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Saturday, April 20, 2024

‘LinkedIn Engagement Insights for Data-Driven Marketers’ – Website Magazine

Pete Prestipino says, “DataSift has announced a partnership with LinkedIn that will provide marketers with insights into the activities and interests of the professional network’s nearly 470 million users. LinkedIn Engagement Insights, powered by DataSift’s PYLON technology, is an analytics offering that offers marketers an in-depth understanding of key audiences, their interests and engagement with content, and how they interact with brands on LinkedIn. With these insights, marketers can inform and optimize advertising planning and measurement, brand building activities, and... [...]

’13 Techies Share Must-Have Website Tech’ – Website Magazine

Amberly Dressler says, “Website Magazine recently asked ‘Net professionals what technology their Web-based business cannot operate without. From analytics to virtual assistants, the answers were as diverse as they were interesting. This week, we’re releasing their answers by category: social and mobile technology (found here), development and infrastructure (found below), analytics and optimization solutions (found here), content management systems (found here) and other software types to run your digital business (coming soon)”. 13 Techies Share Must-Have Website Tech Website... [...]

‘AOL Rethinks the Digital Ad’ – Website Magazine

Pete Prestipino says, “AOL is introducing new ad formats that aim to re-conceptualize digital advertising. One of AOL’s new ad formats uses parent company Verizon to reward consumers who click on mobile ads. The DataPerks offering is a mobile ad that asks consumers to complete an action—like entering an email address, taking a survey or downloading a coupon—once someone clicks on it. In exchange for clicking on the ad, a credit for more data is automatically applied to Verizon customers’ phone bills. The other new ad format—dubbed Player Up—is for video. When consumers... [...]

‘SEO Master: Earning a Rich Snippet for Product Pages’ – Website Magazine

Pete Prestipino says, “While the appeal of rich snippet markup is obvious, many Internet retailers have been slow to take advantage of the opportunity on their product pages. Whether the reason for this is the complexity of doing so, or because their e-commerce platform just doesn’t support such an initiative, those merchants that do deploy rich snippets stand to capture far more attention on the search results pages than their competition. The benefit of adding markup (Microdata, RDFa, or JSON-LD) to product pages specifically is that it provides search engines an opportunity to... [...]

‘Branded Keywords: Low-Hanging SEO Fruit’ – Website Magazine

Pete Prestipino says, “Branded keywords are the terms (and phrases) that are directly related to a company/enterprise or its services/products. Most enterprises rank quite well for these terms and phrases but not everyone. Let’s take a closer look at SEO for branded keywords. It’s actually quite common for brands to monitor social media and organic searches for references to their specific brand name but they should also be researching the other terms consumers use in association with their brand name (as well as that of their competitors). Doing so can help brands understand... [...]

‘B2B Commerce Not Keeping Up with Expectations’ – Website Magazine

Amberly Dressler says, “The way in which business buyers research, shop and support themselves in their buying journey very much reflects how they shop in their everyday lives – a trend that has given way to “B2B e-commerce,” which Forrester predicts will top $1.1 trillion in sales by 2020. Those catering to business buyers have a complicated road ahead of providing a commerce-like experience for self-service, ordering, omnichannel capabilities, customized pricing, subscription management and, on the other side of the business, in-depth customer profiling and tracking to... [...]

‘Baidu opens augmented reality lab, begins integrating AR into search’ – Website Magazine

Pete Peranzo says, “Engagement. It’s what gets people to connect with your company through your website. Getting engagement from your audience is the biggest challenge we face online. How do you hook someone in so that they stick around when you get the on your site? One effective answer is to start with explainer videos. WHAT ARE EXPLAINER VIDEOS? An explainer video is a short and simple video that presents the basics of your business to visitors. They’re almost always animated and their sole purpose is to give the people watch a clear understanding of a product or service. The visuals... [...]

‘How Marketers Can Overcome Ad Blocking With Stronger Content’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Adam Phillips says, “Following the recent launch of Apple’s newest iOS 9 software, many publishers and digital marketers are left wondering how their content will reach consumers. The new ad blocking Safari extensions allow consumers to effectively avoid unsolicited content (advertisements, scripts, trackers) on all ad platforms. Downloads of the ad blocking apps continue and it has already been estimated that ad blocking will lead to $22 billion in lost advertising revenue this year. Instead of panicking, marketers should focus on what they do best – providing good content. Marketers... [...]

‘Mobile Gets the Email Opens, Desktop Gets the Conversions in Q2’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Pete Prestipino says, “A new report from Movable Ink indicates that while email recipients on mobile devices are responsible for more opens, those using their desktop are generating more conversions. Movable Ink’s Q2 “US Consumer Device Preference Report” reveals that 68 percent of emails were opened on a mobile device, with the iPhone generating 42 percent of email opens. Opens on the desktop however, sat at just over 32 percent. Perhaps most interesting however is that the report indicated that nearly 53 percent of all conversions were on the desktop in Q2. That’s... [...]

‘Native Ads Come to Bing’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

Pete Prestipino says, “Bing is branching out from its search advertising roots, releasing a program for native advertising. Advertisers will be able to target users outside of search with Bing Native Ads, taking advantage of available intent signals – ranging from users’ interest (via their prior search queries), the context of the experience and more. Bing’s native offering will also offer the same targeting capabilities available from Bing Ads including location, device type, time of day, day of week and site remarketing. The program (currently in beta) is available exclusively... [...]

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