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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Boost Your Productivity with These 21 Google Calendar Features

Google Calendar can help you to efficiently schedule your tasks. By discovering all of its features, you can make the most from this service. HubSpot contributor Ginny Mineo has shared 21 Google Calendar features that can make you more productive. She says, “Google Calendar can start to feel a lot less simple the more events you have on your agenda. Luckily, there are some cool hacks and under-the-radar features you can use to make your life in Google Calendar much easier to organize. Below are 21 of our favorite tips, tricks, and features available in Google Calendar. 21 Google Calendar... [...]

HubSpot Shares 63 Facebook Statistics for 2021

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook stays on top of the list. With 2.8 billion monthly active users,  Facebook presents a big marketing opportunity for all businesses. HubSpot has published ‘63 Facebook Statistics to Know for 2021′ to help you learn more about Facebook and its impact Kayla Carmicheal says, “Whether you want insights on where to invest your ad dollars, or you’re interested in where to begin the buyer’s journey on Facebook or considering whether it’s even worth it to use Facebook in 2021, you’ll find all the Facebook statistics you... [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Sales Process [Guide]

A sales process refers to a series of repeatable steps a sales team takes to move a prospect from an early-stage lead to a closed customer. HubSpot has published ‘The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Sales Process’ to help you create a strong sales process. The HubSpot team says, “We’ve created this guide to help you find the best tactics to build a sales process tailored to your business that works for your sales team and target audience. Sales Process Steps How to Improve Your Sales Process How to Map the Sales Process Sales Process vs. Sales Methodology Common Sales Process... [...]

17 Tools to Measure Core Web Vitals [Guide]

Core Web Vitals are a set of user-facing metrics related to speed, responsiveness, and visual stability, to help site owners measure user experience on the web. SEOSLY’s Olga Zarzeczna has published a guide called ‘Tools To Measure Core Web Vitals’. She says, Here are 17 different tools you can use to measure Core Web Vitals both in the lab and in the field. Note that all the tools to measure Core Web Vitals rely on either Google Chrome, CrUX, or both. 1: Google PageSpeed Insights Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is the number one tool when it comes to the measurement and assessment... [...]

The Rights Stuff: How to Build Content Checks into Your Workflow, May 6 [Webinar]

While creating content, your content teams face so much pressure to work quickly. To produce creative content, they need to combine various formats into one so that the audience’s attention could be captured. Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar ‘The Rights Stuff: How to Build Content Checks into Your Workflow’ on Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 1.00 pm ET. The CMI team says, “Join us for an in-depth look at how to build a workflow that covers rights-compliance without getting in your creative team’s way. You’ll learn how to: Speed up content production by providing... [...]

Where Will You Be in a Year? [Organization Tips]

Proper planning and organization are two pillars of running any successful business. With a clear mindset, you can have a clear goal to take your business to the next level. Hearty Work Organizing has shared some useful tips and strategies to help you organize your work. The HWO team says, “Where will you be in a year? Will you be as organized as you want to be? Join us as we organize one focus project each month in our year-long organizing plan. Working on one project each month, you can have the organized home and life that you’ve always wanted.   I Couldn’t Imagine This Back... [...]

Jenny Melrose’s List of Best Books for Women Entrepreneurs

Reading the books the deal with your domain can help you grow your knowledge resulting in a better grip over your business. To help women entrepreneurs empower themselves, Jenny Melrose has published a list of useful books. She says, “Time is always well spent when you’re continuing to educate yourself which is why I’ve put together 15 Best Books for Women Entrepreneurs.  I try to ready every night before bed, but definitely have my fair share of books that I binge read.  Even ones that inspire me so much that I sign up to run a half marathon directly after finishing them. THE ONE THING BY... [...]

On-Page SEO Checklist For 2021 [Guide]

On-page SEO refers to the optimizations made within one specific web page of the website. For example, a meta description is a unique on-page SEO element that differs from web page to web page. SEOSLY’s Olga Zarzeczna has published a guide called ‘On-Page SEO Checklist For 2021’. She says, “The essential on-page SEO checklist (70+ items) that every SEO should always have at hand. SEO is the heart and soul of ranking organically on the top of Google’s SERPs. Since content is KING when it comes to on-page SEO (or on-site SEO for that matter), many people neglect other... [...]

Complete SEO Content Writing Guide for Effective Website Copy [Guide]

SEO copywriting has become a requirement in the past few years. It is crucial for every business, but especially for those in the eCommerce space. Inflow contributor Kate Miller has published the ‘Complete SEO Content Writing Guide for Effective Website Copy’. She says, “The specifics of your SEO copywriting strategy will depend upon your products, website, and industry. However, there are some key tactics that apply for every business and every vertical. They are: Proper keyword targeting Enticing media usage Reader-friendly formatting Internal linking Meta data optimization Reader-focused... [...]

Bruce Clay Shares Four Stages of a Website Launch with SEO

Building an SEO-ready website is the need of the hour. You can achieve business success by building a website that attracts more visitors and helps you grow your sales. Bruce Clay has published a new blog post highlighting four stages of an SEO-driven website launch. He says, “When launching a website, there are four stages to consider, each with its own tasks and milestones. In each of the following phases, the person in charge of SEO should cooperate with other teams (design, development, UX, strategy and others): Strategy and planning Build the website Launch the website Promote the website Stage... [...]