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Thursday, October 22, 2020

How to Improve Your Online Advertising

Marketing Week contributor Grace Kite has shared an article highlighting the two tasks of online advertising that marketers misunderstand. Kite says, “This year Facebook is 15 and Google is 21, but as advertising channels for big brands, neither has emerged from the troublesome teenage phase into a fully effective adulthood. It’s because marketers are often not using these and other online channels appropriately. Online ads perform two distinct tasks that need two different decision-making processes, but many marketing departments only use one. The first task is the one that marketers are... [...]

You Guide to Setting Up Google Dynamic Display Ads

With the Google dynamic display ads, you can showcase previously viewed products or services to users who have already visited your website. WordStream’s Joe Martinez has published a comprehensive guide to setting up Google Dynamic Display Ads. says, “The setup of dynamic remarketing in Google Ads is pretty easy, but this feature is available only for the Display Network and not available for every advertiser. Eligibility will differ depending on if you want to use dynamic ads for remarketing and what industry your account is in. To help you get started with this helpful feature of... [...]

Strategies to Build More Links

With effective link building techniques, you can improve keyword rankings and get more website traffic. Search Engine Journal’s Andrew Dennis has shared 10 proven link building techniques to help you improve your marketing. Dennis says, “here is a list of 10 link building techniques that work and will bring the types of links that fuel improved keyword rankings. 1. Resource Promotion One of the best ways to secure worthwhile links is by promoting linkable resources to relevant audiences. These resources typically take the form of an in-depth or comprehensive guide on a topic that is... [...]

SEJ Highlights Pinterest Search Trends for Fall 2020

Search Engine Journal contributor Matt Southern has highlighted Pinterest search trends for Fall 2020. He says, “Pinterest released an updated report on search trends with insight into what’s expected to be popular during the fall months of 2020. Search trends are identified based on which topics are currently seeing a spike in search volume compared to this time last year. Social media marketers can use this data to help guide their efforts throughout the rest of the season. Pinterest calls this particular season “back to life,” saying autumn is like a second new year: “Each year,... [...]

Is It Time for SEOs to Adopt a Growth Mindset? [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published a new episode of its ‘Ths In Search SEO’ podcast titled ‘Is It Time for SEOs to Adopt a Growth Mindset?’ featuring Yuriy Yarovoy. Listen to this episode to learn: How a growth mindset relates to SEO and how it opens new opportunity What does a growth mindset in the context of SEO actually look like? Why SEOs have not yet adopted the growth mindset. Is It Time for SEOs to Adopt a Growth Mindset? Rank Ranger  [...]

A Practical Guide to Split Testing [Guide]

Split testing helps you to conduct controlled, randomized experiments with the goal of improving a website metrics. You can use split tests to improve clicks. VWO’s Astha Khandelwal has published ‘A Practical Guide to Split Testing’. Khandelwal says, “To formally quote the definition of split testing, it is the method of conducting controlled, randomized experiments with the core objective of improving a website metric. These could be overall business conversions, click-through-rates, number of purchases, form completions, and more. Let’s get in-depth to fully understand... [...]

Five Ways to Grow Your Email List with Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising enables you to enhance your online reach and grow your business. You can also drive more email subscriptions with the help of such ads. Social Media Examiner’s Laura Moore has shared five tips to help you grow your email list using Facebook ads. Moore says, “Facebook ads are an effective way to gain the email addresses of your Facebook and Instagram audiences and add subscribers from a wider audience who may not already know you from your organic marketing. Here’s how to combine Facebook ads with an email nurture campaign to capture and retain new subscribers. #1:... [...]

Business2Community Highlights 17 Best Display Ads of 2020

Business2Community contributor Brad Smith has highlights 17 best display ads of 2020. He says, “Display ads are quite the worthwhile investment for a business. They yield widespread and targeted exposure across the web; they help consumers get familiar with and more easily recognize your brand, and retargeting with display ads have a high ROI. 1. Apple TV uses simplicity to grab your attention You may not need a lot of text or compelling ad copy to grab someone’s attention with a display ad. In fact, it’s often much better to keep things simple, like with this Apple display ad example... [...]

Five Strategies to Control Your Google Ads Costs

Advertising on Google is one of the best ways to enhance your online reach and promote your products and services to the target audience. But with the right tactics, you can advertise your business at a lower cost. SEMrush contributor Rob Watson has shared five ways to help you control your Google ad costs. Watson says, “In this guide, I will run through the process of getting started with a Google Ads PPC campaign so you can boost your digital marketing efforts in a surprisingly cost-effective way. Here’s what we’ll cover: Define Your Google Ads Goal Identify Your 3 Critical Business... [...]

Strategies to Get More Subscribers with Your Content

Quality content is an asset for any organization or marketing team. By creating content that helps and influences people, you can create lifelong relations with your target audience. Stefanie Flaxman has shared an article highlighting some ways to create subscriber capturing content. She says, “Immediately after getting an idea for a content project, many writers become preoccupied with the existing competition: “It will be extremely difficult to stand out.” If that sounds familiar, I’m hoping you’ll change your mind by the time you finish reading this post. To start, think of the... [...]