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Friday, December 6, 2019
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Monthly Archives: August 2014

‘Three ways to duplicate LinkedIn ad campaigns’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Jeff Rajeck says, “LinkedIn ad targeting is great. But when you have to duplicate a campaign, you may run into trouble. Here’s how you can avoid it. The merits of advertising on LinkedIn have been debated to a great extent with widely varying opinions about its effectiveness. One thing everyone agrees on, though, is that LinkedIn probably has the best targeting of […]

‘Local Event Marketing: Earn Links, Build Citations, Get Reviews, Increase Foot Traffic, and Win at Local SEO’ – MOZ Blog

Casey Meraz says, “The recent Google Pigeon update that affected local search was just another example of why marketer’s should never put all of their eggs in one basket. Online marketing has been rapidly evolving over the years and a major paradigm shift has happened which has caused marketers to stop building links and start thinking […]

‘The Art of Visual Social Media Marketing’ – Aweber Blog

The latest ‘Aweber’ blog post is titled “What You Need to Know About Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL)”.

‘Lead Generation: Simple text change leads to 104% lead capture increase’ – ‘MarketingExperiments’ Blog

Jon Powell says, “About a year ago, I remember a conversation I had with Arkadi, a fellow reader of the MarketingExperiments Journal. We were talking about the potential of doing some research together on one of his websites, As part of that conversation, we were working on an ROI scenario, and we came to a point where […]

‘Content Marketing: Startup’s focus on how-to content results in a 1,365% increase in unique website visitors’ – MarketingSherpa Case Study

Courtney Eckerle says, “Writing for your audience, and not your product, is easier said than done in the marketing world. As tempting as it is, Post Planner decided not to laud its product and instead chose to focus on content that would teach customers marketing principles. See how this startup developed a how-to and tutorial-focused content strategy […]

‘Prevent Gmail clipping your message with an email diet’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Michael Linthorst says, “Gmail clips HTML emails that are larger than 102 KB. And while this in itself of course isn’t good news, it gets worse because it also hurts your email reputation. Are your emails too large? Time to put them on a diet! Gmail users might have noticed that the email provider sometimes clips […]

‘Your Leads Are Annoyed With You: Here’s Why’ – HubSpot

Lisa Toner says, “When your job is to generate and nurture new leads like it is for pretty much every marketer and salesperson, it can be all too easy to think of every new lead as just another number on a waterfall report or just another name on a call list. But never forget that behind […]

‘Top Website Best-Practices to Boost Your SEO’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Lee W. Frederiksen says, “We’ve seen so many transformations in the world of SEO over the last few years that those three letters seem like an unsatisfactory way to describe what really goes on in thoughtful, effective optimization work. (This feeling has naturally led to some well-intentioned but not quite practical alternative acronym suggestions.) What we […]

‘How To Set & Achieve SMART Online Marketing Goals’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Alison Zeringue says, “In my last post, I went over some tips for identifying and finding your target audience on social media. For beginners entering the social media or online marketing space, it’s a crucial step that determines success or failure of all following decisions you make in your marketing plan! Now that we’ve got the audience identified […]

‘Facebook Adds Ability To Advertise Events In News Feed’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Martin Beck says, “More than 400 million people interact with Facebook events every month, the social network says. And today, the company announced that it’s giving Page owners another avenue to reach those people. Facebook has enabled ads for events to be placed in mobile and desktop News Feeds. Previously, event ads only were available for display […]