SDXL, ultra shorts, GPT 4 Content and Chatbots – in minutes • Launching your own AI business... [...]

ProfitReply AI: Cloud AI autoresponder for a one-time fee #ad

ProfitReply AI is a brand-new autoresponder just released, with AI-supported simplicity. No more struggling to write every single email yourself or build a list. Email marketing becomes a breeze once you put your hands on ProfitReply Ai. It even has (and this is important) built-in servers and dedicated IPs ready to send your affiliate link to sll your leads so there’s no need to configure anything. Just push a button and send unlimited emails. You may be thinking that such a complex software comes with a hefty monthly subscription and requires prior technical skills, but you’d be mistaken. ProfitReply... [...]

Olympus Builds Unlimited AI Turnkey Websites #ad

Venkata Ramana and his team just released Olympus. Using this new tool, Ramana and his team were able to create an AI “Turnkey” website in the Make Money Online niche. The intriguing part is that they didn’t have to lift a finger to do it. AI handled everything. Nevertheless, they generated over 1,000 targeted clicks that made them more than $439 in just one day. => Click Here To Discover How they did it: Olympus. Now, all of this is amazing, no doubt about it. The income is interesting, but the most remarkable thing about their work is that they got this exceptional result without: ❌... [...]

AISocials builds complete social media marketing campaigns #ad

AISocials instantly breathe new life to any content by adding originality and flair that’s free from robotic or artificial undertones and that aligns with the best in academic, professional and creative writing standards. Imagine that you could just press a button and deliver high-quality traffic and leads to any offer for yourself or for any client. That could be a game-changer. AISocials. is a genuine “Push Button”, “never seen before” AI Assistant that allows you to dominate social media with viral posts without lifting a finger. Watch this quick demo video to see... [...]

AI Autobots: Let robots manage your website #ad

Did you know that about 10,000 new websites are created every hour? AI AutoBots solves a problem every one of these online marketers has. By the time you finish reading this the Internet would have hundreds of new websites. All these websites and website owners could use your help solving a big problem. Bringing Traffic to a website is a big challenge in itself, of course. However, making them stay, answering their questions, and converting them into Buyers is even more difficult. That’s where you can help out. Most websites are losing their hard-earned traffic because they are not available... [...]

AI Review Engine writes, optimizes, and posts Product Reviews for you #ad

Joshua Zamora and Brett Rutecky have just launched AI Review Engine. This software is able to write, optimize, and post professional product reviews from any URL in 90 seconds or less. That may sound too good to be true, but profitable, high-ranking product reviews written by what Zamora and Rutecky say is the most powerful AI engine on the planet are here. 👉🏼 Short on time? See the demo video here: AI Review Engine Demo. Product reviews are powerful tools for marketers, but they are time-consuming to write. Finally, there is an artificial intelligence tool that can automate that work. Earning... [...]

NeuraRephraser: A new kind of AI content writer #ad

NeuraRephraser was announced late last week. With it, you no longer need a degree in “prompt engineering” to get any results that you can actually use. NeuraRephraser removes that barrier to entry, turning AI into a content marketing tool anyone can use and get results that they are proud to post and sell. It is a collection with almost any AI tool you can imagine, 11 in all. The primary tool is called NeuraRephraser Pro, which will rewrite any content in seconds (up to 1000 words). Breathe new life to older content with originality and flair that’s devoid of robotic or artificial undertones. The... [...]

Arrow turns any article, pdf, doc, or blog into animated videos #ad

Arrow, which has just been released, uses ChatGPT + Bard Combined to turn articles, documents, and blogs into animated AI videos with narration. We have all heard a lot of coverage about the endless possibilities of ChatGPT. After all, it has been the wake-up call for the whole world about th power of artificial intelligence. It has changed the world in ways we’re just starting to realize. Now, there is a brand-new, revolutionary app that unleashes the power of ChatGPT and Google Bard, Arrow. In a nutshell, this cloud-based app turns any document, article, and blog post into stunning AI videos... [...]

ReviewMatic AI: Get Paid To Help People Shop On Amazon #ad

ReviewMatic AI, being released today, offers you monthly profits using A.I. and does it with zero tech skills needed. Igor Burban, the creator of this software, points out that it is perfect for beginners since there are no prerequisites for using it. The software handles all the tech stuff – you don’t have to. If you want to get paid to help people shop online, ReviewMatic AI may be just what you need. It’s brand-new so you don’t have to compete with thousands of others doing the same thing. It lets you build money-making affiliate product review sites with 100% ChatGPT-generated... [...]

AI Graphics Factory: Replace Midjourney, DALL-E and Canva #ad

AI Graphics Factory makes stunning graphics with one click (using SDXL 1.0) Really? Instant realistic graphics? SDXL makes it possible. AI Graphics Factory makes stunning graphics with one click (using the ut AI SDXL 1.0) Really? Instant realistic graphics? SDXL makes it possible. Editorial aside: Before being mentioned in this ad, SDXL was unknown to your editors. It is an AI engine, created by a competitor of OpenAI, a company called Stability AI, in partnership with Amazon. You can read the announcement of the latest version here: SDXL 1.0 Announcement Highlights of AI Graphics Factory: ➤... [...]