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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

Posts Tagged With ‘ Barry Rodgers ’

The Easiest Sales Funnel Ever #ad

Marketers know that for best sales, you don’t offer a single product. Instead, you build a “Sales funnel”. You invite people’s interest by offering a free product of value to your selected target audience in return for their willingness to learn about your other products that you have for sale. You don’t make any money […]

Blab for Beginners (without PLR) #ad

There’s a new social media platform called Blab. Yesterday we told you about Blab For Beginners with PLR . Barry Rodgers is offering a few people the chance to get this complete training, along with a website to sell it and deliver it, and along with the right to change its look and feel and […]

Want your own product, but too busy to build it? #ad

Last night we participated in our first Blab. Blab is a video streaming service for webinars that marketers can use for sales and support conferences. It allows the conference host to selectively let a member of the audience come on screen and speak. Barry Rodgers has become fascinated with this new (it’s still in beta […]

80% Discount on The Easiest Funnel Is Expiring #ad

The Easiest Funnel creates a complete list building and sales funnel, live on your website in around 3 minutes flat. That’s the promise Barry Rodgers is making. This takes almost all the work out of getting started online. This new software produces a website with: • A fully rebranded , hosted quality freebie report (with […]

High-Converting List-building Mini-funnel in 8 Easy Clicks #ad

Barry Rodgers is offering software (called The Easiest Funnel) that will build a mini-site for you that offers a free report (he even supplies a report you can use) to attract opt-ins. You also are getting the Thank You page, delivery page and all the legal pages for your site. And, so that you can […]

Christmas PLR: Software. Give it away; build mailing list #ad

Barry Rodgers has just released new software for enthusiasts in two large niches: ■ Vegetarian Cooking ■ Arts and Crafts If you want to build a list in one of these niches, put your name on his Christmas PLR, give it away on your niche squeeze page, and build a responsive mailing list for the […]

Funnel Factories Pro: Build complete funnels in minutes #ad

The “sales funnel” or “product funnel” is a central element of online marketing (or any wise marketing, for that matter. Grocery store “loss leaders” are an example from offline marketing.). You attract interest by offering a free (or, occasionally, low-priced) product. Then you offer additional products to those who accept your initial offer. The are […]

Funnel Factories Pro: Build a real business running online overnight #ad

Barry Rodgers and Val Wilson have a new Funnel Factory Pro for you. They are talking about online sales funnels, of course. Their new software will build: • An opt-in page, complete sales copy and headline, plus a nifty product to give away in exchange for a visitor’s email address, • A “redirect page” with […]

Free report by Barry Rodgers: 8 Steps to to a Profitable Sales Funnel #ad

In the run-up to his launch later today, Barry Rodgers is giving away a helpful free report, 8 Steps to to a Profitable Sales Funnel. With his instructions, you won’t miss any of the important steps when you build your funnel. Get it here at no charge: 8 Steps to to a Profitable Sales Funnel.

Easy Funnel Maker 2.0 goes live at 10 AM EDT; easy marketing funnels #ad

Barry Rodgers and Val Wilson have just revised their classic software for building website sales funnels. Easy Funnel Maker 2.0 software is a funnel maker that you can use with any product, any giveaway, any OTO, etc. that you want to sell. The software asks for some information about your product, your OTO, your download […]